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Agar & Broth

Agar Bacteriology grade, highly purified   M6002.1000
Agar Food grade   M6005.1000
Agar for Bacteriology   M6001.1000
Agar Molecular biology grade   M6003.0100
Agar Plant tissue culture grade   M6004.1000
LB-Agar - Powder   M6008.1000
LB-Medium - Powder   M6009.0500
Potassium tetrathionate   M6007.0500
YT-Broth (2X)   M6006.2500


Agarose ISO   M3356.0250
Agarose LE   M3044.1000
Agarose LE tablets   M3054.0100
Agarose LM   M3049.0010
Agarose Mega   M3051.0025
Agarose Tiny   M3046.0025
Agarose Tiny HT   M3047.0025
Agarose Tiny LMH   M3048.0025


Bovine albumin acetylated, molecular biology grade   M3099.0001
Bovine albumin crystallized, free of fatty acid, free of globulin   M3100.0001
Bovine albumin for EIA and RIA   M3101.0010
Bovine albumin Fraction V (pH 7.0)   M3103.0025
Bovine albumin Fraction V very low endotoxin   M3104.0010
Bovine albumin Microbiology grade   M3106.0010
Ovalbumin   M3105.0005
Ovalbumin (crude)   M3177.1000
rec. Human Serum Albumin (rHSA)   M6384.0010


Ac-KLVFF-NH2 (70%)   P2256.7005
Ac-KLVFF-NH2 (95%)   P2256.9501
Amyloid-beta (1-40) human   P2249.0001
Amyloid-beta (1-40) human (HCl-salt)   P2250.0001
Amyloid-beta (1-40) rat   P2247.0001
Amyloid-beta (1-40) rat (HCl-salt)   P2248.0001
Biotinylated Amyloid-beta (1-40) human   P2254.0001
Biotinylated Amyloid-beta (1-40) rat   P2253.0001
Control peptide Amyloid-beta (40-1) human   P2252.0001
Control peptide Amyloid-beta (40-1) rat   P2251.0001
HNHKLVFFHHQH (70%)   P2263.7005
HNHKLVFFHHQH (95%)   P2263.9501
KLVFF (70%)   P2255.7005
KLVFF (95%)   P2255.9501
MOG (91-108) SDEGGYTCFFRDHSYQEE   P2264.9501
NYSKMIFSHHHH (70%)   P2262.7005
NYSKMIFSHHHH (95%)   P2262.9501
qshyrhispaqv (D-amino acids)   P2260.9501
RIIGL (70%)   P2257.7005
RIIGL (95%)   P2257.9501

Amino Acid Analysis

Amino Acid Analysis from animal food   P2145.0003
Amino Acid Analysis from physiological sample   P2145.0004
Amino Acid Analysis of given Sample (oxidative hydrolysis)   P2145.0005
Amino Acid Analysis of given Sample (total hydrolysis)   P2145.0001
Amino Acid Analysis of given Sample (without total hydrolysis)   P2145.0002

Amino Acids

Glycine BioChemica   M6137.5000
Glycine, free of pyrogens, min. 99.8%   M3280.1000
GSH-OEt   M6162.0001
L-Alanine BioChemica   M6083.1000
L-Alanine Cell culture grade   M6084.0100
L-Arginine base BioChemica   M6085.0100
L-Arginine base Cell culture grade   M6086.0100
L-Arginine hydrochloride BioChemica   M6087.0100
L-Arginine hydrochloride Cell culture grade   M6088.0100
L-Asparagine monohydrate BioChemica   M6089.1000
L-Asparagine monohydrate Cell culture grade   M6090.0100
L-Aspartic acid BioChemica   M6091.0250
L-Aspartic acid Cell culture grade   M6092.0250
L-Cysteine base BioChemica   M6094.0050
L-Cysteine base Cell culture grade   M6096.0050
L-Cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate BioChemica   M6151.0050
L-Cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate Cell culture grade   M6097.0050
L-Cystine BioChemica   M6098.0100
L-Cystine Cell culture grade   M6099.0100
L-Glutamic acid BioChemica   M6101.0250
L-Glutamic acid Cell culture grade   M6102.0250
L-Glutamic acid sodium salt   M6160.0500
L-Glutamine BioChemica   M6103.0100
L-Glutamine Cell culture grade   M6104.0100
L-Glutathione oxidized   M6105.0001
L-Glutathione reduced   M6106.0005
L-Histidine base BioChemica   M6107.0100
L-Histidine base Cell culture grade   M6108.0100
L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate BioChemica   M6152.0050
L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate Cell culture grade   M6109.0050
L-Hydroxyproline BioChemica   M6110.0100
L-Hydroxyproline Cell culture grade   M6111.0025
L-Isoleucine BioChemica   M6112.0025
L-Isoleucine Cell culture grade   M6113.0025
L-Leucine BioChemica   M6114.0100
L-Leucine Cell culture grade   M6115.0100
L-Lysine monohydrate BioChemica   M6116.0500
L-Lysine monohydrate Cell culture grade   M6117.0025
L-Lysine monohydrochloride BioChemica   M6153.0500
L-Lysine monohydrochloride Cell culture grade   M6118.0250
L-Methionine BioChemica   M6119.0100
L-Methionine Cell culture grade   M6120.1000
L-Ornithine hydrochloride BioChemica   M6121.0050
L-Ornithine hydrochloride Cell culture grade   M6122.0050
L-Phenylalanine BioChemica   M6123.0100
L-Phenylalanine Cell culture grade   M6124.0100
L-Proline BioChemica   M6125.0025
L-Proline Cell culture grade   M6126.0025
L-Serine BioChemica   M6127.0100
L-Serine Cell culture grade   M6128.0100
L-Threonine BioChemica   M6129.0025
L-Threonine Cell culture grade   M6130.0025
L-Tryptophan BioChemica   M6131.0025
L-Tryptophan Cell culture grade   M6132.0025
L-Tyrosine BioChemica   M6133.0100
L-Tyrosine Cell culture grade   M6134.0025
L-Valine BioChemica   M6135.0025
L-Valine Cell culture grade   M6136.0100


Actinomycin D, p.A.   M3107.0005
Amoxicillin   M3448.0010
Amoxicillin Sodium / Potassium Clavulanate   M3449.0002
Amphotericin B Powder   M3108.0001
Amphotericin B solution   M3109.0050
Ampicillin sodium salt, molecular biology grade   M3110.0010
Anisomycin, min. 99.0%   M3365.0050
Antibiotic Antimycotic Solution (100X)   M3218.5001
Antipain x 2HCl   M3366.0005
Apramycin Sulfate   M3450.0005
Bacitracin powder, 70 000 U/g   M3111.0005
Blasticidin S hydrochloride   M3119.0005
Bleomycin sulfate, lyophil. pure   M3112.0001
Brefeldin A   M3182.0001
Carbenicillin disodium salt USP XXI, BP 88   M3113.0001
Cefotaxime-Na-salt   M3127.0001
Chloramphenicol, analytical grade, min. 99%   M3114.0025
Chlorotetracycline hydrochloride   M3115.0010
Chromomycin 3A   M3326.0005
Ciprofloxacin   M3156.0001
D-Cycloserine - USP   M3369.0001
Doxycycline hyclate   M3147.0005
Erythromycin base, research grade,   M3116.0005
Geneticin (G418), 50 mg/mL   M3118.0050
Geneticin disulfate (G418) Powder (min. 98% DC)   M3117.0001
Genistein   M3120.0025
Gentamycin sulfate powder, research grade   M3121.0001
Gentamycin sulfate, 10 mg/mL   M3122.0050
Gentamycin sulfate, 50 mg/mL   M3123.0020
Gramicidin, research grade   M3124.0001
Hygromycin B - 50mg/mL Solution   M3126.0020
Hygromycin B Powder   M3125.0001
Ionomycin Ca-salt   M3358.0001
Ionomycin free acid   M3128.0001
Kanamycin acid sulfate (670 IU/mg)   M3221.0010
Kanamycin sulfate (BP 88), 750 IU/mg   M3129.0005
Kanamycin sulfate 10 mg/mL   M3131.0050
Kanamycin sulfate 5 mg/mL   M3130.0050
Kanamycin sulfate 50 mg/mL   M3132.0050
Lincomycin Hydrochloride   M3445.0005
Minocyclin, 0.5 mg/mL   M3135.0050
Mithramycin A   M3133.0005
Mitomycin C, lyophil.   M3134.0010
Mycophenolic Acid   M3329.0250
Neomycin sulfate Powder, research grade, min. 650 U/mg.   M3136.0010
Neomycin-sulfate Solution, 10 mg/mL   M3137.5001
Nystatin dihydrate, min. 4400 U/mg, research grade.   M3138.0005
Oligomycin   M3155.0005
Oligomycin A   M3154.0005
Oxytetracycline hydrochloride   M3153.0010
Patulin HighPure   M3360.0005
Penicillin G potassium salt, research grade   M3139.0010
Penicillin/Streptomycin (100X)   M3140.5001
Phleomycin Powder   M3429.1000
Polymyxin B sulfate ca. 7000 IU/mg   M3141.0001
Polymyxin B sulphate ca. 10000 U/mL, solution   M3152.0050
Puromycin dihydrochloride, research grade   M3143.0010
Rifampicin, research grade   M3144.0001
Spectinomycin dihydrochloride pentahydrate   M3145.0001
Streptomycin-sulfate powder, research grade, BP 88, min. 720 U/mg   M3146.1000
Tetracycline hydrochloride, research grade   M3148.0025
Tiamutin, 1mg/mL   M3149.0050
Tunicamycin, min. 95%   M3361.0005
Tylosin-tartrate (100x)   M3157.0025
Valinomycin, research grade   M3150.0025
Vancomycin hydrochloride   M3151.0001
Zeocin™   M3446.0001

Balanced Salt Solutions

PBS powder without Ca, Mg, NaHCO3   C4245.5010
PBS powder without NaHCO3   C4244.5010
PBS solution without Mg, Ca, NaHCO3   C4219.0500
PBS solution without Mg, Ca, NaHCO3 (10X)   C4220.0500
PBS solution without NaHCO3   C4217.0500
PBS solution without NaHCO3 (10X)   C4218.0500

Bioactive Proteins

bovine endothelial mitogen (ECGS)   D1514.0005
Calmodulin   D1502.0001
Natural mouse laminin   M3219.0001
rHu cellular Fibronectin   S5513.0500
rHu Decorin   S5555.0001
rHu EpCAM   S5558.0100
rHu HER2-ECD   S5557.0100
rHu Thrombospondin   S5556.0001
rHu Vitronectin   S5553.0001


Ammonium acetate Molecular biology grade   M6016.1000
Ammonium acetate p.A BioChemica   M6017.5000
Ammonium acetate p.A. BioChemica   M6017.1000
BES (buffer quality)   M6378.0025
Bicine buffer grade   M6362.1000
Bis-Tris, analytical grade   M6347.0100
Boric acid BioChemica   M6021.1000
Boric acid buffer grade   M6019.1000
Boric acid Molecular biology grade, min. 99.8%   M3273.1000
Calcium lactate pentahydrate   M6213.1000
CAPS buffer grade   M6200.0100
CHAPS buffer grade   M6258.0005
CHAPS for 2D-gel electrophoresis   M6201.0005
CHAPSO > 99.0% (HPLC)   M6202.0001
CHES, min. 99.0%   M6203.0010
Citric acid monohydrate buffer grade   M6022.1000
Citric acid monohydrate p.A., min. 99%   M3274.1000
Citric acid trisodium salt dihydrate, p.A. min. 99.0%   M3275.1000
DL-Malic acid, BioChemica   M6030.0100
HEPES, buffer grade   M6370.1000
HEPES, molecular biology grade   M6205.1000
HEPES, tissue culture grade   M6204.1000
Imidazole   M6033.0100
MES anhydrous, research grade   M6206.0100
MES monohydrate buffer grade   M6207.0100
MOPS , ultra pure for molecular biology use, min. 99.5%   M6208.1000
MOPS buffer grade, min. 99.5%   M6257.1000
MOPSO buffer grade, min. 99.0%   M6374.0100
PIPES, ultrapure   M6209.1000
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, cell culture grade   M6348.1000
Sodium acetate trihydrate, analytical grade   M3294.1000
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, BioChemica   M6075.1000
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, BioChemica   M6076.1000
Tris base - Ultra pure (99.9%)   M6215.1000
Tris buffer grade, min. 99.5%.   M6210.1000
Tris/HCl Molbio Grade   M6212.1000
TRISxHCl p.A.   M6211.1000

Building Blocks

(+)-8,8-Dichlorocampherylsulfonyl-oxaziridine   S5542.0010
(+)-Bicuculline   S5486.0250
3-Cyanoumbelliferone   S5487.0500
4-Di-2-ASP   S5530.0001
6,7-Diethoxy-4-methylcoumarin   S5524.0500
6,7-Diethoxy-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin   S5527.0050
6,7-Dihydroxy-4-coumarinylacetic acid   S5516.0100
6,7-Dimethoxy-4-coumarinylacetic acid   S5511.0100
6,7-Dimethoxy-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin   S5512.0050
6-CS-Cl   S5541.0010
7-Diethylamino-3-[N-(4-maleimidoethyl)carbamoyl]coumarin   S5509.0010
7-Diethylamino-3-[N-(4-maleimidopropyl)carbamoyl]coumarin   S5483.0010
7-Diethylaminocoumarin-3 carboxylic acid imidazolide   S5525.0100
7-Diethylaminocoumarin-3,4-dicarboxylic acid   S5507.0100
7-Diethylaminocoumarin-3-carboxylic acid   S5528.0001
7-Methoxy-4-coumarinylacetic acid N-succinimidyl ester   S5533.0025
7-Methoxy-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin   S5484.0100
7-Methoxycoumarin-3-carbonic acid   S5534.0001
7-Methoxycoumarin-3-carbonic acid N-succinimidyl ester   S5535.0100
8-Acetoxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt   S5559.0001
8-Butyryloxypyren-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt   S5560.0050
9,10-Anthracenediyl-bis(methylene)dimalonic acid   S5477.1000
9-Anthracenecarbaldehyde   S5470.5000
AMCA-H   S5520.0002
AVG-HCl   S5478.0025
BMC, Br-MMC   S5499.0005
BTBCT   S5485.0010
Coumarin 6   S5451.0002
CPM   S5508.0010
DCCH   S5526.0100
DCCS   S5529.0100
DIHFP   S5504.0025
Diphenyliodonium trifluoromethansulfonate   S5502.0001
FAMC   S5475.0050
MPAC-Br   S5479.0050
NBD-Cl   S5489.0010
PyTC2   S5498.0100
Ru(bpy)2(mcbpy-O-Su-ester)(PF6)2   S5482.0005


