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Genaxxon bioscience offer bioscience services like synthesis, analysis and sequencing especially for molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry: 

Genaxxon provides essential, specialized procedures for busy customers that do not have the time and/or resources for in house analysis or production. Most molecular biology techniques can be outsourced at varying volumes and turnaround times depending on the laboratory’s throughput and budget. Services such as oligonucleotide synthesis of special DNA probes, cloning, PCR applications can be contracted with Genaxxon bioscience or one of its network partners.

Moreover Genaxxon offers also high quality peptides from stock or on customer demand, amino acid analysis from a vast majority of sample material or a chemical synthesis service for products that are not commercially available.

Are you planning to label or modify a special antibody, other proteins or nucleic acid with a specific fluorescent marker, hapten or other label but haven't the time or laboratory capacity? We are ready to help! We do have the experience, knowledge and flexibility to manufacture special
custom-made products according to your specifications for a competitive price.



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