Taq OptiMix CLEAR - 2-fach Mastermix

PCR 2-time master mix

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Taq OptiMix CLEAR is an optimised format of Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix and is therefore a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Taq OptiMix CLEAR - 2-fach Mastermix"

Taq OptiMix CLEAR is an optimised format of Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix and is therefore a good alternative to Taq DNA Polymerase and Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix. Taq OptiMix CLEAR ensures the user an increased specificity and improved PCR performance, even on difficult templates. Taq OptiMix CLEAR offers reduced set-up time and eliminates the risk of contamination of reaction components. Taq OptiMix CLEAR is suitable for standard PCR applications, screening and high throughput testing. Taq OptiMix CLEAR is an further improved version of the already existing ready-to-use 2x master mix with the Ampliqon Taq DNA polymerase, the NH4+ buffer system, dNTPs and magnesium chloride present. Each reaction requires 25µL of the Taq OptiMix CLEAR. Simply add primers, template and water to a total reaction volume of 50µL to successfully carry out primer extensions and other molecular biology applications.

Taq OptiMix CLEAR offers several advantages:
- Reduced set up time and risk of contamination.
- Fewer reagent handling steps
- resulting in higher reproducibility.
- Optimized for specificity.

Composition of the Taq OptiMix CLEAR (2x)
 Tris-HCl pH8.5, (NH4)2S04, 3mM MgCl2, 0.2% Tween®20
 0.4mM of each dNTP
 0.08 units/µL Ampliqon Taq DNA polymerase

Recommended Storage and Stability:
Long term storage at -20 °C. Product expiry at -20 °C is stated on the label.

Quality Control:
Taq DNA Polymerase is tested for contaminating activities, with no traces of endonuclease activity, nicking activity or exonuclease activity.

Unit Definition:
One unit is defined as the amount of polymerase that incorporates 10 nmoles of dNTPs into acid-precipitable DNA in 30 minutes at 72 °C under standard assay conditions.

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Unsere Agarosen und DNA Marker sind ideal für die nachfolgende Elektrophorese geeignet.

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- High performance thermostable DNA polymerase - Significantly reduced set up time - Diminished risk of contamination - Increased reproducibility - No proofreading – lacks a 3'-5' exonuclease activity - Ideal for TA cloning – leaves an A' overhang
2-time ready-to-use PCR Mastermix with 3.0mM MgCl2 (1.5mM end concentration). mehr

Technische Daten:

2-time ready-to-use PCR Mastermix with 3.0mM MgCl2 (1.5mM end concentration).


PCR master mix for highly convenient PCR


One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme which will convert 10 nmoles of dNTPs to an acid-insoluble form in 30 min at 72°C under the assay conditions (25 mM TAPS (tris-(hydroxymethyl)-methyl-amino-propanesulfonic acid, sodium salt) pH 9.3 (25°C); 50 mM

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