1-Thio-ß-D-galactose sodium salt   S5113.0001
1-Thio-ß-D-glucose sodium salt dihydrate   S5114.0001
a-D-Talose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5098.0001
Amylose (from potato)   S5259.0001
D(+)-Galactose cell culture grade (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5212.1000
D(+)-Galactose from beech (min. 98.0% HPLC)   S5042.1000
D(+)-Galactose from lactose (min. 98.0% HPLC)   S5049.1000
D(+)-Glucose anhydrous Biochemica (min. 99.0%)   S5051.1000
D(+)-Glucose anhydrous Cell culture grade (min 99.0%)   S5052.1000
D(+)-Glucose anhydrous molecular biology grade (min. 99.0%)   S5213.1000
D(+)-Glucose monohydrate Biochemica (99.0%)   S5054.1000
D(+)-Glucose monohydrate Molbio Grade (99.0%)   S5055.1000
D(+)-Glucose monohydrate molecular biology grade (99.0%)   S5214.1000
D(+)-Lactose monohydrate, BioChemica   S5063.1000
D(+)-Lactose monohydrate, Molecular biology grade   S5064.1000
D(+)-Maltose monohydrate Biochemica (min. 98.0% HPLC)   S5069.1000
D(+)-Melezitose   S5208.0001
D(+)-Trehalose dihydrate Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5115.0001
D(-)-Fructose BioChemica (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5046.1000
D(-)-Sorbitol (98.0 - 101%)   S5095.1000
D-(+)-Arabitol   S5031.0025
D-Fucose (6-Deoxy-D-galactose); Purity > 99% (TLC)   S5047.0001
D-Galactosamine x HCl   S5050.0001
D-Glucosamine x HCl Purity > 99% (HPLC)   S5057.0250
D-Lyxose Purity > 99% (HPLC)   S5067.0010
D-Mannitol Purity >99.3%   S5072.1000
D-Mannose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5073.0025
D-Raffinose pentahydrate (min. 99.9% HPLC)   S5091.0025
D-Ribose (min. 99.0%)   S5093.0050
D-Ribulose   S5121.0025
D-Tagatose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5097.0001
D-Turanose >99.0% (HPLC)   S5118.0005
D-Xylose (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5119.1000
D-Xylulose (min. 99%)   S5122.0025
Glycogen   M6045.0005
Hyaluronic acid sodium salt   S5058.0001
L-Fucose (6-Deoxy-L-galactose), min. 99.6% (TLC)   S5048.0001
L-Glucose Purity > 99% (HPLC)   S5056.0001
L-Mannose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5074.0001
L-Rhamnose monohydrate (min. 99.0%)   S5092.1000
L-Ribose (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5094.0001
Lactulose crystal. (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5066.0025
Maltodextrin pure   S5068.0001
Maltulose monohydrate (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5071.0001
Panose Purity > 99% (HPLC)   S5086.0001
Wheat starch granule (C6H10O5)n Purity >97%   S5096.0000

Cell Penetrating Peptides

Antennapedia (43-58) penetratin   P2291.9501
Arg9 (R9)   P2286.9501
CyLoP-1 (CRWRWKCCKK)   P2292.9501
D-Arg9 (r9)   P2287.9501
D-TAT (47-57) ygrkkrrqrrr-NH2   P2289.9501
TAT (47-57) YGRKKRRQRRR-NH2   P2288.9501
TAT (48-60) GRKKRRQRRRPPQ   P2290.9501

Cell Separation

Caesium chloride (99.9 %), Molecular biology grade   M3207.1000
Caesium chloride (99.999 %), ultra pure   M3208.1000
D(+)-Sucrose, BioChemica   S3210.1000
D(+)-Sucrose, Molecular biology grade.   S3211.1000
Ficoll 400   M3209.0010
LEUCO-Animal - Cell separation medium   C4434.0100
LEUCO-Human - Cell separation medium   C4432.0100
LEUCO-Mouse - Cell separation medium   C4435.0100
LEUCO-Platelets - Cell separation medium   C4433.0100
LEUCO-Special - Cell separation medium   C4437.0100
LEUCO-Turbo - Cell separation medium   C4438.0100
Lympho-Paque - Cell separation medium   C4754.2500
Sodium diatrizoate dihydrate (99.0%)   S5399.1000

Chelating Agents

EDTA disodium salt dihydrate p.A.   M3191.1000
EDTA disodium salt dihydrate, Molecular biology grade   M3190.1000
EDTA p.A.   M3200.1000
EDTA tetrasodium salt dihydrate p.A.   M3192.1000
EGTA Molecular biology grade   M3193.0005


Human HCC-1 (rHuHCC)   C4308.1000
Human MCP-2 (rHuMCP-2)   C4343.1000
Human MCP-3 (rHuMCP-3)   C4344.1000
Human MCP-4, rec.   C4345.1000
Human MIP-1alpha, rec.   C6043.1000
Human MIP-1beta, rec.   C4349.1000
Human MIP-3beta, rec.   C4351.1000
Human MIP-4, rec.   C4401.1000
Human NAP-2, rec.   C4353.1000
HuPF-4   C6444.1000
Murine Eotaxin, rec.   C4379.1000
Murine MCP-3 (rMMCP-3)   C6084.1000
Murine MIP-1alpha, rec.   C6082.1000
Murine MIP-1beta, rec.   C6083.1000
Rat MCP-1 (MCAF), rec.   C4406.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-8 (aa 1-72) (rHuIL-8)   C6028.1000
rec. Human Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 beta (rHuSDF-1b)   C6448.1000
rec. Murine Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 beta (rmSDF-1b)   C6449.1000
rHu-MCP-1 (MCAF), rec.   C4342.1000
rHuENA-78   C6405.1000
rHuEotaxin   C6402.1000
rHuEotaxin-His   C6403.1000
rHuExodus-2   C6406.1000
rHuFractalkine   C6407.1000
rHuGRO beta (CXCL2)   C4307.1000
rHuGRO gamma (CXCL3)   C4306.1000
rHuGRO-a   C6412.1000
rHuGRO-b   C6414.1000
rHuGRO-g   C6417.1000
rHuHCC   C6418.1000
rHuI-309   C6419.1000
rHuI-TAC   C6423.1000
rHuI-TAC His   C6424.1000
rHuIL-8 (aa 1-77)   C6409.1000
rHuIL-8 (aa 23-99) His   C6411.1000
rHuIP-10   C6420.1000
rHuIP-10 His   C6421.1000
rHuLymphotactin   C6425.1000
rHuMCP-1/MCAF   C6426.1000
rHuMCP-2   C6429.1000
rHuMCP-3   C6430.1000
rHuMCP-4   C6432.1000
rHuMIG   C6433.1000
rHuMIP-1a   C6435.1000
rHuMIP-1a His   C6436.1000
rHuMIP-1b   C6439.1000
rHuMIP-3b   C6440.1000
rHuMIP-4   C6442.1000
rHuNAP-2   C6443.1000
rHuRantes   C6445.1000
rmC-10   C6401.1000
rmEotaxin   C6404.1000
rmGRO-b   C6415.1000
rmIP-10   C6422.1000
rmKC   C6413.1000
rmMCP-1   C6427.1000
rmMCP-3   C6431.1000
rmMIG   C6434.1000
rmMIP-1a   C6437.1000
rmMIP-3b   C6441.1000
rmSDF-1a   C6447.1000
rpIL-8 (aa 1-72)   C6410.1000
rrGRO-b   C6416.1000
rRMCP-1   C6428.1000
rrMIP-1a   C6438.1000


cDNA cloning   P2008.0000
Cloning of PCR product   P2002.0002
in vitro Mutagenesis   P2012.0000
Plasmid preparation (up to 10 mg)   P2009.1010
Plasmid preparation (up to 10 µg)   P2009.0010
Plasmid preparation (up to 100 µg)   P2009.0100
Plasmid preparation (up to 500 µg)   P2009.0500
Subcloning (blunt end, < 2000 bp)   P2005.0002
Subcloning (difficult enzymes or fragments > 2000 bp)   P2005.0003
Subcloning (sticky end, < 2000 bp)   P2005.0001
Synthetic genes   P2007.0000
Transformation of plasmid-DNA   P2010.0000
Verification sequencing (< 300 bp)   P2003.0001
Verification sequencing (> 300 bp)   P2003.0002

Cloning Kits

pMBL-T/A Cloning Kit   M3164.0020

Competent Cells

Chemical competent cells (>10E8)   M3434.0020

Cryo Tubes

Colour code Inserts   I2103.000X
Cryo tubes 1.2 mL (sterile)   I2102.0800
Cryo tubes 2.0 mL (sterile)   I2102.2000
Cryo tubes 4.0 mL (sterile)   I2102.4000
Cryo tubes 5.0 mL (sterile)   I2102.5000

Cytokines & Growth F.

