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Exenatide - Synonym: Exendin-4. Exenatide is a single, non-glycosylated, peptide of 39 amino acids and a molecular mass of 4186.7 Dalton. Exenatide has the empirical formula C184H282N50O60S.

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Exenatide derived from the saliva of the gila monster, is a 39 amino acid peptide that mimics the GLP-1 incretin, an insulin secretagogue with glucoregulatory effects. Typical responses to exenatide include improvements in the initial rapid release of endogenous insulin, suppression of glucagon release by the pancreas, regulation of gastric empyting, and reduced appetite - all of which function to lower blood glucose. Exenatide is self-regulating in that it lowers blood sugar when levels are elevated but does not continue to lower blood sugar when levels return to normal, unlike with sulfonylureas or insulins.

Exenatide 1 mg - C6466.0001

Exenatide 1 mg - C6466.0001

Productnumber: C6466.0001

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pdf Exenatide 1 mg

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