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Transfection reagent for the CRISPR/Cas9 mediated gene editing.

Genaxxon provides specifically for the CRISPR/Cas9 cloning an optimized transfection protocol for our GenaxxoFect transfection reagent which enables a fast, simple and efficient cloning of HEK cells. In addition, our customers can also purchase the Cas9 protein from Genaxxon. In our blog about the CRISPR/Cas9 topic you can find more information.

More highlights of Genaxxon: Green- qPCR Master Mixes respectively the Probe qPCR Master Mixes, which are specially optimized for probes like Taqman®, molecular beacons or Scorpions®. Both types of master mixes are adapted and optimized on qPCR devices from market leaders such as Roche (LightCycler® 480), Qiagen (Rotor-Gene®), Life Technologies (StepOnePlus®) and Agilent (Mx3005P®).

Our focus is on PCR and qPCR / RealTime PCR as well as on DNA/RNA purification with special kits and columns. We have been able to develop and offer new products like polycarbonate capillaries for the LightCycler® or our developments in DNA Polymerases like our ReproFast, ReproHot and ExactRun DNA Polymerases. All of them are high fidelity proof-reading polymerases comparable to DNA Polymerases like Phusion® or KOD DNA-Polymerase (Vent®).
Additionally we developed PCR Master Mixes with a red dye (RedMastermix) that enables visualisation of pipetting steps while pipetting especially into PCR plates.

From our wide product range of DNA and RNA purification kits especially our kits for the isolation of DNA from tissue or blood, or the kits for the purification of RNA stand out. From this we can also offer appropriate high-throughput kits that are designed for robotic systems and allow our customers an easy way to clean up quickly and efficiently large numbers of samples.

The most important parts of our bioscience services are peptide synthesis, amino acid analysis of different sample material and custom chemical synthesis. Our extraordinary knowledge in the field of peptide and chemical synthesis and the successful work on customer projects has meant that we were able to successfully meet many customer demands for special synthesis or specific products.

Do you need kits, reagents, or buffer substances? Genaxxon bioscience offers all you need in the field of molecular and cell biology.

Some of our highligths are:

bioscience SERVICE

Genaxxon bioscience offers:

If you need we can produce, fill/bottle or mix products according to your needs.

Complete Solutions
As a b2b company we do not only sell products but also complete solutions to and for scientists working on molecular biology and cell biology projects.

  • If our customer face a shortage in research capacity Genaxxon will be able to take over parts of the research work or a whole project.
  • If our customer do not know where to get a special product from Genaxxon will source the product for you.
  • If you need special chemicals, ask us, we might be able to synthesis these substances for you.

    Become part of the Genaxxon family!


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