BNP   C6121.0010
FGF-8 human   C4303.1000
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)   C6051.2500
Human flt3-ligand, rec.   C4300.1000
Human Leuprolide (Leuprolide)   C6057.1000
Human Leutenising Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH, GnRH)   C6058.1000
Human Menopausal Gonadotropin (hMG)   C6052.1000
Human Urokinase (hUK)   C6060.1000
mbeta-NGF   C6118.1000
Murine IFN-gamma, rec.   C4383.1000
pHGF   C6185.1000
pInsulin   C6283.1000
Rat IFN-gamma, rec.   C4402.1000
rbBTC   C6123.1000
rbFGF-b   C6140.1000
rbGHBP   C6167.1000
rbLeptin   C6290.1000
rbPL   C6332.1000
rbPrl-R   C6346.1000
rcGH   C6171.1000
rchGH   C6168.1000
rchLeptin BD   C6303.1000
rcPL   C6334.1000
rdGH   C6172.1000
rec. Human beta-Nerve Growth Factor (rHuß-NGF)   C6047.1000
rec. Human Endostatin (rHuEndostatin)   C6049.1000
rec. Human Epidermal Growth Factor (rHuEGF)   C6033.1000
rec. Human Erythropoetin-alpha (rHuEPO-a)   C6001.1000
rec. Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic (rHuFGF-b)   C6034.1000
rec. Human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (rHuG-CSF)   C6038.1000
rec. Human Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (rHuGM-CSF)   C6039.1000
rec. Human Growth Hormone Binding Protein (rHuGHBP)   C6004.1000
rec. Human Growth Hormone-20K (rHuGH-20K)   C6006.1000
rec. Human Hepatocyte Growth Factor (rHuHGF)   C6008.1000
rec. Human IFN-beta 1b (rHuIFN-beta 1b)   C6016.1000
rec. Human Insulin (rHuInsulin)   C6061.1000
rec. Human Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (rHulGF-I)   C6032.1000
rec. Human Interferon alpha-2a (rHulFN-alpha 2a)   C6014.1000
rec. Human Interferon alpha-2b (rHulFN-alpha 2b)   C6015.1000
rec. Human Interferon beta-1a (rHulFN beta-1a)   C6017.1000
rec. Human Interferon-Gamma (rHulFN-g)   C6018.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-1 alpha (rHuIL-1 alpha)   C6021.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-1 beta (rHuIL-1b)   C6019.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist (rHuIL-1 ra)   C6013.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-10 (rHuIL-10)   C6077.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-11 (rHuIL-11)   C6029.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-15 (rHuIL-15)   C6030.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-2 (rHuIL-2)   C6022.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-20 (rHuIL20)   C6079.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-22 (rHuIL22)   C6080.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-3 (rHuIL-3)   C6023.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-4 (rHuIL-4)   C6024.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-5 (rHuIL-5)   C6025.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-6 (rHuIL-6)   C6026.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-7 (rHuIL-7)   C6027.1000
rec. Human Interleukin-9 (rHuIL-9)   C6076.1000
rec. Human Keratinocyte Growth Factor (rHuKGF)   C6035.1000
rec. Human Leptin (anti-obesity protein) (rHuLeptin-(AOBP))   C6012.1000
rec. Human Neurotrophin-3 (rHuNT-3)   C6056.1000
rec. Human Parathyroid Hormone (rHuPTH)   C6048.1000
rec. Human Placental Growth Hormone (rHuPGH)   C6005.1000
rec. Human Platelet-derived Growth Factor BB (rHuPDGF-BB)   C6037.1000
rec. Human sCD40 Ligand/TRAP (rHusCD40)   C6009.0010
rec. human SHH   C4302.1000
rec. Human Stem Cell Factor (rHuSCF)   C6055.1000
rec. Human Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 alpha (rHuSDF-1a)   C6059.1000
rec. Human Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (rHuTNF-a)   C6041.1000
rec. Human Tumor Necrosis Factor beta (rHuTNF-b)   C6042.1000
rec. Human Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (rHuVEGF)   C6036.1000
rec. Murine Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (rmGM-CSF)   C6040.1000
rec. Murine Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (rmlGF-I)   C6031.1000
rec. Murine Interleukin-1 beta (rmIL-1b)   C6020.1000
rec. Murine Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (rmTNF-a)   C6053.1000
rec. Ovine Growth Hormone (rOGH)   C6007.1000
rec. Ovine Leptin (anti-obesity protein) (rOLeptin-(AOBP))   C6011.1000
rec. Ovine Prolactin (rOPrl)   C6044.1000
rec. Pig Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (rp TNF-a)   C4409.1000
rec. Rat Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (rrlGF-I)   C6074.1000
rec. Rat Interleukin-1 alpha (rrIL-1a)   C6085.1000
rec. Rat Interleukin-1 beta (rrIL-1b)   C6086.1000
rec. Rat Interleukin-12 (rrIL-12)   C6087.0002
rec. Rat Interleukin-13 (rrIL-13)   C6088.1000
rec. Rat Interleukin-15 (rrIL15)   C6078.1000
rec. Rat Interleukin-18 (rrIL-18)   C6089.1000
rec. Rat Leptin (anti-obesity protein) (rRLeptin-(AOBP))   C6010.1000
rec. Rat Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (rr TNF-a)   C6069.1000
Recombinant Human Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (rHuBDNF)   C6065.1000
Recombinant Human Ciliary Neurotrophic Facor (rHuCNTF)   C6066.1000
Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-acidic (rHuFGF-a)   C6067.1000
Recombinant Human IL-18 (rHuIL-18)   C4337.1000
Recombinant Human Insulin Like Growth Factor-II (rHuIGF-II)   C6068.1000
Recombinant Human Keratinocye Growth Factor-2 (rHuKGF-2)   C6071.1000
Recombinant Human Prolactin (rHuPrl)   C6072.1000
Recombinant Mouse IL-18 (rmIL-18)   C4393.1000
Recombinant Rabbit Prolactin receptor-ECD (rRPrlr-ECD)   C6073.1000
rHu Activin A   RF0009-5
rHu Activin A Active   RF0010-5
rHu BMP-7   RF0026-10
rHu BMP-7 Active   RF0027-5
rHu PARK7   C6375.1000
rHu4-1BBr   C6372.1000
rHuAcrp30   C6092.1000
rHuAcrp30 Glob   C6097.1000
rHuAcrp30 HEK   C6093.1000
rHuAcrp30 His   C6091.1000
rHuAcrp30 Tri   C6095.1000
rHuAITRL   C6098.1000
rHuANG-1   C6099.1000
rHuANG-2   C6100.1000
rHuANGPTL-3   C6101.1000
rHuANGPTL-4   C6102.1000
rHuAPO-J   C6104.0002
rHuArtemin   C6105.1000
rHuBAFF   C6108.1000
rHuBAFF-R   C6109.1000
rHuBD-3   C6106.1000
rHuBMP-2   C6111.1000
rHuBMP-4   C6113.1000
rHuBMP-6   C6114.1000
rHuBMP-7   C6115.1000
rHuBMP-7 CHO   C6116.1000
rHuBMPR-1A   C6110.1000
rHuBNP   C6120.1000
rHuBTC   C6122.1000
rHuCD4 (125-202)   C6352.1000
rHuCD4 (203-317)   C6353.1000
rHuCD4 (26-226)   C6350.0002
rHuCD4 150   C6349.0002
rHuCNTF   C6124.1000
rHuCT-1   C6125.1000
rHuCTGF   C6126.1000
rHuCTGF (aa 182-250)   C6127.1000
rHuCTLA-4   C6128.1000
rHuEG-VEGF   C6129.1000
rHuEGF Pichia   C6130.1000
rHuEGF-21 Leu   C6131.1000
rHuEndoglin   C6134.0002
rHuEndoglin Sf9   C6133.0002
rHuEPO-a Fc   C6137.1000
rHuFGF-19   C6144.1000
rHuFGF-21   C6145.1000
rHuFGF-21 His   C6146.1000
rHuFGF-22   C6149.1000
rHuFGF-23   C6150.1000
rHuFGF-9   C6142.1000
rHuFGF-a Sf9   C6138.1000
rHuFGF-b Sf9   C6139.1000
rHuFlt3 Sf9   C6153.1000
rHuFST   C6154.1000
rHuG-CSF CHO   C6159.1000
rHuG-CSF His   C6158.1000
rHUGDF-3 / rHuGDF-2   C6157.1000
rHuGDF-5   C6155.1000
rHuGDF-8   C6314.0001
rHuGDNF   C6156.1000
rHuGH Pit-20K   C6162.1000
rHuGH Pla-20K   C6163.1000
rHuGH Pla-22K   C6164.1000
rHuGM-CSF His   C6179.1000
rHuGM-CSF Sf9   C6177.1000
rHuGMCSF/IL3 FP   C6178.1000
rHuHGF CHO   C6184.1000
rHuIFN-a 1   C6186.1000
rHuIFN-a 1a   C6187.1000
rHuIFN-a 1b   C6188.1000
rHuIFN-a 2b Yeast   C6189.1000
rHuIFN-g His   C6193.1000
rHuIGF-I des1-3   C6200.1000
rHuIGFBP-1   C6075.0100
rHuIGFBP-3   C6205.1000
rHuIGFBP-5   C6206.1000
rHuIGFBP-6   C6207.1000
rHuIL-10 CHO   C6249.1000
rHuIL-10 His   C6251.1000
rHuIL-12   C6256.0002
rHuIL-12 p35 His   C6259.1000
rHuIL-12 p40 His   C6260.1000
rHuIL-13   C6261.1000
rHuIL-13 His   C6262.1000
rHuIL-15 His   C6266.1000
rHuIL-17   C6270.1000
rHuIL-19   C6273.1000
rHuIL-1a His   C6209.1000
rHuIL-1b His   C6214.1000
rHuIL-1ra   C6218.1000
rHuIL-1ra His   C6219.1000
rHuIL-20   C6275.1000
rHuIL-21   C6277.1000
rHuIL-24   C6279.1000
rHuIL-3 His   C6226.1000
rHuIL-3 Sf9   C6229.1000
rHuIL-33   C6280.1000
rHuIL-4 CHO   C6230.1000
rHuIL-4 His   C6231.1000
rHuIL-6 CHO   C6238.1000
rHuIL-6 His   C6237.1000
rHuIL-7 His   C6245.1000
rHuIL-7 Yeast   C6244.1000
rHuIRF-1   C6198.1000
rHuIRF-3   C6199.1000
rHuKGF-2   C6284.1000
rHuLeptin   C6285.1000
rHuLeptin BD   C6302.1000
rHuLeptin His   C6286.1000
rHuLeptin qA   C6297.1000
rHuLeptin tA   C6296.1000
rHuLFA-3   C6305.1000
rhuLIF   C4340.1000
rHuLXR   RF0019-5
rHuM-CSF   C6306.1000
rHuman Growth Hormone (rHuGH)   C6002.1000
rHuMIA   C6310.1000
rHuMidkine   C6311.1000
rHuMIF His-C   C6309.0001
rHuMIF His-N   C6308.0001
rHuMyostatin   C6312.1000
rHuMyostatin His   C6313.1000
rHuNeuroglubin   C6315.1000
rHuNOG   C6318.1000
rHuNRG1   C6316.1000
rHuOmentin   C6319.1000
rHuOPG   C6320.1000
rHuOPG His   C6321.1000
rHuOSM   C6322.1000
rHuPDGF-A   C6324.1000
rHuPDGF-AA   C6323.1000
rHuPDGF-AB   C6325.1000
rHuPDGF-B   C6328.1000
rHuPDGF-BB Yeast   C6326.1000
rHuPeriostin   C6330.1000
rHuPGRN   C6337.0002
rHuPleiotrophin   C6331.1000
rHuPLGF-1 (Sf9)   C6335.1000
rHuPLGF-2 (Sf9)   C6336.1000
rHuPrl   C6338.1000
rHuPrl His   C6343.1000
rHuPrLrI   C6342.0002
rHuPro-NGF   C6119.0002
rHuProBMP-2   C6112.0002
rHuRELM-b   C6359.1000
rHuResistin   C6361.1000
rHuResistin His   C6362.1000
rHusCD4   C6348.1000
rHusCD40L/TRAP   C6354.1000
rHuSCF Sf9   C6368.1000
rHusIL-6R   C6242.1000
rHusRANKL   C6356.1000
rHuTFPI-2 Domain 1 Active   RF007-1
rHuTGF-b1   C6373.0001
rHuTGF-b1 GST   C6369.0002
rHuTGF-b2   RF001-1
rHuTGF-b2 Active   RF003-1
rHuTGF-b3   RF002-1
rHuTGF-b3 Active   RF004-1
rHuTGF-b3 GST (207 a.a.)   C6371.0002
rHuTNF-a His   C6374.1000
rHuTNF-a M   C6376.1000
rHuTNF-b His   C6378.1000
rHuTNFR   C6380.1000
rHuTPO   C6381.1000
rHuTPO CHO   C6382.1000
rHuTRAIL   C6384.1000
rHuVaspin   C6385.1000
rHuVEGF CHO   C6387.1000
rHuVEGF HEK   C6390.0002
rHuVEGF His   C6386.1000
rHuVEGF-121   C6388.1000
rHuVEGF-121 (HEK)   C6045.1000
rHuVEGF-C   C6391.1000
rHuVEGF121 Sf9   C6389.1000
rHuVEGFI   C6398.1000
rHuVisfatin   C6399.1000
rIGF-I Gilthead Seabream   C6203.1000
rmAcrp30 HEK   C6094.1000
rmAcrp30 His   C6070.1000
rmAcrp30 Tri   C6096.1000
rmEGF   C6132.1000
rmEndoglin   C6135.0002
rmFGF-21   C6147.1000
rmFGF-21 His   C6148.1000
rmFGF-9   C6143.1000
rmFGF-b   C6141.1000
rmFlt3   C6152.1000
rmG-CSF   C6160.1000
rmGM-CSF   C6180.1000
rmIL-10   C6252.1000
rmIL-11   C6255.1000
rmIL-13   C6263.1000
rmIL-15   C6267.1000
rmIL-17   C6271.1000
rmIL-19   C6274.1000
rmIL-1a   C6210.1000
rmIL-2   C6221.1000
rmIL-20   C6276.1000
rmIL-3   C6227.1000
rmIL-4   C6232.1000
rmIL-6   C6239.1000
rmIL-7   C6246.1000
rmIL-9   C6248.1000
rmLeptin   C6287.1000
rmLeptin tA   C6298.1000
rmLIF   C6516.1000
rmM-CSF   C6307.1000
rmPDGF-BB   C6329.1000
rmPrl   C6339.1000
rmRELM-alpha   C6358.1000
rmRELM-g   C6360.1000
rmResistin   C6363.1000
rmsCD40L/TRAP   C6355.1000
rmSCF   C6366.1000
rmsRANKL   C6357.1000
rmTPO   C6383.1000
rmVEGF   C6393.1000
rmVEGF Sf9   C6392.1000
rmVisfatin   C6400.1000
roGH A   C6175.1000
roGHBP   C6166.1000
roIFN-tau   C6197.1000
roLeptin   C6289.1000
roLeptin qA   C6301.1000
roLeptin tA   C6300.1000
roPL   C6333.1000
roPrl-A   C6347.1000
roPrl-R   C6345.1000
rov-VEGF-E   C6397.1000
rpGH   C6174.1000
rpGM-CSF   C6182.1000
rpIFN-g   C6196.1000
rpIL-10   C6254.1000
rpIL-15   C6269.0002
rpIL-1a   C6212.1000
rpIL-1b   C6217.1000
rpIL-2   C6223.0002
rpIL-4   C6234.1000
rpIL-6   C6241.0002
rpLeptin   C6291.1000
rraGH   C6173.1000
rraLeptin   C6295.1000
rrAPO-J   C6103.1000
rraPrl-R   C6344.1000
rrGH   C6170.1000
rrGM-CSF   C6181.1000
rrIL-10   C6253.1000
rrIL-2   C6222.1000
rrIL-3   C6228.1000
rrIL-4   C6233.1000
rrIL-5   C6236.1000
rrIL-6   C6240.1000
rRLeptin   C6288.1000
rRLeptin tA   C6299.1000
rrPrl   C6340.1000
rrResistin   C6364.1000
rRSCF   C6367.1000
rrVEGF   C6394.1000
rrVEGF-C   C6395.1000
rrVEGF-C152   C6396.1000
sHuIL-2R   C6224.1000

Denaturing Reagents

Guanidine hydrochloride - 4M Solution.   M6053.0100
Guanidine hydrochloride - 8M Solution.   M6054.0100
Guanidine thiocyanate - 4M Solution.   M6049.1000
Guanidine thiocyanate - 6M Solution.   M6050.1000
Guanidine thiocyanate buffer grade   M6068.1000
Guanidine thiocyanate Molecular biology grade   M6051.0100


5% SDS Solution   M3315.1000
N-Cetyl-N,N,N-trimethylammoniumbromid   M3441.0100
SDS, Molecular Biology grade   M3290.1000
SDS, Molecular Biology grade, 20% stock solution   M3292.1000
SDS, research grade, min. 97%   M3291.1000


GenLadder 100 bp + 1.5 kbp   M3340.5050
GenLadder 100 bp + 1.5 kbp (ready-to-use)   M3094.5050
GenLadder 100bp   M3082.5050
GenLadder 1kb   M3084.5050
GenLadder 250bp - 10kb (ready-to-use)   M3328.5050
GenLadder 50bp (ready-to-use)   M3072.0250
Lambda DNA / Sty I marker   M3079.0001
Lambda-DNA (undigested)   M3073.1000
Lambda-DNA - BstE II DNA marker   M3076.0050
Lambda-DNA - Hind III DNA Marker   M3075.0050
pBR322 - Hae III DNA marker   M3080.0050
Phage T7 DNA   M3077.0050
pUC18/pUC19 (undigested vector)   M3081.0050
pUC19 / MspI DNA marker   M3078.0200

DNA Polymerases

DF Taq Polymerase E (DNA-free)   M3185.0500E
DF Taq Polymerase S (DNA-free)   M3185.0500
ExactRun proof reading Polymerase   M3030.0100
Pfunds proof reading polymerase   M3004.0500
Pwo proof reading Polymerase   M3002.0500
RedTaq (Taq-polymerase labeled with red pigment)   M3305.2500
ReproFast proof reading Polymerase   M3003.1250
ReproHot proof reading Polymerase   M3012.0250
Taq Polymerase E (high efficiency)   M3043.0500
Taq Polymerase S (high specificity)   M3001.0500

DNA-Purification Kits

Cell/Blood Genomic-DNA Purification Mini Spin Column Kit   S5375.0050
DNA-Purification columns   S5379.0050
DNA-Purification columns Plus   S5381.0050
Gel extraction Kit   S5374.0050
JustSpin Gel Extraction columns   S5337.0004
Midi DNA-Purification columns   S5362.0010
PCR and Gel extraction Mini Prep Kit   S5380.0050
PCR DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit   S5368.0050
Plasmid Midi DNA Purification Kit   S5364.0010
Plasmid Midi Endotoxin-free DNA Purification Kit   S5365.0010
Plasmid PLUS DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit   S5369.0050
RNA-Purification columns   S5311.0050
Tissue Genomic-DNA Purification Mini Spin Column Kit   S5378.0050
tRNA from Yeast   S5314.0100

Dye Terminators

CentriPure Dye Terminator 96-well plates   CP-0101-2
CentriPure Dye Terminator removal Mini columns   CP-0202-Z004
CentriSep 96 High Throughput dye terminator purification kit   S5303.0296
CentriSep Dye Terminator Removal   S5300.0032

Dyes & Stains

0.07 % Ethidium bromide   M3179.0010
1 % Ethidium bromide solution   M3178.0010
Acridine orange (C.I. 46005)   M3175.0010
Amido Black 10B   M3314.0025
Bromophenol blue sodium salt   M3092.0005
Cochenille Red (C.I. 16255)   M3372.0025
Coomassie-brilliant blue R-250 (C.I. 42660)   M3093.0010
Cresol Red   M3371.0001
DAPI, molecular biology grade, min. 98%.   M3176.0010
Fast Green FCF (C.I. 42053)   M3399.0005
Fuchsin acid pure (C.I. 42685)   M3398.0025
Fuchsin basic pure (C.I. 42510)   M3397.0025
GelRed® in water (10000-time concentrate)   M3199.2000
GelRed® in water (3-time concentrate)   M3199.4000
HighPure Propidium iodide   M3181.0025
HydraGreen™   M3217.1000
Methyl Green (C.I. 42590)   M3363.0005
Methylen Blue (C.I. 52015)   M3359.0025
Methylen Blue DNA-staining solution   M3352.0010
Methylen Blue Solution (0.4% ethanolic solution)   M3351.0100
Neutral Red (C.I. 50040)   M3370.0010
Orange G (C.I. 16230)   M3180.0010
Ponceau S (C.I. 27195)   M3349.0010
Ponceau S Solution   M3350.0100
Trypan Blue (C.I. 23850)   M3396.0010
Xylene cyanol FF   M3312.0010


Ammonium persulfate BioChemica   M3270.1000
Ammonium persulfate Molbio grade   M3269.0025
HighPure Urea   M3310.1000
Silver nitrate, analytical grade, min. 99.8%   M6070.0025
Silver nitrate, Molecular biology grade   M3293.0025
TEMED   M3295.0025
Urea for 2D-gel electrophoresis (min. 99.5%)   M3337.1000
Urea, Molecular biology grade   M3311.1000


0.25% Trypsin in PBS   C4259.0100
2.5% Trypsin in PBS (10X)   C4259.0110
Accutase®   C4356.0100
alpha-Chymotrypsin (EC, grade I   S5228.0001
alpha-Chymotrypsin (EC, grade II   S5229.0001
Angiotensin   S5271.0001
Ascorbate oxidase (EC   S5224.0250
Bromelain (EC   S5225.0025
Catalase (EC ca. 11000 U/mg   S5226.1100
Catalase (EC ca. 1800 U/mg   S5226.0100
Catalase (EC ca. 5000 U/mg   S5226.1000
Chymotrypsinogen A   S5230.0001
Collagenase Typ I   C4255.0001
Collagenase Typ II   C4341.0001
Collagenase Typ III   C4346.0001
Collagenase Typ IV   C4310.0001
Detachase   C4355.0100
EDTA (Versene), 1%, in PBS, without Ca2+ and Mg2+.   C4263.0100
Glucose Oxidase (EC   S5232.0001
GNDPA   S5355.1000
HRP   S5177.1100
HuPAI1   S5324.1000
Hyaluronidase (EC   S5234.0001
L-Asparaginase   S5197.0500
Lipase (EC   S5235.0025
Lipoxidase (EC   S5236.0015
Lysozyme from chicken egg, ca. 20000 U/mg   S5237.0001
Lysozyme from chicken egg, ca. 20000 U/mg - Molbio Grade   S5053.0001
Micrococcal nuclease   S5238.0015
Pancreatin   S5239.0100
Papain   S5240.0025
pEnterokinase   S5173.0100
Pepsin (EC   S5241.0025
rUrease   S5347.0001
Serratia Nuclease   S5367.1100
ß-Agarase (EC   S5223.0100
TEV Protease   S5366.1000
Trypsin from bovine pancreas   M6077.0001
Trypsin powder (1:250)   C4264.0025
Trypsin/EDTA (10X) solution   C4261.0110
Trypsin/EDTA in PBS   C4260.0100


