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Welcome to Genaxxon BioScience

„Your success is our aim ! “

Our aim is to provide our customers with a complete range of molecular biology and cell biology products and custom services for their daily work in the most effective way and the highest quality possible. While our focus is on molecular biology products we have been able to develop and offer new products like polycarbonate capillaries for the LightCycler(R) or a Taq-Polymerase with red dye for better visualisation of pipetting steps. Newer developments are a special Hotstart Polymerase with Proof-Reading activity.

We proudly present a remarkable number of citations of Genaxxon bioscience products in the scientific literature. Sincere thanks are given to all our customers!

The Team

Nina Ivanova - Molecular Biologist
Dr. Nina Ivanova

Molecular Biologist
responsible for marketing, sales, and the laboratory
Sabine Paul - Veterinarian
Dr. Sabine Paul

responsible for marketing, sales, and the laboratory
Norbert Troendle - General Manager
Dr. Norbert Troendle

General Manager
founded Genaxxon in 2002
Dr. Helmut Killmann Sales Representative
Dr. Helmut Killmann

Sales Representative
responsible for the regions Stuttgart, Tübingen and Würzburg.
Uemmueguelsuem Yildirim - office management
Mrs. Ümmügülsüm Yildirim

Bachelor Professional of Business
is responsible for office management, customer service, marketing, and sales in Turkey.
Constanze Muranyi - Office Manager
Constanze Muranyi

Office Manager
joined us in August 2009
Dr. Michael Aggensteiner - Webmaster
Dr. Michael Aggensteiner

Webmaster of
responsible for internet marketing
Arno Wiedemann Sales Representative
Arno Wiedemann

Sales Representative
joined the company in 2013


Kits, reagents, buffers, solvents? Genaxxon BioScience provide you with everything you need. Some of our highlights are: ultra fast ligation kit · competent cells for toxic fragments · Real-Time PCR Master Mixes and consumables · DNA polymerases (hotstart – proof-reading – standard) · special agaroses · buffers · ready-to-use buffers · etc..


In co-operation with our network partners Genaxxon BioScience offers a broad range of services: Oligo nucleotide and peptide synthesis · protein sequencing · DNA sequencing · Mutation analysis · cloning and expression in E.coli, yeast, Baculo and CHO.

The Company

Genaxxon BioScience GmbH, founded in 2002 by molecular biologists and biochemists is a Biotech company specialized on products and services in the fields of molecular biology, mainly PCR, cell biology, peptide synthesis, protein analysis and synthesis of chemicals on customers demand, e.g. cell culture media, sodium diatrizoate, or PCR buffers. Our complete technical staff does have a long lasting experience in life sciencs thus being able to offer a fast and qualified help/assistance in case of special customer requests. The focus of Genaxxon BioSciences' business is the production and sale of products for PCR as DNA polymerases, Mastermixes, DNA purification kits and custom made peptides. As these products have to be analyzed and tested extensively to guarantee reproducible high quality products on a reliable base we have implemented analytical capabilities that can be offered also for external services, e.g. amino acid and protein analysis. Besides this focus we are also able to offer custom made production for chemicals and solutions, e.g. custom made cell culture medium, chemical solvents, chemical compounds, etc.. In June 2008 our headquarter moved to Ulm.

Location of the Genaxxon headquarter:
Technology Center Söflinger Strasse 70 in Ulm/Germany:


As a b2b company we sell not only products but also solutions to and for scientists working on molecular biology and cell biology projects.

  • If our customer face a shortage in research capacity Genaxxon will be able to take over parts of the research work or a whole project.
  • If our customer do not know where to get a special product from Genaxxon will source the product for you.
  • If you need special chemicals, ask us, we might be able to synthesis these substances for you.


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