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Human MCP-4, rec.

1 mg

Recombinant Human MCP-4 produced in E.Coli is a non-glycosylated, Polypeptide chain containing 74 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 8510 Dalton.

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MCP-4 is fully biologically active when compared to standard. The specific activity as determined by the ability of MCP-4 to chemoattaract human monocytes at 10-100ng/mL.

Human MCP-4, rec. 1 mg - C4345.1000

Human MCP-4, rec. 1 mg - C4345.1000

Productnumber: C4345.1000

Deutsch rec. humanes MCP-4 1 mg
Antikrper & Zytokine

Application: cytokines and growth factors used in cell culture application

Source: Escherichia Coli.

Technical Data: Purity: > 95.0% (by RP-HPLC, IEX-HPLC, SDS-PAGE). Less than 1% dimers and aggregates. Sterile Filtered White lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder. Endotoxin: Less than 0.1 ng/g (IEU/g) human Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-4.

Shipping/Storing-Information: shipped at RT, stored at -20C


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Matchcode: MCP-4 Small inducible cytokine A13 precursor (CCL13) Monocyte chemotacticprotein 4 CK-beta-10 NCC-1