Concentration of inclusion bodies   P2013.0000
Construction of recombinant Baculo virus   P2017.0000
Protein Expression (fermentor)   P2011.0000
Protein Expression (flask)   P2011.1000
Protein Expression Screening (E.coli).   P2011.0003

Falcon Type Tubes

Conical centrifugation tubes (Falcon(TM) type) of 15mL   I2202.0500
Conical centrifugation tubes (Falcon(TM) type) of 50mL   I2200.0500
Sterile conical centrifugation tubes (Falcon(TM) type) of 15mL.   I2203.0500
Sterile, conical centrifugation tubes (Falcon(TM) type) of 50mL   I2212.0500
Sterile, skirted centrifugation tubes (Falcon(TM) type) of 50mL   I2204.0500

Filter Tips

Filter Tips (0.1 - 10µL). Sterile.   I2236.5000
Filter Tips (1 - 100µL). Sterile.   I2239.5000
Filter Tips (1 - 200µL). Sterile.   I2240.5000
Filter Tips (1 - 50µL). Sterile.   I2238.5000
Filter Tips (1.0 - 20µL). Sterile.   I2237.5000
Filter Tips (100 - 1000µL). Sterile.   I2241.5000
Filter Tips in rack (0.1 - 10µL). Sterile.   I2236.0960
Filter Tips in rack (1 - 100µL). Sterile.   I2239.0960
Filter Tips in rack (1 - 200µL). Sterile.   I2240.0960
Filter Tips in rack (1 - 50µL). Sterile.   I2238.0960
Filter Tips in rack (1.0 - 20µL). Sterile.   I2237.0960
Filter Tips in rack (100 - 1000µL). Sterile.   I2241.0960

Fluorescent Dyes

10-Dodecylacridine Orange Bromide   S5472.0500
2-Anthracenylsulfonyl chloride   S5467.0100
5-Aminofluorescein   S5518.0005
5-FAM DA   S5521.0100
5-FAM, single isomer   S5412.0025
5-JOE single isomer   S5448.0005
5-Maleinimido-eosin   S5514.0025
5-ROX, single isomer   S5416.0025
5-TAMRA, single isomer   S5414.0025
5/6 FAM mixed isomers   S5409.0001
5/6-FAM DA   S5531.0100
5/6-JOE mixed isomer   S5444.0020
5/6-ROX, mixed isomers   S5411.1000
5/6-TAMRA, mixed isomers   S5410.0002
6-(4-Acetamido-1,8-naphthalamido)hexanoic acid   S5496.0025
6-Aminofluorescein   S5543.0005
6-FAM DA   S5480.0100
6-FAM, single isomer   S5413.0025
6-JOE single isomer   S5454.0005
6-ROX, single isomer   S5417.0025
6-TAMRA, single isomer   S5415.0025
7-Acetoxy-1-methyl-quinolinium iodide   S5466.0100
7-Aminoactinomycin D   S5532.0000
Alcian Blue 8GX   S5445.0020
Amplex Red   S5447.0025
Colchicine   S5538.0001
Coumarin 120, AMC   S5452.0005
DAF-2   S5439.0001
DAF-2 DA   S5440.0001
DAF-2T   S5442.0001
DAF-4   S5462.0001
DAF-4T   S5463.0001
DAF-FM   S5449.0001
DAF-FM DA   S5450.0001
DAN   S5497.0100
DAN-1 EE T   S5468.0010
DAR 1T   S5446.0001
DAR-1   S5438.0001
DAR-2   S5441.0001
DAR-2T   S5464.0001
DAR-4MT   S5465.0001
Demecoline   S5536.0025
Dihydroethidium   S5473.0100
EthD-1, EtDi   S5461.0010
Monocarboxymethylene Blue   S5455.0005
O'-(Carboxymethyl)fluoresceinamide   S5471.0010
PCPF   S5537.0050

Freezer Boxes

Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 133x133 mm. Blue   I2006.0007
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 133x133 mm. Green   I2006.0008
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 133x133 mm. Red   I2006.0009
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 133x133 mm. White   I2006.0010
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 133x133 mm. Yellow   I2006.0006
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 136x136 mm. Blue   I2007.0007
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 136x136 mm. Green   I2007.0008
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 136x136 mm. Red   I2007.0009
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 136x136 mm. White   I2007.0010
Card-board box with optimised waterproof coating. 136x136 mm. Yellow   I2007.0006
Cryo box with coding (1-100) - blue   I2001.0002
Cryo box with coding (1-100) - green   I2001.0003
Cryo box with coding (1-100) - red   I2001.0004
Cryo box with coding (1-100) - yellow   I2001.0001
Cryo box with coding (1-25) - blue   I2003.0002
Cryo box with coding (1-25) - green   I2003.0003
Cryo box with coding (1-25) - red   I2003.0004
Cryo box with coding (1-25) - yellow   I2003.0001
Cryo box with coding (1-81) - blue   I2002.0002
Cryo box with coding (1-81) - green   I2002.0003
Cryo box with coding (1-81) - red   I2002.0004
Cryo box with coding (1-81) - yellow   I2002.0001
Cryo box with coding (1-81)- red   I2019.0004
Freezer Box (7x7) without coding - blue   I2013.0002
Freezer Box (7x7) without coding - green   I2013.0003
Freezer Box (7x7) without coding - orange   I2013.0005
Freezer Box (7x7) without coding - red   I2013.0004
Freezer Box (7x7) without coding - white   I2013.0000
Freezer Box (7x7) without coding - yellow   I2013.0001
Freezer Box with attached lid (10 x 10). Blue.   I2015.0002
Freezer Box with attached lid (10 x 10). Yellow.   I2015.0001
Freezer Box with attached lid (5 x 10). Blue.   I2014.0002
Freezer Box with attached lid (5 x 10). Yellow.   I2014.0001
Freezer Box with coding (A1 - I9) - black   I2009.0006
Freezer Box with coding (A1 - I9) - blue   I2009.0002
Freezer Box with coding (A1 - I9) - green   I2009.0003
Freezer Box with coding (A1 - I9) - orange   I2009.0005
Freezer Box with coding (A1 - I9) - red   I2009.0004
Freezer Box with coding (A1 - I9) - white   I2009.0000
Freezer Box with coding (A1 - I9) - yellow   I2009.0001
Freezer Box without coding - black   I2018.0006
Freezer Box without coding - blue   I2018.0002
Freezer Box without coding - green   I2018.0003
Freezer Box without coding - orange   I2018.0005
Freezer Box without coding - red   I2018.0004
Freezer Box without coding - white   I2018.0000
Freezer Box without coding - yellow   I2018.0001
Grid Divider (card-board - 10 x 10 grid - 25 mm)   I2008.0003
Grid Divider (card-board - 10 x 10 grid - 30 mm)   I2008.0001
Grid Divider (card-board - 10 x 10 grid - 40 mm)   I2008.0004
Grid Divider (card-board - 10 x 10 grid - 65 mm)   I2008.0005
Grid Divider (card-board - 9 x 9 grid - 30 mm)   I2008.0002
Storage Box (0.2 mL PCR). Neon blue   I2005.0002
Storage Box (0.2 mL PCR). Neon green   I2005.0003
Storage Box (0.2 mL PCR). Neon orange.   I2005.0005
Storage Box (0.2 mL PCR). Neon red   I2005.0004
Storage Box (0.2 mL PCR). Neon yellow.   I2005.0001
Storage Box (card-board box). 133x133 mm. Blue   I2006.0002
Storage Box (card-board box). 133x133 mm. Green   I2006.0003
Storage Box (card-board box). 133x133 mm. Red   I2006.0004
Storage Box (card-board box). 133x133 mm. White   I2006.0005
Storage Box (card-board box). 133x133 mm. Yellow   I2006.0001
Storage Box (card-board box). 136x136 mm. Blue   I2007.0002
Storage Box (card-board box). 136x136 mm. Green   I2007.0003
Storage Box (card-board box). 136x136 mm. Red   I2007.0004
Storage Box (card-board box). 136x136 mm. White   I2007.0005
Storage Box (card-board box). 136x136 mm. Yellow   I2007.0001
Storage Box for 5mL tubes. Natural   I2030.0000
Storage Box for 5mL tubes. Neon blue   I2030.0002
Storage Box for 5mL tubes. Neon green   I2030.0003
Storage Box for 5mL tubes. Neon orange   I2030.0005
Storage Box for 5mL tubes. Neon red   I2030.0004
Storage Box for 5mL tubes. Neon yellow.   I2030.0001
Storage Box with attached lid (10 x 10). Green.   I2015.0003
Storage Box with attached lid (10 x 10). Mixed colours.   I2015.0008
Storage Box with attached lid (10 x 10). Orange.   I2015.0005
Storage Box with attached lid (10 x 10). Red.   I2015.0004
Storage Box with attached lid (5 x 10). Green.   I2014.0003
Storage Box with attached lid (5 x 10). Mixed colours.   I2014.0008
Storage Box with attached lid (5 x 10). Orange.   I2014.0005
Storage Box with attached lid (5 x 10). Red.   I2014.0004

Functional Groups

2-(4-Aminophenyl)-6-methylbenzothiazole-7-sulfonic acid   S5488.0010
5(6)-Carboxy-DCF DA SE   S5503.0050
5(6)-FAM DA SE   S5505.0100
5(6)-SFX SE   S5517.0000
5-FAM-SE, single isomer   S5423.1000
5-FITC (ca. 98%)   S5510.1000
5-FITC-2DA   S5548.0100
5-FTSC   S5547.0100
5-JOE-SE single isomer   S5457.0005
5-ROX-SE, single isomer   S5427.1000
5-TAMRA-SE, single isomer   S5425.1000
5/6 FITC   S5545.1000
5/6 ROX-SE, mixed isomers   S5421.1000
5/6 TAMRA-SE, mixed isomers   S5420.1000
5/6-FAM DA SE   S5539.0100
5/6-FAM SE   S5422.0020
5/6-FAM-SE, mixed isomers   S5419.1000
5/6-FITC-2DA   S5546.0100
5/6-JOE-SE mixed isomer   S5456.0020
6-FAM DA SE   S5481.0010
6-FAM-SE, single isomer   S5424.1000
6-FITC-2DA   S5549.0050
6-JOE-SE single isomer   S5458.0005
6-ROX-SE, single isomer   S5428.1000
6-TAMRA-SE, single isomer   S5426.1000
AMCA-H NHS   S5519.0000
DABCYL   S5418.1000
DABCYL-IA   S5430.0025
DABCYL-SE   S5429.0025
DACB-CN   S5494.0010
DACM   S5551.0001
Dansylchloride   S5506.0000
DIB-Cl   S5493.0001
DiSC(3)(3)   S5460.0250
DPM   S5554.0050
EITC   S5544.0000
Eosin-5-iodoacetamide   S5522.0000
Eosin-5-isothiocyanate   S5523.0000
Fluorescein-5-maleinimide   S5434.0025
FOAA   S5401.0050
FQ   S5491.0025
IDA   S5550.0010
Lucigenin   S5552.0001
Monocarboxymethylene Blue-SE   S5459.0005
MPAC-Br   S5492.0050
NBD-Cl   S5500.0010
NBD-PZ   S5501.0100
NBD-X   S5515.0500
NIR-797-Isothiocyanate   S5435.0025
Physil chloride   S5495.0050
PPS-Cl   S5490.0010


ACTH   C6454.0002
Antide   C6453.1000
Argipressin   C6451.0005
Atosiban   C6455.1000
Buserelin   C6456.0001
Cetrorelix   C6459.1000
DDAVP   C6463.0005
Deslorelin   C6462.0005
Elcatonin   C6464.0002
Exenatide   C6466.0001
Ganirelix   C6475.0050
GHRL   C6469.0001
GHRP-6   C6472.0005
Glucagon   C6476.0004
Goserelin   C6478.0005
Hexarelin   C6479.0020
hFSH   C6468.0100
hGHRH   C6470.1000
hGHRP-2   C6471.0005
hGLP-1   C6474.0001
Histrelin   C6480.0001
hLeuprolide   C6484.0005
hLHRH   C6482.0010
hMG   C6486.0001
hPTH (aa 1-34)   C6500.1000
hTSH   C6508.1000
HuTRH   C6506.0100
Lanreotide   C6483.1000
Lypressin   C6485.0005
MT-II   C6487.0020
NAF   C6488.0008
OCT   C6490.0001
OT   C6489.0005
PMSG   C6492.0001
Pramlintide   C6495.0001
rExendin-4   C6465.1000
rhCG   C6461.1000
rhLHRH   C6481.0010
rHuAGRP   C6450.1000
rHuFSH   C6467.1000
rHuGLP-1   C6473.1000
rHuGlucagon   C6477.1000
rHuIAPP   C6452.1000
rHuOXM   C6491.1000
rHuProcalcitonin   C6457.1000
rHuProguanylin   C6496.1000
rHuProuroguanylin   C6497.1000
rHuPTH (aa 1-34)   C6499.1000
rHuPTH (aa 1-84)   C6501.1000
rHuPTH (aa 7-34)   C6502.1000
rHuSTC-1   C6503.0002
rHuSTC-2   C6504.0002
rHuThyrostimulin-A   C6510.1000
rHuThyrostimulin-B   C6509.1000
rHuTSH   C6507.1000
sCT   C6458.1000
Secretin   C6493.0001
Sincalide   C6494.0001
SST   C6498.0001
Ta1   C6513.0001
Tb4   C6514.0001
Terlipressin   C6505.1000
TP-5   C6512.1000
Trp   C6511.0005
Vasopressin   C6515.0005

Hotstart - Realtime PCR

Capillaries for Roche LightCycler®   I2250.0480
Capillaries plus Carousel 1.5   I2250.0961
Capillaries plus Carousel 2.0   I2250.0962
Carousel for Roche LightCycler(R) 1.2/1.5   I2250.0001
Carousel for Roche LightCycler(R) 2.0   I2250.0002
GreenMasterMix (2X) High ROX for qPCR   M3052.0100
GreenMasterMix (2X) Low ROX for qPCR   M3011.0100
GreenMasterMix (2X) No ROX for qPCR   M3023.0100
HotStart Taq PCR Kit with dNTPs   M3009.020M
HotStart Taq with Antibody   M3006.0200
ProbeMasterMix (2X) High ROX for qPCR   M3010.0100
ProbeMasterMix (2X) Low ROX for qPCR   M3031.0100
ProbeMasterMix (2X) No ROX for qPCR   M3045.0100
SuperHot Taq PCR Kit with dNTPs   M3306.025M
SuperHot Taq-Polymerase for qPCR   M3307.0250
Transfer-Pin   I2250.0003


