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recombinant Mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor. Synonyms: CDF, HILDA, D-Factor, Differentiation- stimulating factor, Melanoma-derived LPL inhibitor, MLPLI, Emfilermin. Patent Rights: The sale and/or commercial use of rec. Mouse LIF is prohibited in the United Sates of America (U.S.A.).

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Rec. Murine Leukemia Inhibitory Factor produced in E.Coli is a single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide of 181 amino acids with a molecular mass of 20kDa. Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) is a lymphoid factor that promotes long-term maintenance of embryonic stem cells by suppressing spontaneous differentiation. Leukemia Inhibitory Factor has several functions such as cholinergic neuron differentiation, control of stem cell pluripotency, bone & fat metabolism, mitogenesis of factor dependent cell lines and promotion of megakaryocyte productin on vivo. Human and mouse LIF show 78% identiy in the amino acid sequence. Human LIF is as active on human cells as it is on mouse cells, though mouse LIF is about 1000 fold less active on human cell, than human LIF.

rmLIF 1 mg - C6516.1000

rmLIF 1 mg - C6516.1000

Productnumber: C6516.1000

Deutsch rmLIF 1 mg
Antik÷rper & Zytokine

Source: E.coli

Technical Data: Purity: min. 95%. Specific activity: 100MIU/mg.

Shipping/Storing-Information: shipped at RT, stored at -20░C


pdf rmLIF 1 mg


pdf rmLIF 1 mg

Matchcode: recombinant murine lif melanoma-derived LPL inhibitor, MLPLI, Emfilermin