esiRNA - Positive Controls

esiRNA - Positive Controls

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CAS-Nr: 63231-63-0

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Positive controls: - human/mouse Eg5 (KIF11) - Validated esiRNAs. Many common gene... mehr
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Positive controls:

- human/mouse Eg5 (KIF11)
- Validated esiRNAs. Many common gene targets, including LAMIN A, PLK4, and AURKB, were validated on mRNA and protein level.

Transfection with this esiRNA is ideal to optimize the most efficient concentration of esiRNAs for your cell type.

All esiRNAs targeting protein-coding genes were designed based on the sequence annotations from the ENSEMBL database.

Quality Control: esiRNAs are designed using the DEQOR design algorithm. The PCR products used for production are tested via gel electrophoresis, and identity is confirmed by DNA sequencing. Quality of esiRNA is validated by gel electrophoresis and concentrations are determined by measuring OD260 or fluorescence intensity.

Purification: RNaseIII-digested products are purified by anion-exchange chromatography, precipitated with isopropanol and washed with ethanol. 

Format: All esiRNA are delivered in solution (resuspended in nuclease-free TE buffer) normalized to 200ng/µL.

Storage and Stability: esiRNAs stored at -20°C are stable for 2 years. No decrease in stability was observed after 12 freeze/thaw cycles.

Technical Data: esiRNA will be delivered with a technical data sheet, which includes the esiRNA ID number, organism, amount (µg), concentration, lot #, and target sequence.

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CAS-Nr: 63231-63-0
eclass-Nr: 25-09-90-90
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