Dextran sulfate 40 sodium salt, 50% stock solution   M3184.0025
Dextran sulfate 500 sodium salt, molecular biology grade   M3183.0025
Salmon sperm DNA (Na-salt) sonified.   M3187.0010
SSC buffer (20X) powder   M3188.1000
SSC buffer (20X) solution   M3211.1000


(+)-Aphidicolin, high pure   S5220.0001
3-Oxododecanamide   S5289.0025
AEBSF Hydrochloride   M6360.1000
Aprotinin from bovine lung   M6361.0010
Bestatine Hydrochloride   M3447.0005
DEPC   M3189.0020
Diisopropylfluorophosphate   M3364.0001
E-64   S5219.0005
Etoposide   S5221.0100
Herbimycin A   S5217.0001
Leupeptin hemisulfate   M6100.0010
Manumycin A   S5216.0001
N-(12-Bromo-3-oxododecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5273.0025
N-(13-Bromo-3-oxotridecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5274.0025
N-(13-Carboxy-3-oxotridecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5275.0025
N-(3-Hydroxytetradecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5284.0020
N-(3-Oxodecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5242.0025
N-(3-Oxododecanoyl)-DL-homocysteine Thiolactone   S5290.0025
N-(3-Oxododecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5244.0020
N-(3-Oxododecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Methyl Ester   S5288.0025
N-(3-Oxooctanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5222.0010
N-(3-Oxotetradecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5272.0025
N-(3-Oxotridecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5245.0025
N-(3-Oxoundecanoyl)-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5243.0025
N-Decanoyl-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5285.0025
N-Dodecanoyl-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5287.0025
N-Undecanoyl-DL-homoserine Lactone   S5286.0025
Pepstatin A   M6359.0010
Phenylmethansulfonyl fluoride (PMSF), min. 99.5% pure.   M3194.0005
Protease Inhibitor Mix   S5302.0001
rec. Aprotinin   M6383.0001
TLCK   M3375.0100
TPCK   M3374.0001

Insect Medium

Grace“ Insect Medium without glutamine   C4188.0500
Grace“s Insect Medium with glutamine   C4189.0500
Insect Profree   C4338.0500
IPL-41 Insect Medium with glutamine   C4311.0500
IPL-41 Insect Medium without glutamine   C4190.0500
IPL-41 Insect Medium without glutamine, without sulfate   C4187.0500
Schneider“s Drosophila Medium with glutamine   C4193.0500
Schneider“s Drosophila Medium without glutamine   C4192.0500
Schneider“s Drosophila Medium without glutamine, without L-Methionine   C4277.0500
TC 100 Insect Medium with glutamine   C4194.0500
TC 100 Insect Medium without glutamine   C4195.0500
TC 100 Insect Medium without glutamine, without L-Methionine   C4296.0500
TC 100 Insect Medium without glutamine, without sulfate   C4292.0500
TNM-FH Insect-Medium   C4191.0500
TNM-FH Insect-Medium with FCS   C4299.0500
TNM-FH Insect-Medium with L-Glutamine   C4295.0500

Labelling Kits

5/6-ROX protein labelling kit   S5250.0005
5/6-TAMRA protein labelling kit   S5248.0005
DY-633 protein labelling kit   S5253.0005
DY-652 protein labelling kit   S5255.0005
DY-675 protein labelling kit   S5254.0005
Fluorescein Protein Labeling Kit   S5246.0005
MANT protein labelling kit   S5252.0005


Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA)   D1500.0010
Artocarpus integrifolia lectin (Jacalin)   D1501.0010
Concanavalin A   D1503.0100
Crotalaria juncea lectin   D1504.0010
Galanthus nivalis lectin   D1513.0005
Lens culinaris lectin   D1506.0010
Narcissus pseudonarcissus lectin   D1507.0010
Phaseolus vulgaris lectin E   D1508.0005
Phaseolus vulgaris lectin L   D1512.0002
Phaseolus vulgaris lectin P   D1505.0005
Pisum sativum lectin   D1509.0010
Protein L-Ligand Leakage Elisa   D1515.0001
Protein L-Ligand Leakage Elisa XL   D1516.0001
Triticum vulgaris lectin   D1510.0010
Vicia ervilia lectin   D1511.0010


T4 DNA-Ligase   M3027.2000


Dhc-GDPKHPKSF   P2228.0001
Dhc-SKKKK   P2227.0001
FSL-1   P2212.0001
FSL-1 Ala-scan   P2221.0002
FSL-1-Biotin   P2215.0001
FSL-1-FLAG-tag   P2219.0001
FSL-1-Fluorescein   P2216.0001
FSL-1-Rhodamine   P2217.0001
GDPKHPKSF   P2230.0001
Pam-Dhc-GDPKHPKSF   P2224.0001
Pam-Dhc-SKKKK   P2223.0001
Pam2Cys-SKKKK   P2206.0001
Pam2Cys-SKKKK(Aca-Aca-Biotin)   P2207.0001
Pam2Cys-SKKKK(Aca-Aca-Fluorescein)   P2209.0001
Pam2Cys-SKKKK(Aca-Aca-Rhodamine)   P2211.0001
Pam2Cys-SKKKK-FLAG-tag   P2218.0001
Pam3Cys-SKKKK   P2200.0001
Pam3Cys-SKKKK (Aca-Aca-Biotin)   P2201.0001
Pam3Cys-SKKKK (Aca-Aca-Fluorescein)   P2203.0001
Pam3Cys-SKKKK (Aca-Aca-Rhodamine)   P2205.0001
Pam3Cys-SKKKK-FLAG-tag   P2231.0001
PamCGDPKHPKSF   P2226.0001
PamCSKKKK   P2225.0001
PHC-SKKKK   P2232.0001
PHC-SKKKK(Biotin-Aca-Aca)   P2233.0001
R-FSL-1   P2213.0001
R-Pam2Cys-SKKKK   P2208.0001
R-Pam3Cys-SKKKK   P2202.0001
S-FSL-1   P2214.0001
S-Pam2Cys-SKKKK   P2210.0001
S-Pam3Cys-SKKKK   P2204.0001
SKKKK   P2229.0001

Liquid Medium

Alpha MEM Eagle w/o Glutamine, w/o nucleosides, w/o Phenol Red   C4323.0500
Alpha MEM Eagle with nucleosides, with glutamine, with glucose   C4276.0500
Alpha MEM Eagle with nucleosides, with glutamine, without glucose   C4275.0500
Basal Medium (Eagle) with EBSS, w/o NaHCO3   C4009.0500
Basal Medium (Eagle) with EBSS, w/o phenol red   C4274.0500
Basal Medium (Eagle) with EBSS, with stab. Glutamine   C4273.0500
BSK-H Medium with HBSS without glutamine   C4015.0500
BSK-H Medium with HBSS without glutamine, with Rabbit Serum   C4016.0500
CMRL-1066 with glutamine   C4756.0500
CMRL-1066 without glutamine   C4755.0500
DMEM w/o arginine, with glutamine, with Sodium pyruvate, with 4.5g/L glucose   C4265.0500
DMEM w/o Cysteine, w/o Methionine, w/o glutamine, w/o glucose   C4039.0500
DMEM w/o Cysteine, w/o Methionine, w/o glutamine, with 4.5g/L glucose   C4117.0500
DMEM w/o glutamine, w/o amino acids, with 1g/L glucose.   C4150.0500
DMEM w/o glutamine, w/o Ca, with 1g/L Glucose, with Pyruvate   C4029.0500
DMEM w/o glutamine, w/o glucose, w/o Sodium pyruvate, w/o Arginine, w/o Lysine   C4230.0500
DMEM w/o glutamine, w/o glucose, w/o Sodium pyruvate, w/o Cystine, w/o Methionine   C4030.0500
DMEM w/o glutamine, w/o Isoleucine   C4031.0500
DMEM w/o glutamine, with 4.5g/L glucose, w/o NEAAs   C4041.0500
DMEM:F12, 1:1 Mix w/o glutamine, w/o glucose   C4022.0500
DMEM:F12, 1:1 Mix w/o phenol red   C4020.0500
DMEM:F12, 1:1 Mix with stab. glutamine, with HEPES   C4017.0500
EMEM Fibroblasts   C4042.0500
Ham“s F-10 Medium with stab. glutamine, without phenol red   C4050.0500
Ham“s F-10 Medium without glutamine   C4278.0500
Ham“s F-10 Medium without phenol red, without glutamine   C4047.0500
Ham“s F-12 Medium special   C4054.0500
Ham“s F-12 Medium special w/o glutamine, w 2.5g/L NaHCO3   C4322.0500
Ham“s F-12 Medium special with glutamine   C4271.0500
Ham“s F-12 Medium special without glutamine   C4270.0500
Iscove“s Modified Dulbecco“s Medium with 25 mM Hepes, with stab. glutamine, without phenol red   C4272.0500
Iscove“s Modified Dulbecco“s Medium with glutamine, with 20 mM Hepes   C4056.0500
Leibovitz“s L-15 Medium w glutamine, w 2.0g/L NaHCO3   C4360.0500
McCoy“s 5A Medium (Modified) w/o glutamine, w/o phenol red   C4268.0500
McCoy“s 5A Medium (Modified) with glutamine, w/o phenol red   C4269.0500
Medium 199 with Earle“s BSS w/o glutamine, w/o phenol red, with 25 mM Hepes, with 2.2 g/L NaHCO3   C4074.0500
Medium 199 with Earle“s BSS w/o glutamine, with 0.35 g/L NaHCO3   C4070.0500
Medium 199 with Earle“s BSS with glutamine, with 0.35 g/L NaHCO3   C4069.0500
Medium 199 with Hank“s BSS with 15mM Hepes, with 0.35g/L NaHCO3   C4266.0500
MEM Eagle with Earle“s BSS w/o glutamine, w/o Cysteine and Methionine, with 2.2g/L NaHCO3   C4077.0500
MEM Eagle with Earle“s BSS w/o glutamine, w/o NaHCO3   C4081.0500
MEM Eagle with Earle“s BSS w/o glutamine, w/o Phenol Red, with 2.2g/L NaHCO3.   C4331.0500
MEM Eagle with Earle“s BSS w/o glutamine, with 20mM Hepes, w/o NaHCO3   C4082.0500
MEM Eagle with Earle“s BSS with D-Valine, w/o glutamine, with 2.2g/L NaHCO3   C4087.0500
MEM Eagle with Earle“s BSS with glutamine, with 20mM Hepes, with 2.2g/L NaHCO3   C4080.0500
MEM Eagle with Hank“s BSS with glutamine, with 0.60g/L NaCHO3   C4093.0500
RPMI 1640 special, with 20mM Hepes, with stab. glutamine, with 1mM Sodium pyruvate, with NEAAs   C4102.0500
RPMI 1640 special, with glutamine, w/o amino acids   C4109.0500
RPMI 1640 w/o Ca, w/o glutamine, with 2.0g/L NaCHO3   C4111.0500
RPMI 1640 w/o Cystine and Methionine   C4099.0500
RPMI 1640 w/o glucose, w/o glutamine, with 2.0g/L NaHCO3   C4113.0500
RPMI 1640 w/o glutamine, w/o Isoleucine, with 2.2g/L NaHCO3   C4112.0500
RPMI 1640 with glutamine, w/o glucose, with 2.0g/L NaHCO3   C4114.0500
RPMI 1640 with glutamine, w/o Isoleucine, with 2.0g/L NaHCO3   C4112.0500M
RPMI 1640 with stab. glutamine, w/o Phenol red, w/o glucose, with 2.0g/L NaHCO3   C4116.0500
RPMI 1640, with glutamine, with 110mg/L pyruvate, with 2.0g/L NaHCO3   C4110.0500
William“s Medium E w/o glutamine, w/o Glucose   C4317.0500
William“s Medium E w/o glutamine, w/o Glucose, w/o Phenol Red   C4318.0500
William“s Medium E w/o glutamine, w/o Glucose, w/o Sodium pyruvate   C4319.0500
William“s Medium E with stab. Glutamine, w/o Phenol Red   C4316.0500


HCV-NS5b   P2279.9501
HIV-1 p17 Gag (77-85)   P2278.9501
Influenza A matrix protein (58-66)   P2277.9501
Influenza A NP (366-374)   P2276.7005
LCMV GP (33-41)   P2280.7005
MAGE-3 antigen (271-279)   P2282.7005
Melan-A / MART-1 (26-35)   P2281.7005
Ova (257-264)   P2275.7005
Ova (323-339) ISQAVHAAHAEINEAGR   P2283.9501

