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Aminosäureanalyse (ohne Totalhydrolyse)


Hersteller Genaxxon bioscience

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Produktinformationen "Aminosäureanalyse (ohne Totalhydrolyse)"

The amino acid analysis service encloses the total hydrolyis of a given sample, the chemical derivatisation of the free amino acids (either produced by the acid hydrolysis or of already free amino acids), the separation of the derivatised amino acids by reversed phase HPLC and subsequent interpretation of the result. Pure samples are required. The presence of salts, buffers, or detergents are deleterious. Amines (primary or secondary) will react with the carbamate, adversely affecting results. While salts, especially strong buffer substances can alter the pH of the sample causing the hydrolysis/derivitisation to be incomplete or simply fail. Additionally, significant levels of glycerol or carbohydrates are problematic - the glycerol is nonvolatile and attracts moisture (acid) and carbohydrates char, decomposing to ash taking the sample with them. Complete digestion of protein/peptide and amino acid analysis of the digest. For analysis we do need 25µg to 100µg (500pmol to 2nmol) protein, based on an average molecular weight of 25,000 Da. For peptides, the requirement is much smaller - 5µg to 20µg (5nmol to 25nmol).


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