GFP-targeting guide RNA for CRISPR

GFP-targeting guide RNA for CRISPR

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GFP-targeting guide RNA for CRISPR is purified gRNA, which targets sequences encoding... mehr
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GFP-targeting guide RNA for CRISPR is purified gRNA, which targets sequences encoding green-fluorescent protein (GFP), or enhanced GFP.
This GFP-targeting gRNA may serve as a positive control in down-stream assays, monitoring the success of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing experiments.  All you need is a cell line stably expressing one copy of (E)GFP. If your transfection conditions and CRISPR/Cas9 components are working, the GFP locus will be mutated. The resulting loss of GFP fluorescence can be easily determined by flow cytometry analysis. Alternatively, analysis of the DNA will reveal mutations in the GFP locus.

The sequence given is the tracer sequence and the N20 represents the 20 nucleotide long spacer sequence specific to the gene against which the gRNA is directed. We do not disclose details about the exact sequence of the N20 part. The spacer sequence N20 is customized to target your gene-of-interest. It is followed by the constant structural part of the gRNA, which includes the tracr RNA, and was optimized according to Chen et al. (2013, Cell 155: 1479-1491) for improved stability of the gRNA and more efficient assembly with the Cas9 protein.
The two guanines in parentheses on the 5' end are added in case they are not part of the spacer sequence.

Cas9-NLS-Proteine von Genaxxon: Cas9-NLS (Nuklease, Wildtyp) >, Cas9-NLS-tagRFP (Nuklease mit rot fluoreszierendem Proteinmarker) >, Cas9-Dead-NLS >, Cas9-Dead-NLS-EGFP >.

Transfektionsreagenz für die Co-Transfektions RNA/Protein, speziell entwickelt für den Einsatz in CRISPR/Cas9-Systemen: CRISPRfect E >.

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Specifications: Sequence: 5'-(GG) N20... mehr

Technische Daten:

The two guanines in parentheses on the 5' end are added if they are not part of the spacer sequence.

Concentration: 400ng/µL
MW: 35 kDa


targeting of gRNA for CRISPR



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