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Recombinant Human Interleukin-12

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IL-12 is a heterodimeric cytokine that stimulates the production of interferon gamma from T-cells and natural killer cells, and also induces differentiation of Th1 helper cells. IL-12 is an initiator of cell-mediated immunity. Recombinant human Interleukin-12 produced in HEK cells is a glycosylated heterodimer, having a total molecular weight of 57kDa. The specific activity was determined by the dose-dependent release of IFN-gamma from the human NK92 cell line in presence of 20ng/mL rIL-2, and is typically 0.1-0.5ng/mlL.

rHuIL-12 2 g - C6256.0002

rHuIL-12 2 g - C6256.0002

Productnumber: C6256.0002

Deutsch rHuIL-12 2 g
Antikrper & Zytokine

Source: HEK cells

Technical Data: Purity: >95.0% (SDS-PAGE). Sterile filtered white lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder. This IL12 was lyophilized from 1mg/mL in 1xPBS. Heterodimer linked via a disulfide bridge between Cys.

Shipping/Storing-Information: shipped at RT, stored at -20C


pdf rHuIL-12 2 g


pdf rHuIL-12 2 g

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