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Fast Green FCF (C.I. 42053)

10 g

Similar to Lissamine Green SF (C.I. 42095).

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Fast Green is used for protein staining in IEF, native and SDS PAGE. Fast Green staining is linear over a wide range of protein concentration (wider than Coomassie). Fixing of proteins before staining is recommended. Staining procedure: 2h with 0.1% Fast Green FCF in either 30% (v/v) Ethanol, 10% (v/v) acetic acid or in 7% acetic acid. Ref.: Gorovsky M.A. eta. (1970) Anal. Biochem. 35, 359-370; Barolini M.B. et al. (1976) Anal. Biochem., 71, 6-13; Allen R.E. et al. (1980) Anal. Biochem. 104, 494-8.

Fast Green FCF (C.I. 42053) 10 g - M3399.0010

Fast Green FCF (C.I. 42053) 10 g - M3399.0010

Productnumber: M3399.0010

Deutsch Fast Green FCF (C.I. 42053) 10 g

Application: used for quantitative evaluation in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Technical Data: min. 85%; soluble in EtOH, DMSO and water; pH (1%, water): 2.5-3.0 (20°C); E(1%/1 cm), lambda max: 1360nm-1610nm; loss on drying: max. 10%, lambda max (50%, EtOH): 622nm-626nm; C37H34N2Na2O10S3; MW = 808.86 g/mol; CAS: [2353-45-9].

Shipping/Storing-Information: stored and shipped at RT


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