Mod. Carbohydrates

1,2,3,4,6-Penta-O-acetyl-a-D-mannopyranose   S5088.0025
1,2,3,4,6-Penta-O-acetyl-ß-D-galactopyranose   S5087.0025
1,2,3,4-Di-O-isopropylidene-a-D-galactopyranose Purity: >98% (HPLC)   S5041.0025
1,2,3,5-Tetra-O-acetyl-ß-D-ribofuranose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5107.0025
1,2-O-Isopropylidene-a-D-glucofuranose (min. 98%)   S5059.0100
1,2-O-Isopropylidene-a-D-xylofuranose (min. 98%)   S5061.0010
1,2:3,4-Di-O-isopropylidene-a-D-fucose TLC: one spot   S5035.0005
1,2:3,5-Di-O-isopropylidene-a-D-xylofuranose Purity >98%   S5045.0010
1,2:5,6-Di-O-isopropylidene-D-mannitol   S5043.0025
1,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-ß-D-mannopyranose Purity 99% (HPLC)   S5105.0001
1,4:3,6-Dianhydro-D-mannitol Purity: >99% (HPLC) TLC (one spot)   S5040.0025
1,6-Anhydro-ß-D-galactopyranose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5014.0001
1,6-Anhydro-ß-D-glucopyranose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5015.0005
1,6:3,4-Dianhydro-2-O-tosyl-ß-D-galactopyranose Purity 99% (HPLC)   S5016.0001
1-Amino-1-deoxy-ß-D-galactose TLC: one spot, Purity >96% (HPLC)   S5013.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-1-thio-ß-D-galactopyranose Purity >99.5% (GC-MS)   S5108.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-1-thio-ß-D-glucopyranose Purity >99%   S5109.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-galactopyranosyl bromide Purity 99% (TLC)   S5100.0025
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-glucopyranosyl bromide Purity 99% (TLC)   S5102.0025
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-glucopyranosyl fluoride Purity 99% (HPLC)   S5103.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-mannopyranose Purity 99% (HPLC)   S5106.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-ß-D-galactopyranosyl azide Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5099.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-ß-D-glucopyranosyl azide Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5101.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-ß-D-glucopyranosyl-isothiocyanate Purity >98%   S5104.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-benzyl-a-D-galactopyranose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5110.0001
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-benzyl-a-D-glucopyranose Purity >98% (HPLC)   S5111.0010
2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-benzyl-a-D-mannopyranose Purity >97% (HPLC)   S5112.0001
2,3,4-Tri-O-benzyl-L-fucopyranose > 99% (HPLC)   S5117.0001
2,3:5,6-Di-O-isopropylidene-a-D-mannofuranose Purity: >99% (HPLC)   S5044.0025
2-Acetamido-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-2-deoxy-ß-D-gluco­pyranose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5003.0005
2-Acetamido-2-deoxy-D-galactose   S5120.0001
2-Acetamido-2-deoxy-D-glucose >99.8% (HPLC)   S5000.0250
2-Acetamido-2-deoxy-D-mannose monohydrate (Glc >99.9%)   S5002.0001
2-Acetamido-2-deoxy-ß-D-glucopyranosylamin >95.0% (TLC)   S5001.0001
2-Acetamido-3,4,6-tri-O-acetyl-2-deoxy-a-D-gluco­pyranosyl chlorid Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5005.0005
2-Acetamido-3,4,6-tri-O-acetyl-2-deoxy-ß-D-gluco­pyranosyl azide Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5004.0001
2-Amino-2-deoxy-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-gluco­pyranose HCl Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5006.0001
2-Azido-2-deoxy-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-a,b-D-galacto­pyranose   S5022.0001
2-Azido-2-deoxy-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-galacto­pyranose   S5021.0001
2-Azido-2-deoxy-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-gluco­pyranose   S5023.0001
2-Azido-2-deoxy-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-a-D-manno­pyranose   S5026.0001
2-Azido-2-deoxy-1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-ß-D-gluco­pyranose   S5024.0250
2-Azido-2-deoxy-4-O-(2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-b-D-galactopyranosyl)-1,3,6-tri-O-acetyl-a,b-D-gluco­pyranose   S5025.0001
2-Deoxy-D-erythro-pentose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5036.0001
2-Deoxy-ß-D-galactose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5037.0001
3,4,6-Tri-O-acetyl-D-galactal Purity >97% (HPLC)   S5116.0005
3,4-Di-O-acetyl-L-rhamnal Purity >98% (GC)   S5038.0005
3,4-O-Isopropylidene-D-mannitol (min. 99.0% GLC)   S5060.0005
3,6-Di-O-acetyl-4-O-(2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-ß-D-galactopyranosyl)-D-glucal Purity: >99% (HPLC)   S5039.0005
3-Azido-1-O-dimethyl-t-butylsilyl-2,3,6-trideoxy-ß-L-arabino-hexopyranose   S5019.0000
Allyl 2,3,4-tri-O-benzyl-a-D-glucopyranoside Purity (TLC): one spot   S5012.0001
Allyl 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-a-D-glucopyranoside Purity > 99% (TLC)   S5007.0001
Allyl 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-ß-D-glucopyranoside Purity > 99% (TLC)   S5008.0001
Allyl 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-ß-D-glucopyranoside Purity > 99% (TLC)   S5008.0005
Allyl a-D-galactopyranoside Purity > 99% (TLC)   S5009.0001
Allyl a-D-glucopyranoside Purity > 99% (TLC)   S5010.0001
Allyl ß-D-glucopyranoside Purity > 99% (TLC)   S5011.0001
alpha-Cyclodextrin Purity >98.0%   S5032.0005
Arbutin Purity >98% (HPLC)   S5018.1000
Benzyl 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-a-D-glucopyranoside TLC: one spot Purity > 99% (HPLC)   S5028.0001
Benzyl 2-acetamido-4,6-O-benzylidene--2-deoxy-a-D-glucopyranoside TLC: one spot   S5027.0001
Benzyl a-D-mannopyranoside   S5029.0001
beta-Cyclodextrin Purity > 99.0%   S5033.0025
beta-Lactose-octaacetate (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5065.0005
beta-Maltose octaacetate (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5070.0005
D(+)-Cellobiose   S5030.0010
D-Arabinose Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5017.0100
Lactitol monohydrate (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5062.0005
Methyl 2,3,5-tri-O-benzoyl-a-D-arabinofuranoside   S5085.0005
Methyl 2-azido-2-deoxy-3,4,6-tri-O-acetyl-ß-D-manno­pyranoside   S5075.0001
Methyl 4,6-O-benzylidene-a-D-glucopyranoside   S5077.0005
Methyl 4,6-O-benzylidene-ß-D-galactopyranoside   S5076.0005
Methyl 4,6-O-benzylidene-ß-D-glucopyranoside   S5078.0005
Methyl 6-deoxy-a-L-manno­pyranoside   S5079.0005
Methyl a-D-fucopyranoside Purity (HPLC) >99%   S5080.0001
Methyl a-L-fucopyranoside Purity (HPLC) >99%   S5081.0001
Methyl ß-D-galactopyranoside Purity >99%(HPLC)   S5082.0005
Methyl ß-D-glucopyranoside hemihydrate Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5083.0005
Methyl ß-D-ribopyranoside Purity >99% (HPLC)   S5084.0001
O-(2-Azido-2-deoxy-3,4,6-tri-O-acetyl-ß-D-galacto­pyranosyl)-trichloracetimidat   S5020.0001
Phenyl 2-acetamido-3,4,6-tri-O-acetyl-2-deoxy-a-D-galactopyranoside   S5089.0001
Phenyl-ß-D-galactopyranoside (min. 99.0%)   S5090.0005

Modified Nucleotides

2'-Deoxy-2'-aminouridine   M3451.1000
AZT triphosphate (min. 96%), 100 mM   M3423.0100
Biotin-11-dUTP   M3428.1000
BUdR triphosphate (min. 96%)   M3425.0100
d4T triphosphate (min. 96%)   M3424.0050
Flu-12-dUTP (1 mg/mL)   M3426.0040
Tamra-dUTP (1 mg/mL)   M3427.0040

Modified Proteases

Modified Arginine-C   S5406.0305
Modified Aspartic-N   S5443.0305
Modified Chymotrypsin (Bovine)   S5436.0425
Modified Glutamic-C   S5408.0050
Modified Lysine-C   S5407.0305
Modified Trypsin (Porcine)   S5405.0520

Mod. Enzymes

Calf Intestine Phosphatase (CIP)   M3035.0001
Calf Intestine Phosphatase (CIP) Grade I   M3033.0100
DNase I (EC   M3028.0010
Proteinase K powder (>30U/mg)   M3036.1000
Proteinase K solution (20mg/mL)   M3037.0001
Ribonuclease A (DNAse free)   S5218.0050
Ribonuclease A (RNAse A)   S5231.1000
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase   M3026.0500


Mouse Anti-Human Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (mAHuBDNF)   A1072.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Eotaxin-1 (mAHuEotaxin-1)   A1069.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Eotaxin-2 (mAHuEotaxin-2)   A1070.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor   A1074.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor   A1073.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-1 beta (mAHuIL-1b)   A1049.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-10 (mAHuIL-10)   A1057.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-15 (mAHuIL-15)   A1058.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-1Ra (mAHuIL-1RA)   A1075.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-2 (mAHuIL-2)   A1050.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-2 receptor (mAHuIL-2r)   A1051.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-3 (mAHuIL-3)   A1052.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-4 (mAHuIL-4)   A1053.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-6 (mAHuIL-6)   A1054.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-7 (mAHuIL-7)   A1055.1000
Mouse Anti-Human IL-8 (mAHuIL-8)   A1056.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Interferon-alpha (mAHuIFN-a)   A1065.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Interferon-gamma (mAHuIFN-g)   A1066.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Macrophage Inflammatory-1 alpha (mAHuMIP-1a)   A1061.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Macrophage Inflammatory-3 (mAHuMIP-3)   A1064.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Macrophage/Monocyte Chemotactic & Activating Factor   A1062.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Macrophage/Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 3 / MARC   A1063.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Neurotropin 4 (mAHuNT-4)   A1060.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (mAHuTNF-a)   A1067.1000
Mouse Anti-Human Vascular Endothelial Cell Growth Factor (mAHuVEGF)   A1068.1000
Mouse Anti-Mouse CD8.2   A1079.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse CD11a   A1080.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse CD3   A1076.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse CD4   A1077.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse CD44   A1082.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse CD45   A1081.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse CD8   A1078.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse IL-10 (rAmuIL-10)   A1047.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse IL-12 p40 (rAmuIL-12p40)   A1048.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse IL-2 (rAmuIL-2)   A1045.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse IL-2 receptor (rAmuIL-2R)   A1044.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse IL-4 (rAmuIL-4)   A1046.1000
Rat Anti-Mouse Thy-1   A1083.1000

Multiple Sclerosis

MBP (1-11) human   P2271.9501
MBP (54-72) human   P2272.9501
MOG (183-191) FVIVPVLGP   P2270.9501
MOG (35-55) human   P2266.9501
MOG (35-55) rat/mouse   P2265.9501
MOG (92-106) DEGGYTCFFRDHSYQ   P2267.9501
MOG (97-108) TCFFRDHSYQEE   P2268.9501
PLP (139-151)   P2273.9501
PLP (178-191)   P2274.9501


Co-IDA Agarose for His-tagged proteins   S5370.0010
Co-IDA MagBeads His-tagged protein purification   S5389.0001
Co-NTA MagBeads His-tagged protein purification   S5391.0001
Co-NTA-Agarose for His-tagged proteins   S5356.0010
Empty L-Columns   S5354.0012
Empty S-Columns   S5354.0002
Empty XL-Columns   S5354.0035
IDA/NTA-Agarose Testkit   S5376.3001
Ni-IDA Agarose for His-tagged proteins   S5353.0010
Ni-IDA MagBeads His-tagged protein purification   S5388.0001
Ni-NTA MagBeads His-tagged protein purification   S5390.0001
Ni-NTA-Agarose for His-tagged proteins   S5377.0010
Pre-Packed Co-IDA Agarose columns   S5372.5001
Pre-Packed Ni-IDA Agarose columns   S5373.5001

Non-Ionic Detergents

MEGA-10   S5156.0001
MEGA-8   S5154.0001
MEGA-9   S5155.0001
n-Decyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.0% TLC)   S5133.0001
n-Decyl-ß-maltopyranoside (DM) > 99%   S5147.0001
n-Decyl-ß-maltopyranoside (DM) > 99.5% for crystallography   S5148.0001
n-Dodecyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.0% TLC)   S5134.0001
n-Dodecyl-ß-maltopyranoside (DDM) > 99%   S5150.0001
n-Dodecyl-ß-maltopyranoside (DDM) > 99.5%   S5151.0001
n-Nonyl ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.0% TLC)   S5132.0001
n-Nonyl ß-maltopyranoside (NM) > 99%   S5135.0001
n-Nonyl ß-maltopyranoside (NM) > 99.5%   S5146.0001
n-Octyl 1-thio-ß-D-glucopyranoside   S5153.0001
n-Octyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.0% TLC)   S5130.0001
n-Octyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.5% TLC)   S5131.0001
n-Tridecyl-ß-maltopyranoside (TDM) > 99.5%   S5152.0001
n-Undecyl-ß-maltopyranoside > 99.0%   S5149.0001
n-Undecyl-ß-maltoside > 99.5% for crystallography   S5157.0001
Nonidet(R) P40   M3165.0250
Nonidet(R) P40 - Solution (10 %) peroxide-free   M3166.0025
Polyethyleneglycol 1000   M6060.1000
Polyethyleneglycol 400   M6059.1000
Polyethyleneglycol 4000   M3167.1000
Polyethyleneglycol 6000   M3168.1000
Polyethyleneglycol 8000   M6061.1000
Triton(R) X-100   M3169.0100
Triton(R) X-100 peroxide-free   M3170.0025
Tween(TM) 20   M3171.2500
Tween(TM) 20 - Solution (10 %) peroxide-free   M3172.0050
Tween(TM) 80 - Solution (10 %) peroxide-free   M3174.0025
Tween(TM) 80, tested for use in tissue culture   M3173.1000


cAMP   M3442.0001
dAMP   M3436.0000
dATP Powder, min. 97.0%   M3402.1000
dATP solution   M3018.0020
dCMP   M3437.0000
dCTP Powder, 96.0% to 98.0%   M3401.1000
dCTP solution   M3019.0020
dGMP   M3438.0000
dGTP Powder, min. 97.0%   M3403.1000
dGTP solution   M3020.0020
dNTP-Set (Na-salt) - 100 mM   M3015.4020
dTMP   M3439.0000
dTTP Powder, ca. 99.0%   M3400.1000
dTTP solution   M3021.0020
dUTP Powder, min. 96.0%   M3404.1000
dUTP solution   M3022.5100
ready to use PCR dNTP-Mix (Na-salt) - 10 mM   M3016.1010
ready to use PCR dNTP-Mix (Na-salt) - 2 mM   M3017.1002

PCR - Miscellaneous

B-Enhancer solution   M3041.0005
DNA Loading buffer I   M3308.0020
DNA Loading buffer II   M3321.0020
M-MuLV   M3042.1010
Mineral Oil   M3024.0810
Oligo dT20   M3039.0150
Random-Primer N6   M3038.0125
RNase Inhibitor   M3034.0500
Tth Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Thermostable   M3013.0250
Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG)   M3096.0200

PCR Buffers

10X PCR Buffer E complete   M3456.0015
10X PCR Buffer E incomplete   M3455.0015
10X PCR Buffer S complete   M3454.0015
10X PCR Buffer S incomplete   M3453.0015
custom made 10X PCR Buffer   M3373.4250

PCR Kits - Mastermixes

BluePfunds MasterMix (2X) proof-reading PCR   M3032.0100
LongMax PCR Kit (up to 20kb)   M3000.2500
PCR Mastermix (2X)   M3014.0100
RedTaqMastermix(2X)   M3029.0100
SuperHot Mastermix (2-times)   M3007.0100
SuperHot Mastermix Blue (2-times)   M3007b.0100
Taq-E PCR Kit with dNTPs   M3327.1000
Taq-S PCR Kit with dNTPs   M3313.1000

PCR Tubes / PCR Plates

96-well PCR plates - non-skirted - coded   I2004.0025
96-well PCR plates - semi-skirted - coded   I2031.0025
96-well PCR plates, semi skirted, white   I2017.0025
96-well semi-skirted LC480 PCR plates   I2249.0050
Clear low-profile PCR plates - fully-skirted - coded   I2010.0025
Domed 8 cap sealing strip.   I2011.0302
Flat 8 cap sealing strip.   I2011.0301
FrameStar® 384 fully skirted, clear wells   I2253.0050
FrameStar® 384 PCR plates - white wells   I2257.0050
FrameStar® 480/384 for Roche LightCycler® 480   I2206.0050
FrameStar® 480/384 for Roche LightCycler® 480 - White   I2206.0200
FrameStar® 480/384 for Roche LightCycler® 480 - white wells   I2208.0050
FrameStar® 480/96 for Roche LightCycler® 480   I2205.0050
FrameStar® 480/96 for Roche LightCycler® 480 - white wells   I2207.0050
FrameStar® 96 low profile fully-skirted (cut corner H1) - clear wells, clear frame   I2261.0050
FrameStar® 96 non-skirted (cut corner H1) - clear wells, coloured frame   I2259.0050
FrameStar® 96 non-skirted (cut corner H1) - white wells, black frame   I2258.0050
FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner A12)   I2251.0050
FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner A12) - clear   I2256.0050
FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner A12) - purple   I2255.0050
FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner A12) - white wells   I2252.0050
FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner H1)   I2254.0050
FrameStar® 96 semi-skirted (cut corner H1) - white wells, clear frame   I2260.0050
FrameStar® FastPlate 96 (for ABi fast block)   I2209.0050
FrameStar® FastPlate 96 (for ABi fast block), white wells   I2247.0050
PCR reaction tubes (single tube, domed cap), 0.2 mL   I2221.1012
PCR reaction tubes (single tube, flat cap), 0.2 mL   I2221.1002
PCR reaction tubes (single tube, flat cap), 0.5 mL   I2221.1005
qPCR adhesive plate seals   I2248.0100
Sealing film for PCR plates.   I2012.0100
White low-profile PCR plates - fully-skirted - coded   I2016.0025

