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Genaxxon provides specifically for the CRISPR/Cas9 cloning an optimized Transfection protocol with GenaxxoFect Transfection reagent > which enables a fast, simple and efficient cloning of HEK cells.

Transfection is a common process in which nucleic acids such as DNA or RNA are introduced into a eukaryotic cell. The aim of transfection is to achieve gene expression in the host cell by stimulation of the protein synthesis apparatus or to suppress the expression of genes indirectly by siRNA.

The most common methods are the lipofection and chemical methods such as calcium phosphate co-precipitation and physical electroporation.
The Genaxxon bioscience transfection reagents GenaxxoFect are based on lipid-like molecules which show a very high transfection efficiency in a variety of cell types. They have been designed with the latest technology and the highest expertise in cell and molecular biology, specifically to meet demands in research. This experience and customer desires yield to optimize our products regularly and adjust them for different cell lines. This is particularly true for difficult-to-transfect cells such as embryonic mouse cells (MESC) and zebrafish cells (PAC2) and many other tested cell lines >. GenaxxoFect products exceed common transfection reagents by far. Ask us, which GenaxxoFect product is best suited for your cell line.

The advantages of GenaxxoFect products at a glance:

•    For difficult-to-transfect cells
•    Very high transfection efficiency
•    Low cytotoxity
•    Serum compatible
•    No need to change media
•    Free of animal derived components
•    Fast and simple protocol
•    Perfect for high throughput screenings and large scale transfection

GenaxxoFect products are also suitable for the transfection of cells in suspension >.

Genaxxon´s Transfection reagents:
•    GenaxxoFect: multi purpose transfection reagent for pDNA-, siRNA- and mRNA delivery, for a broad range of cell lines as HEK, HeLa, Mef and primary cell lines. For CRISPR/Cas9 system in HEK cells.
•    GenaxxoFect-plus: very high transfection efficiencies at half of the reagent used, especially suitable for plasmids and difficult-to-transfect cells
•    GenaxxoFect siRNA: optimized for the transfer of small interfering (si) RNA into common cell lines such as HEK, HeLa and Mef but also into many primary cell lines and cells in suspension.

> Please feel free to order your GenaxxoFect test sample here

No image available Cas9-Dead-NLS Protein

The Cas9-Dead-NLS protein is catalytically inactive ("dead") due to the D10A and H840A substitutions. Thus Cas9-Dead-NLS binds to DNA, but does not modify it. This property...

From €234.00 *

No image available Cas9-Dead-NLS-EGFP

This Cas9 protein is catalytically inactive ("dead") due to the D10A and H840A substitutions. The NLS is followed by a C-terminal enhanced green-fluorescence protein (EGFP)...

From €258.00 *

No image available Cas9-Nickase-NLS

Cas9-Nickases, mutant forms of the Cas9 protein, only cleave the strand complementary to the gRNA, generating a nick in the double-stranded (ds)DNA. Therefore, Cas9-Nickases...

From €234.00 *

No image available Cas9-NLS (CRISPR associated protein 9)

The Genaxxon Cas9-NLS represents the wild-type Cas9 nuclease from S. pyogenes , fused with a C-terminal NLS. Currently, the best-established Cas9 protein in the field with...

From €234.00 *

No image available Cas9-NLS-EGFP

This innovative Cas9 nuclease is composed of a Cas9 sequence from Streptococcus pyogenes followed by a nuclear-localization sequence (NLS) and a C-terminal enhanced green...

From €258.00 *

No image available Cas9-NLS-tagRFP - Cas9 with red fluorescent...

As another innovative Cas9 nuclease from Genaxxon, the NLS is followed by a C-terminal tag red-fluorescent protein (tagRFP) sequence. The transfection efficiency of...

From €258.00 *

No image available CRISPRfect E transfection reagent - 35µL

CrisprFect E transfection reagent is specially designed for use in CRISPR/Cas9 systems. CRISPRfect E is a lipid-based transfection reagent suitable for the delivery of ...

€144.00 *

No image available esiCRISPR Kit-wt

The esiCRISPR Kit applies the CRISPR/Cas9 technology to generate knockouts or knock-ins. For knockouts, no additional components are required. For knock-ins, which are based on...

€550.00 *

No image available esiRNA - Negative Controls

Negative controls: - RLUC (Renilla Luciferase) - FLUC (Firefly Luciferase) - EGFP (enhanced green-fluorescent protein)  Transfection with these esiRNAs should have...

From €174.00 *

No image available esiRNA - Positive Controls

Positive controls: - human/mouse Eg5 (KIF11) - Validated esiRNAs. Many common gene targets, including LAMIN A, PLK4, and AURKB, were validated on mRNA and protein level....

From €174.00 *

GenaxxoFect siRNA transfection reagent

GenaxxoFect siRNA transfection reagent offers a highly efficient solution for siRNA delivery. This newly developed siRNA specific transfection reagent provides the easiest...

From €126.69 *

GenaxxoFect transfection reagent - high...

GenaxxoFect transfection reagent for high efficiency DNA transfection (also excellently suitable for CRISPR/Cas9 transfection) shows low cellular toxicity. It is highly...

From €57.29 *

GenaxxoFect-plus transfection reagent

GenaxxoFect- plus is highly efficient for common cell lines as well as for difficult to transfect cells such as mouse embryoinc cells (mESC) or zebrafish (PAC2) cells...

From €77.18 *

No image available GFP-targeting guide RNA for CRISPR

Purified gRNA, which targets sequences encoding green-fluorescent protein (GFP), or enhanced GFP. This GFP-targeting gRNA may serve as a positive control in down-stream assays,...

€69.00 *

No image available No target guide RNA for CRISPR experiments

Purified gRNA, which has no genomic target in human, rat and mouse. This non-targeting gRNA serves as a tool for establishing non-toxic transfection conditions, or as a...

€69.00 *

No image available single guide RNA - custom made

The design and synthesis of guide RNA requires expertise and experience, and is time-consuming! If you need high-quality custom made guide RNA (gRNA) as a tool for your...

€145.80 *


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