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Rho1D4 MagBeads

Rho1D4 MagBeads


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Hersteller Genaxxon bioscience

Artikel-Nr.: S5394.0001

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Produktinformationen "Rho1D4 MagBeads"

Protein purification based on magnetic beads has become popular because they are useful to extract proteins from diluted solutions, such as cell culture supernatants purify proteins expressed at low levels perform pull-down experiments. We use magnetic beads with a ferrimagnetic core and an agarose coating coupled to a ligand of choice, our beads meet our own high quality standards. They enable fast and easy purification steps, which can be automated. The amount of magnetic beads used for a purification setup can be easily scaled up and down to match protein expression rates and culture volumes. The rho1D4 purification system is based on the highly specific binding of the rho1D4 antibody to the rho1D4 epitope fused to proteins. This system has proven particularly effective with membrane proteins. Magnetic beads are useful for protein purification of dilute samples, and for pull-down experiments to determine protein-protein interactions. Elution of the protein can be done the rho1D4 peptide, which competitively binds to the rho1D4 antibody, thereby release the traget protein. The peptide can be purchased individually, or together with Genaxxon Rho1D4 MagBeads as part of a Starter Set. A 5% suspension is provided that binds up to 3mg of protein per mL settled beads.


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