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Protein Labelling

Genaxxon bioscience offers commercially available protein and peptide labeling kits, but also a protein and peptide modification service for customers that do not have the possibilities or facility to proceed with one of the commercially available kits. Well established modifications are: N-terminal biotinylation, or the modifcation with fluorecence dyes (FAM, TAMRA, ROX, etc.). Just aks us for more details (info@genaxxon.com). We will make you an offer after we got all necessary details about the kind of modification, the amount, the purity and the protein that has to be modified.

No image available N-terminal biotinylation of Protein

Coupling of Biotin to a given Protein via N-terminus of protein. Modification occurs by chemical reaction of aminocapronic acid-NHS-ester of Biotin. Konjµgate is purified...

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