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Rho1D4 Starterset

Rho1D4 Starterset

Hersteller Genaxxon bioscience

Artikel-Nr.: S5386.0001

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Produktinformationen "Rho1D4 Starterset"

Set of Rho1D4 agarose plus the Rho1D4 peptide for elution. Proteins tagged with the epitope sequence of the Rho1D4 antibody can be purified with this affinity matrix. Rho1D4 peptide in the Elution Buffer serves to competitively bind to the affinity resin and release the tagged protein, providing gentler elution conditions than, for example, changing pH. Genaxon bioscience offers conveniently aliquoted Rho1D4 peptide that has been tested with Rho1D4 Agarose. Based on BioWorks Workbeads, this product is the first commercially available immunoaffinity resin for the Rho1D4 purification system.

- demonstrably suitable for membrane protein research
- binding capacity of 3-4mg protein per mL resin
- purifies protein with high specificity
- gentle protein elution based on competitive binding
- can be regenerated for reuse.

Genaxxon resins are produced under strict quality guidelines and each batch undergoes quality checks to ensure that the loaded matrix has a high protein capacity. Combined with the specificity of the antibody-epitope interaction, a purification protocol optimized for the target protein can generate elution fractions with exceptionally high yields. This set offers both the Rho1D4 agarose plus the Rho1D4 peptide for elution.


Technische Daten:

2mL Rho1D4 Agarose (50% suspension resulting in 1mL gel bed) + 5mg Rho1D4 peptide



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eclass-Nr: 34-16-04

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