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Recombinant Human Eotaxin(CCL11). Synonyms: Small inducible cytokine A11, CCL11, Eosinophil chemotactic protein, chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 11, SCYA11, MGC22554.

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Chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 11 (CCL11) is a small cytokine belonging to the CC chemokine family that is also known as eotaxin. CCL11 selectively recruits eosinophils by inducing their chemotaxis, and therefore, is implicated in allergic responses. The effects of CCL11 are mediated by its binding to a G-protein-linked receptor known as a chemokine receptor. Chemokine receptors for which CCL11 is a ligand include CCR2, CCR3 and CCR5. The gene for human CCL11 (scya11) is encoded on three exons and is located on chromosome 17.

rHuEotaxin 1 mg - C6402.1000

rHuEotaxin 1 mg - C6402.1000

Productnumber: C6402.1000

Deutsch rHuEotaxin 1 mg
Antik÷rper & Zytokine

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