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Serafree 293-FS serum free medium for HEK cells

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Product number: C4206.0500
Delivery time: 3- 8 working days
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Shipment: not cooled. Store at +2°C to +8°C. For laboratory usage only!
Product information "Serafree 293-FS serum free medium for HEK cells"

Based on DMEM/F12 medium with additional oligopeptides (hydrolysates <0.0 % w/v), hormones and trace elements to support expression and cell growth. This product contains only traces of protein
(<0.002% w/v) and animal derived components (<0.0003%w/v).

Serafree 293-FS medium is a particularly enriched medium optimized for the growth of HEK293 cells in suspension culture. Due to its defined composition the purification of final products (recombinant proteins, viruses) from the cell culture is more convenient and economic. This product can also be applied to adapt adherent HEK293 cells into suspension.

Instructions for use
A switch from adherent serum containing medium to Serafree 293-FS Medium is often possible without adaptation. For those clones which do not tolerate a direct switch we recommend a primary culture with serum containing medium and a stepwise reduction of serum towards a serum-free cultivation with Serafree 293-FS Medium.

- Subculture the cells from serum-supplemented medium to Serafree 293-FS Medium using standard techniques when cells are in the log phase. Count cells and determine viability to seed in prewarmed Serafree 293-FS Medium.
- Resuspend the cells in pre-warmed Serafree 293-FS Medium at a density of 5x10E5 cells/mL in suspension culture flasks.
- Allow the cells to adapt to Serafree 293-FS Medium for an additional 4-6 passages. Cells are fully adapted to Serafree 293-FS Medium when growth rates return to normal densities and viabilities are above 95%.
- Continue to subculture cells in Serafree 293-FS Medium at a density of 2-5x10E5 cells/mL into shaker or spinner flasks.
- HEK 293 cells in Serafree 293-FS Medium are usually grown at 37°C and 5% CO2.

serum-free medium with L-glutamine

Ready to use complete protein-free medium with a low concentration of plant hydrolysates for a high cell yield in combination with excellent production rates of recombinant proteins. Optimized composition that allows cells to expand and grow in single-cell suspension with a very low tendency to form aggregates.

The medium is sterile filtered.

This medium is completely free of any animal components.

Applikation / Application:
production of recombinant proteins for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Serafree CHO is suitable for spinner cultures, roller bottles and tissue culture flasks and bioreactors.

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eclass-Nr: 32-16-08-01
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