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Dye Terminator Removal

CentriPure is the cost effective alternative for dye terminator removal by single columns or 96-well plates for High-Throughput applications. In either case gel filtration technology is used to remove dye terminators (>98%), for example BigDye from sequencing reactions. Sequencing reactions are loaded onto the pre-hydrated gel filtration material. After a short centrifugation step, the reactions are pure and ready to be loaded onto a sequencer of your choice. Unincorporated dye terminators are retained in the gel matrix.

   - Fast and easy procedure with only two short centrifugation steps
   - Ready-to-use prehydrated gel-filtration material
   - Efficient removal of any dye terminator

CentriPure Dye Terminator - 96-well plates

For the rapid and reliable removal of excess dye terminators, primer, dNTPs and other small molecules from completed DNA sequencing reactions, e.g. from BigDye™ Cycle...

From €124.65 *

CentriPure Mini Dye Terminator columns

Die CentriPure CP-0219 columns are specially designed for purification and desalting of oligonucleotides longer than 20 base pairs and from proteins greater than 25 kDa with...

From €14.61 *

No image available CentriPure Dye Terminator removal Mini columns

CentriPure Mini columns have been designed for the rapid and reliable removal of excess dye terminators and small molecules from completed DNA sequencing reactions. Samples...

From €14.64 *


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