What are molecular beacons?

What are molecular beacons?

Molecular Beacons are nearly 25 nucleotides long DNA or RNA molecules hybridized probes that can report the presence of specific nucleic acids sequence on a DNA strand. They are molecules with loop or hairpin region and stem region. They enable non-radioactive hybridization due to bound fluorophore on one end of the molecule and a quencher to quench the fluorophore at another end.

 Molecular beacon

How do they work ? 

Molecular beacons open during the hybridization to specific target separating reporter or fluorescent dye and the quencher. Due to unavailability of the quencher in close proximity to the, fluorescence emission takes place. More availability of target sequence leads to more hybridization of molecular beacon to the target, which in turn leads to more fluorescence.

Their applications include:

1. Detection of SNP ( SNP related Genaxxon products )

2. RT-PCR ( Our products)

3. qRT-PCR ( Our products)

4. Multiplex PCR ( Variety of Multiplex PCR related products)

5. Diagnostic assays

6. Allele identification and discrimination

GENAXXON products with molecular beacons include: 

Probe qPCR Mastermix with no ROX 

Probe qPCR Mastermix with low ROX 

Probe qPCR Mastermix with high ROX

They are specially tested for:
Applied Biosystems® 7500, 7500 Fast and ViiA™ 7, QuantStudio™ instruments, Agilent Mx3000P™, Mx3005P™, Mx4000™ and AriaMx.

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