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Hersteller Genaxxon bioscience

Artikel-Nr.: P2218.0001

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Produktinformationen "Pam2Cys-SKKKK-FLAG-tag"

Toll-like receptors 2/6 heterodimers are activated by diacylated lipoproteins and their synthetic lipopeptide analogues. All offered diacylated lipopeptides are based on L-cysteine and are provided as lyophilised powders without any additives. Pam2Cys-SKKKK is a frequently used synthetic analogue of naturally occurring mycoplasmal lipoproteins. The amphiphilic lipopeptide is water soluble due to its strongly hydrophilic amino acid sequence SKKKK, which is not derived from natural lipoproteins. Pam2Cys-SKKKK is provided as stereochemically defined compounds and as mixture of stereoisomers. Lipo¬peptides with the S-dihydroxypropyl moiety are not active and therefore suitable as negative controls. Additionally, analogues with different labels are available. Genaxxon offers a broad collection of highly interesting MALP-2 analogues. The lipopeptides Pam2Cys-GDPKHPKSF (FSL-1, Shibata et al. 2000, Nakamura et al. 2002, Okusawa et al. 2004, Cat-No. P2212) and Pam2Cys-GDPKHPKSFTGWVA (Cat-No. P2218) represent the N-terminal part of the 44-kDa lipoprotein LP44 of Mycoplasma salivarium. In comparison to MALP-2, the lipopeptide differs in the amino acid sequence but not in the N-terminal lipoamino acid Pam2Cys. This lipoamino acid is essential for biological activity. Please inquire for other peptides or more information: info@genaxxon.com.


Technische Daten:

Colourless powder; ESI-MS: test passed; empirical formula: C109H174N20O24S; MW=2181g/mol.



Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

eclass-Nr: 34-16-04-90

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