Know your pathogens!

We are surrounded by microbes or microorganisms but not all of them are harmful. Actually some are beneficial for us and harmful microbes are called pathogens. Let Genaxxon help you know them better!

Why is next generation sequencing called so?

Sanger sequencing technology was the first generation of sequencing and helped provide basic knowledge about genome sequencing but didn’t have the potential for its further improvement. Hence a new technological jump in sequencing expertise was required. That’s when Next Generation Sequencing techniques came into existence and revolutionized our entire capability of genome sequencing.

Another secret of SARS-COV-2 revealed!

Extraction and isolation of viral RNA is the first step in the detection and testing of viral RNA by real-time RT-PCR. Here we compare different methods and protocols for extraction of viral RNA.
Nested RT-PCR and real-time RT-PCR are the most common methods for the analysis of viral infections (see Robert Koch Institute >). In contrast to examinations with ELISA or IFA, this can be done at an earlier stage of infection.