Sustainability at Genaxxon

We at Genaxxon bioscience are aware of our corporate responsibility. Our philosophy is to practice sustainability whenever possible. The following are some examples of the many changes that we have implemented successfully.

Remnants and Special Items
We are actively engaged in minimizing waste of important reagents that have a limited shelf life, expired shelf life or that are surplus to requirements, and whose high quality we guarantee. Partly only shipping costs have to be paid and a minimum amount of 1-2 €. We are not concerned about the profit, but a meaningful handling of still high-quality products. Our heavily-discounted reagents, chemicals, PCR consumables and cell culture media are listed on our new website “Remnants and Special Items >”.  These are subject to availability and are discounted by up to 95% off the original retail price (e.g. D-Xylose > and Glycine >).  Feedback from our customers confirms that these items are suitable for a range of non-GMP experiments.

Sustainable Products
- Thermostability without sacrificing quality
We invest in a wide range of products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our latest product is LyoBeads >, a freeze-dried, real-time quantitative PCR master mix in bead fomat, also available in powder form as LyoCake >. The special feature is that this real time probe master mix is uniquely thermostable. That is, it can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature and is stable for at least two years. For our customers, this means not only cheaper shipping costs, but it´s also environmentally sound, since cooling or polystyrene boxes are no longer required for shipping.

- We match your consumable and reagent needs to minimize waste
DNA and RNA purification kits from many leading suppliers contain a surplus of purification buffer, relative to the number purification columns. Since the purification columns supplied usually went out before the buffer, the purification buffer is often disposed. We have resolved this discrepancy by offering our customers a range of purification columns that may be purchased individually: Separate RNA mini spin purification columns >, Midi DNA purification columns > as well as Plasmid DNA >, DNA Purification Mini Spin columns > or Micro Spin purification columns >. These columns are suitable for use with purification buffers that are sold by various leading suppliers.

- Substituting toxic reagents with functionally-equivalent, non-toxic alternatives
As a replacement for the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr), we offer GelRed® > DNA Staining Dye. This ultrasensitive, extremely stable and, above all, non-carcinogenic fluorescent dye binds to dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA in agarose or polyacrylamide gels, and enables visualization of nucleic acids using a standard UV light source. A series of safety tests has shown that GelRed® is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, and non-hazardous when used within the recommended concentration range. This fluorescent dye can be disposed of with low-hazard biological waste and thereby eliminates the risks and expense associated with the handling and disposal of EtBr. GelRed® is much more sensitive than EtBr and has the same spectrum.

- Ready-to-use buffers – for your convenience and piece of mind
The transport of heavy liquid containers costs a great deal of energy and transport costs. Often, the liquid must still be transported cooled.
Why transporting heavy liquids?
We now offer practical, high-purity, ready-to-use buffer concentrates in tablet and powder formats >. Our range includes PBS buffers > with different pH values and chemical compositions that can be reconstituted in final volumes ranging between 0.1L – 100L, depending on your requirements. Also available are TAE (Tris-Acetate-EDTA), TBE (Tris-Borate-EDTA) and Tris-Glycine buffer tablets and powder sachets.  
They do not need to be weighed anymore and the expensive measurement of the pH value is also superfluous. Simply dissolve the tablets or the powder with demineralised water, adjust to the correct final volume and you can already use the ready buffer solutions for your work. In addition to the positive environmental effect, with our ready-to-use buffers you also save a lot of time and effort for validation and measuring instruments, since regular validation of balances and pH meters is no longer required.

- Pre-weighed with pre-adjusted pH
- high purity
- No computation or preparation of formulations is necessary
- Eliminates weighing errors
- simply reconstitute in demineralized water, and adjust to the final recommended volume.
- Stable for at least three years at room temperature
Consistency and reproducibility guaranteed. These buffer tablets and sachets offer consistency and convenience, and reduce carbon emissions associated with the production and shipment of large volumes of liquid buffers.

Try before you buy
If you would like to test a product’s suitability for a project, Genaxxon may be able to assist you with test samples with a smaller sample volume. These can be ordered quite simply like the regular product (example: Taq DNA Polymerase S >). If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us (contact form >).

Reducing the carbon footprint
Genaxxon further reduces CO2 emissions by manufacturing many products in-house, so they do not need long distances, and to the same high standard as our leading competitors.

Ethical principles
Products which we can not reconcile with our ethical principles are sorted out by us. This applies, for example, for products for which we can´t exclude that animals suffer unnecessarily for their production. The most recent example is the hormone PMSG (Pregnant Mare's Serum Gonadotropine) obtained from the serum of pregnant mares. A great source for it is South America. There the animals are often kept under cruel conditions. For blood sampling, brutal methods are used.
Since Genaxxon was unable to ensure that the entire production path of PMSG meets German or European animal welfare standards, we have taken the product out of our range.

Sustainability in Printed Products
Green print: From now on all of our printed products are carbon-neutral. We support “ClimatePartner”, a leading advocate of climate protection, by sponsoring the April Salumei rainforest project in Papua New Guinea via our print office. In the office, care is taken to ensure that no paper is wasted and scribbling paper is used instead.

More sustainable approaches
We at Genaxxon also practise sustainability in small things. For example, we travel, whenever possible, to and from the office by public transport or by bicycle; and thanks to the Internet and e-mail, our employees, when appropriate, can work from home. This in turn facilitates the reconciliation of family and work.
“Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) is Genaxxon: career opportunities and advancement are awarded on merit and not on gender, nationality or religious persuasion.

We welcome your comments or suggestions on how we can do even more for our environment!  Please use the comment field below.

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