Peptide Synthesis

C-terminal Biotin modification of peptide   P2130.C000
C-terminal Fluorescein modification of peptide   P2131.C000
Cyclisation of peptide   P2132.C000
High grade peptide (10 mg, min. 70% pure)   P2122.7010
High grade peptide (10 mg, min. 80% pure)   P2122.8010
High grade peptide (10 mg, min. 95% pure)   P2122.9510
High grade peptide (2 mg, min. 70% pure)   P2122.7002
High grade peptide (2 mg, min. 80% pure)   P2122.8002
High grade peptide (2 mg, min. 95% pure)   P2122.9502
High grade peptide (20 mg, min. 70% pure)   P2122.7020
High grade peptide (20 mg, min. 80% pure)   P2122.8020
High grade peptide (20 mg, min. 95% pure)   P2122.9520
High grade peptide (5 mg, min. 70% pure)   P2122.7005
High grade peptide (5 mg, min. 80% pure)   P2122.8005
High grade peptide (5 mg, min. 95% pure)   P2122.9505
Immunograde peptide (10 mg, min. 55% pure)   P2122.5510
Immunograde peptide (2 mg, min. 55% pure)   P2122.5502
Immunograde peptide (20 mg, min. 55% pure)   P2122.5520
Immunograde peptide (5 mg, min. 55% pure)   P2122.5505
Isotope labelling of peptide   P2142.I000
N-terminal Biotin modification of peptide   P2130.N000
N-terminal Fluorescein modification of peptide   P2131.N000
Peptide Antigen   P2096.0000
Peptide synthesis for screening   P2119.0500
Peptide synthesis for screening (TIP method)   P2091.1030
Protein Antigen   P2097.0000
Serin-phosphorylation at peptide   P2133.P000
Serin-sulfurylation at peptide   P2136.S000
Threonin-phosphorylation at peptide   P2135.P000
Threonin-sulfurylation at peptide   P2138.S000
Tyrosin-phosphorylation at peptide   P2134.P000
Tyrosin-sulfurylation at peptide   P2137.S000

Peptone / Yeast extract

Malt Extract Agar Microbiology Grade   M3215.5000
Peptone from casein (acid hydrolysate)   M3296.0250
Peptone from casein (enzymatic digest)   M3297.0250
Peptone from casein (pancreatic digest)   M3298.0250
Peptone from meat (pepsic digest)   M3301.0100
Peptone from Soybean (enzymatic digest)   M3302.1000
Peptone from Wheat (enzymatic digest)   M3304.0250
Supplement for Malt Extract Agar   M3216.0100
Yeast extract Molbio Grade   M3303.1000


5-TAMRA-phosphoramidite   S5432.0100
6-Carboxyfluorescein-Piv2   S5431.0100
6-TAMRA-phosphoramidite   S5433.0100
Dabcyl-3’-phosphoramidite   S5404.0050
Dabcyl-5’-phosphoramidite   S5403.0050
Ethylhexonate-6-O-(N,N-diisopropyl)-ß-cyanoethyl-phosphoramidite   S5400.0025
Guanosine-5'-thiophosphate   S5402.0025

Pipet Tips

0.1 - 10µL pipet tips (non-sterile)   I2224.2000
0.1 - 10µL pipet tips (sterile)   I2225.0960
0.1 - 20µL pipet tips (sterile)   I2227.0960
0.5 - 10µL pipet tips (non-sterile)   I2226.2000
1 - 200µL pipet tips (non-sterile). Natural coloured   I2228.2000
1 - 200µL pipet tips (non-sterile). Yellow coloured.   I2230.2000
1 - 200µL pipet tips (sterile). Natural coloured.   I2229.0960
100 - 1000µL pipet tips (non-sterile). Blue coloured.   I2234.1000
100 - 1000µL pipet tips (non-sterile). Natural coloured.   I2232.1000
100 - 1000µL pipet tips (sterile). Natural coloured.   I2233.0960


Rabbit anti-HGH antibody   RF0014-1
Rabbit anti-human Activin A antibody   RF0016-1
Rabbit anti-human BMP-7 antibody   RF0017-1
Rabbit anti-human Interferon a-2a antibody   RF0013-1
Rabbit anti-human LXR-ß antibody   RF0020-1
Rabbit anti-human Myostatin antibody   RF0022-1
Rabbit anti-human TFPI-2 antibody   RF0012-1
Rabbit anti-human TGF-ß2 antibody   RF0015-1
Rabbit anti-human TGF-ß3 antibody   RF0018-1


Calpain Inhibitor I   S5305.0010
Calpain Inhibitor II   S5306.0010
Clasto-Lactacystin beta-lactone   S5307.0200
Epoxomicin   S5308.0050
Lactacystein, min. 95%   S5313.0001
MG-132, min. 95.0%   S5316.0001
Proteasome Inhibitor I   S5330.0005
Proteasome Inhibitor II   S5331.0005
Proteasome Inhibitor MG-115   S5315.0001
Proteasome Inhibitor MG-262   S5335.1000

Protein Labelling

N-terminal biotinylation of Protein (10 mg)   P2040.0010
N-terminal biotinylation of Protein (5 mg)   P2040.0005

Protein Purification

Affinity Peptide Purification   P2021.0001
Affinity Protein Purification (1 L flask)   P2021.1000
Affinity Protein Purification (fermentor)   P2021.5000
Protein purification by IEF electrophoresis (12 cm)   P2045.0012
Protein purification by IEF electrophoresis (25 cm)   P2045.0025
Protein purification by SDS-gel electrophoresis   P2057.0000
Protein-A Peptide Purification   P2021.0002

Protein Purification Kits

CentriPure P100 columns for protein purification   CP-0119-1
CentriPure P2 columns for protein purification   CP-0110-2
CentriPure P50 columns for protein purification   CP-0113-1
CentriPure Z25 Mini Spin columns   CP-0205-4
Glutathione Agarose   S5382.0010
Glutathione MagBeads   S5392.0001
Immunosorb A / Protein A resin   S5350.0005
Rho1D4 Agarose   S5384.0001
Rho1D4 Antibody   S5387.0200
Rho1D4 MagBeads   S5394.0001
Rho1D4 Peptide   S5385.0005
RhoStarterset   S5386.0001

Protein Sequencing

2D Gel electrophoresis (14 x 20cm gel)   P2055.0001
2D Gel electrophoresis (40 x 35cm gel)   P2055.0002
Automated Edman degradation of protein.   P2047.0000
Chemical or enzymatic cleavage in solution   P2049.0000
Fractionation of peptides by HPLC   P2051.0000
Insuffient sample   P2053.0000
Proteinidentification by ESI-MS/MS   P2141.0000
Proteolytic cleavage   P2050.0000
SDS-Gel electrophoresis   P2054.0000
Subsequent Degradation steps   P2048.0000


Tube-stand LS-10   I2109.0010
Tube-stand LS-48   I2110.0048
Tube-stand LS-6   I2109.0006
Tube-stand LS-96   I2110.0096

Reaction Tubes

Reaction tube (0.5mL)   I2220.1005
Reaction tube (1.5mL)   I2220.1015
Reaction tube (2.0mL).   I2220.1020
Screw Cap Micro Tubes (0.5mL)   I2020.0500
Screw Cap Micro Tubes (1.5mL)   I2021.0500
Screw Cap Micro Tubes (2.0mL)   I2022.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (Blue)   I2025.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (Green)   I2024.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (mixed colours)   I2023.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (Orange)   I2027.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (Red)   I2026.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (Transparent)   I2028.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (Violet)   I2029.0500
Screw caps with O-ring (Yellow)   I2033.0500

Ready-to-Use Buffers

10X Phosphate buffered saline powder (pH7.4)   D2016.1005
10X Tris buffered saline (pH8.0)   D2027.1010
10X Tris-Borate-EDTA buffer (pH8.3)   D2030.1010
10X Tris-EDTA buffer (pH7.4)   D2031.1010
50X Tris-Acetate-EDTA buffer (pH8.3 - 1L)   D2029.1005
50X Tris-Acetate-EDTA buffer (pH8.3 - 500mL)   D2029.0505
5X Tris-Borate-EDTA buffer (pH8.3)   D2030.1005
Borate buffered saline tablets (pH8.2)   D2007.0100
Buffered sodium citrate (3.2% - 0.109M)   D2039.1005
Carbonate-Bicarbonate buffer tablets (pH9.6)   D2008.0008
D(+)Glucose 20%   D2012.0005
EDTA buffer (p8.0; 500mL)   D2013.0505
EDTA buffer (pH8.0; 1L)   D2013.1005
HiResolve buffer (10-time)   M3083.1010
HiResolve buffer (20-time)   M3083.5020
IMAC elution buffer   D2044.0010
IMAC phosphate buffer   D2043.0010
Mg2SO4 (1M)   D2015.1005
MgCl2 (1M)   D2014.1005
PBS tablets (pH7.2 - 1L)   D2034.0100
PBS tablets (pH7.4) with Tween 20 (100mL)   D2003.0012
PBS tablets (pH7.4) with Tween 20 (1L)   D2004.0010
PBS tablets (pH7.4) with Tween 20 (500mL)   D2003.0100
PBS tablets w/o potassium (pH7.4 - 1L - 0.01M)   D2033.0010
PBS tablets w/o potassium (pH7.4 - 1L - 0.02M)   D2033.2100
Phosphate buffered saline powder (pH7.4 - 100L)   D2017.1100
Phosphate buffered saline powder (pH7.4 - 10L)   D2017.1010
Phosphate buffered saline powder (pH7.4 - 25L)   D2017.1025
Phosphate buffered saline powder (pH7.4 - 50L)   D2017.1050
Phosphate buffered saline tablets (pH7.4 - 100mL)   D2000.0100
Phosphate buffered saline tablets (pH7.4 - 1L)   D2002.0010
Phosphate buffered saline tablets (pH7.4 - 500mL)   D2001.0012
Potassium chloride (1M)   D2019.1001
Potassium chloride (3M)   D2019.1003
Saline sodium citrate buffer (20X - pH7.0)   D2020.0005
Saline sodium citrate buffer (2X - pH7.0)   D2020.2005
Sodium acetate buffer (pH5.2)   D2021.1052
Sodium acetate buffer (pH7.0)   D2021.1070
Sodium chloride powder (3M)   D2022.1003
Sodium chloride powder (5M)   D2022.1005
Sodium chloride tablets (100mL)   D2005.0100
Sodium chloride tablets (1L)   D2006.0010
Sodium dodecyl sulfate (10%)   D2023.1010
Sodium dodecyl sulfate (20%)   D2023.1020
Sodium dodecyl sulfate tablets   D2036.0050
Sodium phosphate buffer (pH6.5 - 0.1M)   D2042.1065
Sodium phosphate buffer (pH6.5 - 1M)   D2025.1065
Sodium phosphate buffer (pH7.0 - 0.02M)   D2041.1070
Sodium phosphate buffer (pH7.0 - 0.1M)   D2042.1070
Sodium phosphate buffer (pH7.2 - 1M)   D2025.1072
Sodium phosphate buffer (pH7.4 - 0.1M)   D2042.1074
TAE buffer (10X) ready-to-use solution   M3085.1000
TAE buffer (50X) ready-to-use solution   M3087.1000
TBE buffer (10X) ready-to-use solution (MB-Grade)   M3088.1000
TBE buffer (10X) ready-to-use solution in Cubitainer   M3142.5000
TBE buffer (10X) ready-to-use solution in PE-bottle   M3206.1000
TBE buffer (5X) ready-to-use solution (MB-Grade)   M3407.1000
TBE buffer (5X) ready-to-use solution in Cubitainer   M3406.5000
TBE buffer (5X) ready-to-use solution in PE-bottle   M3405.1000
TBS pH7.6   D2037.0010
TBS with Phenol Red   M3086.0500
TBS with Tween®20, pH7.6   D2038.0010
TE buffer (100X)   M3095.1000
TE buffer (100X) Molecular Biology grade   M3090.1000
TE buffer (1X)   M3098.1000
TE buffer (1X) Molecular Biology grade   M3091.1000
Tris buffer (pH7.4)   D2026.1074
Tris buffer (pH8.0)   D2026.1080
Tris buffer (pH8.3)   D2026.1083
Tris buffered saline (pH8.0)   D2028.1001
Tris-Borate-EDTA buffer (pH8.3)   D2030.1001
Tris-Glycin Buffer (10X)   M3161.1000
Tris-Glycin Buffer (1X)   M3163.1000
Tris-Glycin Buffer (5X)   M3162.1000
Tris-Glycine buffer (pH8.3 - 1L)   D2032.1010
Tris-Glycine buffer (pH8.3 - 5L)   D2032.5010
Urea 5M   D2035.5005
Urea 8M   D2035.8005

PAF-AH (PLA2G7)   S5233.1000
rAminopeptidase   S5158.0100
rATP-sulfurylase   S5160.0010
rbEnterokinase   S5171.0020
rDMGO   S5169.1000
rDsbA   S5167.1000
rDsbC   S5168.1000
rec. beta-Lactamase   S5161.0001
rhHMTase   S5176.1000
rhTPO   S5327.1000
rHuACAD8   S5265.1000
rHuACAT2   S5266.1000
rHuACY1   S5267.1000
rHuADAT1   S5268.1000
rHuALAT   S5269.0001
rHuAMD1   S5270.1000
rHuAPC   S5159.1000
rhUbC10   S5343.1000
rhUbC12   S5344.1000
rhUbC3   S5338.1000
rhUbC7   S5339.1000
rhUbC9   S5342.1000
rHuBHMT   S5162.1000
rHuCAIII   S5163.1000
rHuCDC34   S5164.1000
rHuCyclophilin-B   S5165.1000
rHuDNase   S5166.2000
rHuEnterokinase   S5172.0020
rHuFTCD   S5198.1000
rHuGPBB   S5174.1000
rHuHPA1   S5175.0100
rHuHTRA2   S5178.1000
rHuJO-1   S5196.1000
rHuLKM-1   S5200.1000
rHuMMP-13   S5207.0001
rHuMMP-3   S5206.1000
rHuMMP-7   S5204.1000
rHuMMP-8   S5227.0001
rHuMPO   S5210.0002
rHuNGAL   S5209.1000
rHuNSE   S5211.1000
rHuPAI1   S5363.1000
rHuPDI   S5291.1000
rHuPIN-1   S5319.1000
rHuPL-12   S5294.1000
rHuPL-7   S5293.1000
rHuPLA2 IB   S5296.1000
rHuPLA2 IIA   S5295.1000
rHuPLA2 IID   S5297.1000
rHuPLA2 IIE   S5298.1000
rHuPLA2 V   S5299.1000
rHuPLA2 X   S5312.1000
rHuPLA2 XII   S5318.1000
rHuPLAP   S5292.0002
rHuPON1   S5364.1000
rHuPON2   S5215.1000
rHuSTAT-1   S5351.1000
rHuSTAT-3   S5352.0002
rHut-TG   S5328.1000
rHuTOP1   S5322.1000
rHuTOPO IIb   S5325.0002
rHutPA   S5326.1000
rHuTYR   S5329.0002
rHuUbC7   S5340.1000
rHuUbc9   S5341.1000
rHuUBE2B   S5345.1000
rHuUBE2D3   S5346.1000
riCDH   S5179.0001
rLDH   S5199.0001
rLysostaphin   S5201.0001
rMDH   S5202.1000
rMMLV-RT   S5203.2500
rProMMP-7   S5205.1000
rStaphylokinase   S5321.1000
rStreptokinase   S5323.0015
rTrxR   S5349.1000
rUOX   S5348.1000

