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Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit


Manufacturer: Genaxxon bioscience

Order number: S5378.0050

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Product information "Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit"

Especially designed for fast and convenient isolation of highest quality genomic DNA from 1-30mg human or animal tissue and 10E3-10E7 cell culture samples. Binding capacity: 30µg DNA. Yields are depending on applied material. Typical DNA yields obtained with this purification procedure are: insects: 0.39µg, rat skeletal muscle: 10.1µg, rat liver: 47µg, HCT116 cell culture: 12µg. Genaxxon's technology guarantees easy handling, low hands-on time, extremely high yields and high quality standards. The high binding capacities of Genaxxon matrices allow the passage of even highly viscous extracts without retention and the isolation of unmet quantities of DNA.

Special testing price for our Tissue Genomic DNA Purification and Extraction Kit for the isolation and extraction of high quality DNA from different tissues. 50% discount on the list price of the smallest pack size! No shipping costs for shipping within Germany!

Other DNA purification kits for the isolation of DNA from different tissue and organismns are also available from Genaxxon.

S5301 (Viral DNA and RNA Purification Kit) - S5303 (MicroPrep DNA Purification Kit) - S5364 (Plasmid Midi DNA Purification Kit) - S5368 (PCR DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit) - S5369 (Plasmid DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit) - S5375 (Blood DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit) - S5378 (Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Mini Prep Kit) - S5396 (Genomic Bacteria DNA Purification Kit) or S5398 (Universal Genomic DNA Purification Mini Spin Kit) and others.


Technical Data:

Binding capacity: depending on applied material: 0.39µg to 47µg DNA. 
For animal or human tissue samples of 1-30mg or 10E3-10E7 cells.
Purity of isolated DNA: A260/A280 ratio: 1.65 – 1.88. 
Time required: 0.5 h - max. 6 h.

Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

eclass-Nr: 32-16-04-05

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