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Ponceau S (C.I. 27195)

100 g

3-Hydroxy-4-[2-sulfo-4-(4-sulfophynylazo)-phenylazo]-2.7-naphthalindisulfonic acid

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Ponceau S is used for reversible staining proteins blotted on nitrocellulose membran and while running a TAU electrophoresis. The reversibility of the staining process is ideally suited for subsequent immunoblots (western blot) or other colour reactions as Ponceau S can be completely removed. Ponceau S is not stable for long time, thus proteins and protein markers should be marked with a pencil. For staining the membrane is incubated in a 0.1% - 0.5% Ponceau S solution in 3% trichloracetic acid for 5 - 10 minutes. Destaining is done by incubating the stained membrane in 5% acetic acid for 15 minutes.

Ponceau S (C.I. 27195) 100 g - M3349.0100

Ponceau S (C.I. 27195) 100 g - M3349.0100

Productnumber: M3349.0100

Deutsch Ponceau S (C.I. 27195) 100 g

Application: for reversible staining of blotted membranes

Technical Data: min. 80%, lambda(max) (water): 517-523nm, loss on drying: max. 10%, C22H12N4Na4O13S4; MW = 760.56 g/mol; CAS: [6226-79-5]; EC-No.: 228-319-2.

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