Ceramic beads   S5310.0100
Total RNA Purification Mini Spin Kit   S5304.0025
Total RNA Purification Mini Spin Kit PLUS   S5309.0025


Alfatex Blau   M6147.10xx
Alfatex Blau 30   M6148.10xx
Alfatex Natur   M6146.10xx
Baumwoll Strickhandschuh.   M6149.100L
Blossom Aloe Vera Nitril   M6140.10xx
Blossom Latex Aloe Vera Plus   M6138.10xx
Face Mask   M6166.1000
Gummihandschuh   M6150.100L
Latex Superior with mint   M6139.10xx
Peha-Soft Latex   M6155.10xx
Peha-Soft Nitril   M6145.10xx
Pretex Vinyl Natur   M6154.10xx
Pretex Vinyl Transparent   M6141.10xx
Prima Duo   M6142.005S
Prima Plus Blau   M6143.10xx
Prima Plus Natur   M6144.10xx
Protective Mask Kim (FPP1)   M6165.0201
Protective Mask Kim (FPP2)   M6165.0202
Protective Mask Kim (FPP3)   M6165.0203
Protective Mask Rob (FFP1)   M6161.0101
Protective Mask Rob (FFP2)   M6161.0102
Protective Mask Rob (FFP3)   M6161.0103
Sterile CoPolymer Einmalhandschuhe   M6381.12xx
Sterile Untersuchungshandschuhe (rechts/links)   M6379.30xx


Adenosine   M3222.0005
Ammonium chloride p.A. BioChemica   M6018.0500
Ammonium sulfate Molecular biology grade   M3271.1000
Ammonium sulfate p.A.   M3272.1000
ATP   M3214.0010
Calcium chloride hexahydrate   M6368.1000
Cetylpyridiniumbromide   M6363.0100
Cetylpyridiniumchloride - Monohydrate   M6364.0100
Cytosine   M3201.0005
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate (min. 99.0%)   M6027.1000
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate (min. 99.0%)   M6026.1000
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, BioChemica   M6025.1000
DTE, molecular biology grade   M3277.0005
DTT, BioChemica   M6031.0005
DTT, Molecular biology grade   M3278.0005
Guanidine hydrochloride, BioChemica   M6046.1000
Guanidine hydrochloride, Molecular biology grade   M3281.1000
Guanidine hydrochloride, pure   M6032.0001
Guanidine hydrochloride, ultrapure   M6047.1000
Lithium acetate dihydrate (min. 99%)   M6367.1000
Lithium chloride p.A.   M3282.0100
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate   M3284.0250
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate p.A.   M3283.1000
Potassium acetate analytical grade   M6062.1000
Potassium chloride Molecular biology grade   M6063.1000
Potassium chloride, analytical grade   M6064.1000
Potassium chloride, cell culture grade   M6052.1000
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate Molecular biology grade   M6065.1000
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, analytical grade   M6066.1000
Potassium sulfate, p.A.   M6067.1000
Salicylic acid sodium salt, p.A.   M6382.1000
Sodium azide pure   M6071.0050
Sodium carbonate anhydrous, p.A.   M6072.1000
Sodium carbonate decahydrate p.A.   M6369.1000
Sodium chloride Molecular biology grade   M6073.1000
Sodium chloride p.A.   M6074.1000
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate (min. 99.0%)   M6024.1000
Sodium gluconate   M6214.1000
Sodium hydroxide Pellets (p.a.)   M6366.1000
Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate (p.A.)   M6372.0025
Sodium sulfate, anhydrous (min. 99.0%)   M6371.1000
Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate (p.A.)   M6373.1000
Uracil   M3213.0025

Serological Pipets

Disposable serological pipet (10mL).   I2218.0800
Disposable serological pipet (1mL).   I2215.1000
Disposable serological pipet (25mL).   I2219.0600
Disposable serological pipet (2mL).   I2216.1000
Disposable serological pipet (5mL).   I2217.1000
Pasteur pipets (3mL)   I2213.1000


Aerobactin (Fe-free)   S4019.0001
Albomycin (HPLC pure)   S4044.0001
Bacillibactin   S4074.0001
Coprogen   S4002.0001
Desferri-Arthrobactin   S4018.0001
Desferrichrome   S4025.0001
Desferrichrome A   S4026.0001
Desferrichrysin   S4058.0001
Desferricoprogen   S4020.0001
Desferricrocin   S4027.0001
Desferrifusigen   S4021.0001
Desferriornibactin C6   S4031.0001
Desferriornibactins (C4, C6, C8)   S4030.0001
Desferrioxamine E   S4022.0001
Desferrioxamine G   S4023.0001
Desferrirhodin   S4028.0001
Desferrirubin   S4029.0001
Desferritriacetylfusarinine C   S4034.0001
DHBS monomer (Fe-free)   S4041.0001
Enterobactin (Fe-form)   S4035.0001
Enterobactin (Fe-free)   S4038.0001
Fe-Aerobactin   S4001.0001
Fe-Arthrobactin   S4000.0001
Fe-Bacillibactin   S4073.0001
Fe-Carboxymycobactins   S4072.0001
Fe-Rhizoferrin   S4015.0001
Fe-Rhodotorulic acid   S4006.0001
Fe-Salmochelin S4   S4036.0001
Fe-Schizokinen   S4016.0001
Fe-Vibriobactin   S4060.0001
Fe-Yersiniabactin   S4037.0001
Ferrichrome   S4007.0001
Ferrichrome A   S4008.0001
Ferrichrysin   S4009.0001
Ferricrocin   S4010.0001
Ferrioxamine E   S4004.0001
Ferrioxamine G   S4005.0001
Ferrirhodin   S4011.0001
Ferrirubin   S4012.0001
Fusigen   S4003.0001
HPLC-Cal. Kit Coprogens   S4049.0001
HPLC-Cal. Kit Enterobactin   S4045.0001
HPLC-Cal. Kit Ferrichromes   S4048.0001
HPLC-Cal. Kit Ferrioxamines   S4047.0001
HPLC-Cal. Kit Salmochelins   S4046.0001
Linear Dimer (Fe-free)   S4040.0001
Linear Trimer (Fe-free)   S4039.0001
Neocoprogen I   S4017.0001
Neocoprogen II   S4070.0001
Ornibactin (mixture)   S4013.0001
Ornibactin C6   S4014.0001
Pyoverdine P. aeruginosa   S4064.0001
Pyoverdine P. aeruginosa (Fe-free)   S4052.0001
Pyoverdine P. fluorescens   S4062.0001
Pyoverdine P. fluorescens (Fe-free)   S4050.0001
Pyoverdine P. protegens Pf5 (Fe-free)   S4071.0001
Pyoverdine P. putida   S4067.0001
Pyoverdine P. putida (Fe-free)   S4055.0001
Pyoverdine P. tolaasii   S4069.0001
Pyoverdine P. tolaasii (Fe-free)   S4057.0001
Rhizoferrin (Fe-free)   S4032.0001
Rhodotorulic acid (Fe-free)   S4024.0001
Salmochelin S4 (Fe-free)   S4042.0001
Schizokinen (Fe-free)   S4033.0001
Triacetylfusarinine C   S4061.0001
Vibriobactin (Fe-free)   S4059.0001
Yersiniabactin (Fe-free)   S4043.0001


2-Propanol Molbio grade   M6338.1000
2-Propanol p.A. (min. 99.0% GC)   M6337.1000
Acetic Acid (96%)   M6334.1000
Diethylene glycol   M6023.1000
DMF, Molecular biology grade (min. 99.5% GC)   M6321.1000
DMF, p. A., (min. 99.5% GC)   M6322.1000
DMSO, Cell culture grade   M6323.0100
DMSO, Molecular biology grade   M6324.1000
DMSO, p. A.   M6325.1000
Ethanol 70 % BioChemica, denatured with ketones   M6326.2500
Ethanol 70 % p.A.   M6352.1000
Ethanol 96%, p.A.   M6353.1000
Ethanol absolute, BioChemica   M6341.1000
Ethanol HPLC grade   M6350.1000
Ethylene glycol Biochemica   M6028.1000
Ethylene glycol pure   M6029.1000
Glycerol 87 % Molecular biology grade   M6043.1000
Glycerol 87 % p.A.   M6044.1000
Glycerol anhydrous Molecular biology grade   M3097.1000
Glycerol anhydrous p.A.   M3268.1000
Immersion oil   M6335.0050
Isoamyl alcohol p.a. BioChemica   M6331.1000
Methanol dried, p.A. (min. 99.8% GC)   M6332.1000
Methanol HPLC-grade (min. 99.9% GC)   M6346.1000
Methanol p.A. (min. 99.8% GC)   M6333.1000


2-Nitrophenyl-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-a-D-galactopyranoside (min. 99.0% HPLC)   M6255.0050
3,3'-Diaminobenzidine tetrahydrochloride   M3212.0001
3,3'5,5'-Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB)   M3158.0005
4-Chloro-1-Naphthol (min. 99.0% HPLC)   M3338.0005
4-Nitrophenyl a-D-manopyranoside Purity >99%   M6251.0005
4-Nitrophenyl a-L-fucopyranoside Purity >99%   M6250.1000
4-Nitrophenyl b-D-xylopyranoside Purity >99%   M6252.0001
4-Nitrophenyl-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-a-D-galactopyranoside (min. 99.0% HPLC)   M6254.0050
4-Nitrophenyl-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-b-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.0% HPLC)   M6256.0001
Acetyl-Coenzym A   M3210.0010
BCIP, molecular biology grade,   M3196.0001
Collagenase Substrate   S5437.0100
Fluorescein-dilaurate   M6253.0005
HighPure IPTG, dioxan free, (min. 99.5%).   M3197.0005
IPTG, dioxan free, molecular biology grade   M3198.0010
Luminol (min. 95%)   M3160.0005
NAD   M6055.0001
NADH Na-salt   M6056.0001
NADP Na-salt   M6057.0001
NADPH Na4-salt, min. 96%   M6058.0001
Naphthol-AS-BI-phosphate   M3202.0001
Naphthol-AS-D-chloroacetate   M3223.0250
Nitro Blue Tetrazolium Chloride, Molecular Biology grade   M3203.0001
p-Nitrophenylphosphate (20mg)   D2011.0024
p-Nitrophenylphosphate (5mg)   D2010.0024
PEP-K / Phospho(enol)pyruvic acid monopotassium salt   M6259.0001
Proteasome Substrate I (fluorogenic), min. 95%   S5332.0005
Proteasome Substrate II (fluorogenic), min. 95%   S5333.0001
Proteasome Substrate III (fluorogenic), min. 95%   S5334.0005
ready-to-use IPTG solution   M3198.1001
Rose-Gal - Red-Gal molecular biology grade   M3325.0100
Thiazolyl Blue Tetrazolium Bromide   M3195.0001
TMB ready-to-use solution   M3159.1000
X-alpha Gal   M3220.0001
X-Gal, Molecular biology grade (min. 99.0%)   M3204.0001
X-Glu, molecular biology grade   M3205.0050

Sugar Phosphates

a-D-Galactopyranose-phosphate di-potassium salt dihydrate (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5193.0001
a-D-Glucopyranose-phosphate di-potassium salt dihydrate (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5194.0005
a-D-Mannopyranose-phosphate di-potassium salt dihydrate (min. 99.0% HPLC)   S5195.0001


2-Deoxythymidine   C4309.0005
200 mM L-glutamin (100 X)   C4281.0100
Cleaning solution   M6080.0250
Coloured Gelatine   C4347.0750
FBS dialyzed EU approved   C4357.0100
FBS US origin   C4358.0100
Gelatine powder   C4339.5000
GenaxSera ES - EU   C4363.0100
GenaxSera ES - US   C4364.0100
SerumPlus EU   C4361.0100
SerumPlus US   C4362.0100
stable Glutamine   C4298.0010
Stable L-glutamin, 200 mM (100 X)   C4282.0050
Stable L-glutamin, 200 mM (100 X)   C4282.0100
Sterile DEPC Water   M6082.1000
Sterile water for cell culture   M6081.1000
Sterile water for cell culture in plastik bag with tap   M6081.1002
Water for DNA Analysis   M6343.1000
Water for HPLC Chromatography   M6342.2500

Tissue Culture

Cell culture flask (Filter)   I2235.0036F
Cell culture flask (Vent)   I2235.0036V
Cell scrapers (24 cm)   I2210.0100
Cell scrapers (30 cm)   I2211.0100
PS Petri Dishes (d = 55mm) with vent   I2242.1620
PS Petri Dishes (d = 92 mm)   I2243.0480
Sterile cell culture petri dishes (d = 100 mm)   I2246.0240
Sterile cell culture petri dishes (D = 40mm; H = 11mm)   I2244.0900
Sterile cell culture petri dishes (d = 60 mm)   I2245.0840
Tissue culture flask (Filter)   I2214.0360F
Tissue culture flask (Vent)   I2214.0360V


ScreenFect A Transfection reagent   M3053.0002
ScreenFect siRNA Transfection reagent   M3050.0002

Tumor Marker Antibodies

Anti Clathrin Antigen   A1043.5100
Biotin labelled mouse anti-Cyclin D1 (human, rat, mouse)   A1009.0100
Mouse anti -Cyclin D3 (human, mouse, rat, monkey)   A1021.0100
Mouse anti Chromogranin A (human)   A1027.0100
Mouse anti Chromogranin A (human). Biotin labelled.   A1037.0200
Mouse anti Chromogranin A (human). Without BSA and NaN3.   A1036.0200
Mouse anti Type VII Collagen   A1034.0200
Mouse Anti-ACTH Monoclonal Antibody C terminal Reactive.   A1001.1000
Mouse Anti-ACTH Monoclonal Antibody N terminal Reactive   A1002.1000
Mouse Anti-Bromodeoxyuridine FITC conjugated with evans blue.   A1005.0100
Mouse Anti-Bromodeoxyuridine mAB   A1003.0100
Mouse anti-Clathrin Heavy Chain monoclonal antibody   A1031.0050
Mouse anti-Collagen type IV   A1032.1000
Mouse anti-Cyclin B1 (human).   A1024.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin B1 (human). FITC labelled.   A1025.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D1 (human)   A1011.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D1 (human). FITC labelled.   A1012.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D1 (human, mouse) IgM   A1014.0050
Mouse anti-Cyclin D1 (human, rat, mouse)   A1007.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D2 (human)   A1015.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D2 (human). FITC labeled.   A1016.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D2 (human, mouse)   A1018.5000
Mouse anti-Cyclin D2 (human, mouse, rat)   A1017.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D3 (human)   A1019.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D3 (human). FITC labeled.   A1020.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin D3 (human, mouse, rat, monkey)   A1021.5000
Mouse anti-Cyclin DX (human) D1/D2/D3 common epitope   A1022.0100
Mouse anti-Cyclin DX (human) D1/D2/D3 common epitope FITC labelled.   A1023.0100
Mouse Anti-FITC Bromodeoxyuridine Monoclonal Antibody   A1004.0100
Polyclonal Antibody to Collagen Type IV   A1033.0250
Rabbit anti-CEA antibody   A1026.1000