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HotScriptase RT Polymerase

HotScriptase RT Polymerase


Manufacturer: Genaxxon bioscience

Order number: M3056.0000

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Product information "HotScriptase RT Polymerase"

"Zero-Step" RT-PCR without isothermal reverse transcription step. Using HotScriptase RT is very time and cost efficienct as HotScriptase RT is a reverse transcriptase and a DNA Polymerase combined in one highly thermostable enzyme. (> find out about our realtime master mix)

  • faster: Zero-Step - NO time consuming isothermal intermediate step necessary.
  • easier: reverse transcriptase and DNA Polymerase in one single enzyme; reverse Transcription and DNA amplification in parallel during the PCR elongation step. You need only a PCR protocol.
  • saver: much reduced contamination risk, due to reduced pipetting steps.
  • extreme thermo stability: secondary structures will be a minor problem due to higher temperatures of PCR compared to reverse transcription reactions.
  • cheaper: parallel reverse transcription and amplification by HotScriptase RT saves time and costs.

The Genaxxon bioscience HotScriptase can be ordered as DNA Polymerase with 5 units/µL or as a convenient 2-time RT mastermix. The 2-time RT Mastermix contains all necessary incredients for RT-PCR without specific primers, probes or RNA/DNA. Additionally Genaxxon offers HotScriptase RT Cell Mastermix, a 2-time mastermix that is designed for direct RT-PCR from whole cells! With our HotScriptase RT Cell Mastermix you can skip time consuming and expensive RNA isolation and purification starting the RT-PCR direct from cells (mammals).

The Genaxxon HotScriptase DNA Polymerase for reverse transcription enables a "Zero-Step” RT-PCR directly from cell suspensions or mammals cells without an isothermal reverse transcription intermediate step. Just give cells or cell suspension (100 up to <10,000 cells) directly to the PCR reaction mixture, mix, place in a thermal cycler and start PCR program.

As there is no need for expensive and time consuming cell lysis, isothermal transcription or RNA purification, the Genaxxon HotScriptase Cell RT Mastermix is ideally suited for High-throughput applications as RNAi knockdown, gene expression studies or realtime PCR (qPCR). The ready-to-use 2-time mastermix ensures reproducible RT-PCR results in addition to very much reduced setup times and the reduced risk of contamination due to pipetting errors.

HotScriptase RT Polymerase is an biotechnical engineered, extremely thermostable reverse transcriptase and combined DNA polymerase, obtained through directed, artificial evolution. This enzyme facilitates “zero-step” RT-PCRs directly from RNA templates (without an isothermal reverse transcription step), as reverse transcription takes place simultaneously with DNA amplification during the cycled PCR elongation step. This allows reverse transcription reactions at high temperatures, thus minimizing the problems encountered with strong secondary structures in RNA that melt at elevated temperatures.

Recommended amplicon size should be between 60-400 bp!

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5 units/µL

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eclass-Nr: 34-16-04-90

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