GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye

GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye

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The GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye and loading dye - ready-to-use is an innovation... more
Product information "GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye"

The GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye and loading dye - ready-to-use is an innovation for high throughput approaches or colony screenings! Ideally suited to determine the size of double-stranded DNA between 100 and 1000 base pairs. The additional bands at 1.5kbp and 3.0kbp allow additional DNA sizes in this range to be assigned without having to use an additional 1kbp DNA marker. At the same time, the mixture also contains a fluorescent gel staining dye. Additional staining (pre- or post staining) or the addition of fluorescent dye prior to application is thus unnecessary and saves an additional pipetting step. At the same time, it is possible to check whether a PCR was successful or not before applying the PCR sample!

This DNA ladder is an ideal match for our Red MasterMix Fluoro 2X, which also contains the gel staining dye. Together the ideal pair for Colony Screens!

For more information on our SimplyEnlight PCR products, read our blog now. Genaxxon's SimplyEnlight PCR - Unlock the Power of Your PCR!

The Gene Ladder 100 bp Plus consists of 12 fragments in sizes between 100 - 1000bp spaced 100bp apart. In addition, there are further bands at 1500bp and 3000bp.

The 500bp and 1500bp fragment show stronger intensity to allow easier identification. All fragments are 'blunt-ended'. The GenLadder can be directly labeled at the 5'-end with radioisotopes using T4 polynucleotide Kinase for visualisation by autoradiography.

Fragment sizes (in base pairs): 3000 bp (40ng/6µL), 2x 1500 bp (70ng/6µL), 1000 bp (50ng/6µL), 900 bp (40ng/6µL), 800 bp (40ng/6µL), 700 bp (30ng/6µL), 600 bp (30ng/6µL), 2x 500 bp (90ng/6µL), 400 bp (40ng/6µL), 300 bp (30ng/6µL), 200 bp (40ng/6µL), 100 bp (40ng/6µL).

The DNA marker is already dissolved in buffer containing orange G and Xylene cyanol FF as tracking dyes. The total concentration of the DNA-Marker is 90 µg/mL.

The recommended amount of DNA marker per lane is 0,5μg (6µL).

GenLadder DNA marker are available in a ready-to-use format (premixed with 6X DNA Loading Dye: M3094 (GenLadder 100 bp Plus ready-to-use) > and M3328 (GenLadder 1kbp ready-to-use) > or our ready-to-use premix  M3072 (GenLadder 50bp) > with 6X Orange DNA Loading Dye.

The DNA Gel Loading Dyes can also be ordered separately: M3308 (DNA Gel Loading Dye with Bromophenol and Xylene Cyanol FF) >, M3321 (DNA Gel Loading Dye with Orange G) >.

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Our comment on "GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye"
- GenLadders for DNA sizing cover a broad range of DNA molecular weights - Sharp bands, brigth reference bands - Ready-to-use ladders are stable for 6 months at room temperature
Specifications: ready-to-use DNA marker containing already loading dye plus a fluorescence gel... more

Technical Data:

ready-to-use DNA marker containing already loading dye plus a fluorescence gel staining dye for visualization of DNA bands
Number of bands: 12
Fragment sizes: 100 bp, 200 bp, 300 bp, 400 bp, 2x500 bp, 600 bp, 700 bp, 800 bp, 900 bp, 1000 bp, 2x 1500 bp, and 3000 bp.
DNA is dissolved at a concentration of  90µg per 1mL.
Buffer contains orange G & xylene cyanol FF as tracking dyes.
Buffer contains a fluorescent gel staining dye for visualization of DNA bands.

We recommend to load 5-6µL per lane.


Molecular weight standard for DNA electrophoresis

Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

eclass-Nr: 32-16-05-02
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Dokumente - Protokolle - Downloads

Here you will find information and further literature on GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye. For further documents (certificates with additional lot numbers, safety data sheets in other languages, further product information) please contact Genaxxon biosience at: or phone: +49 731 3608 123.

Fragen & Antworten zum Artikel ... mehr
Is the integrated fluorescent dye non-toxic?
Yes, the integrated fluorescent dye DNA loading buffer I Fluoro (6x) is a non-toxic nucleic acid dye. It can be easily disposed of with normal waste. Separate handling of the waste as with EtBr is therefore not necessary. If necessary, obtain information from your local waste disposal company.
Is it necessary to use the GenLadder 100 bp Plus with gel staining dye when using the Red MasterMix Fluoro (2X)?
If you want to benefit from all the advantages of the SimplyEnlight PCR products, you will also need to use a DNA ladder with fluorescent dye to avoid further staining of the gel. To make it as convenient as possible for you, you can use our GenLadder 100bp Plus with staining dye for this purpose. However, you can take our DNA Ladder 100bp (or any other) and add our DNA Loading Buffer I Fluoro (6X) in a 5:1 ratio before loading the gel.
Can I use my own cycling conditions when using the Red MasterMix Fluoro (2X)?
Yes, you can use your own cycling conditions. Please note that the cycling conditions in our protocol are only guidelines for PCR amplification. Optimal reaction conditions such as incubation times, temperatures, and amount of template DNA may vary and must be determined individually. Besides this, optimization of the annealing temperature is important to guarantee an optimal amplification. We recommend performing a temperature gradient and using primers with a Tm >60°C (Tm = melting temperature of the primer, which is the temperature at which 50% of the primer bind to the complementary sequence of the target DNA.)
I have observed a migration shift in the gel electrophoresis using the SimplyEnlight PCR products. What should I do?
If DNA concentration is less than 4pg, it may cause a migratory shift when performing gel electrophoresis. To remedy this, we recommend removing the fluorescent dye prior to post-staining with our DNA Loading buffer I Fluoro (6x) again for restoring the DNA molecular weight in the original position. To remove the fluorescent dye, immerse the PCR product containing the fluorescent dye into 100mM NaCl and add 2.5 volumes of absolute or 95% ethanol. Incubate on ice for 20 min and centrifuge the mixture at 4°C for at least 10 minutes. Then remove the suspension of ethanol and wash the pellet with 1mL of 70% ethanol. Dry the residual ethanol and resuspend the dsDNA in the TE buffer.