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TEMPase Hot Start Master Mix

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Product number: A230706
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Shipment: on wet ice. Store at -20°C. For laboratory usage only!
Product information "TEMPase Hot Start Master Mix"

TEMPase Hot Start Master Mix is the popular alternative to TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase. It offers the same excellent performance and increased reproducibility and additionoally the advantage of a ready-to-use 2-time PCR master mix.


- Minimal optimisation
- Convenient reaction set up at room temperature
- Time-saving premixed solution
- Increased sensitivity, specificity and product yield
- Consistent test results
- Lower risk of contamination


Ampliqon TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase 2x Master Mix is a ready to use master mix composed of TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 and either TEMPase Buffer C (a balanced KCI/(NH4)2 SO4 Tris buffer system) or TEMPase Buffer A (a (NH4)2 SO4 tris buffer system).

The TEMPase buffer system covers all needs for PCR applications and allow the user to choose the optimal buffer for specific PCR set-ups and applications.


For most standard applications Master Mix A based on Ammonium Buffer is the best option. It promotes robust amplification, high yield and high specificity. In certain cases, Master Mix C is the best option.

Please check also our SuperHot Hot Start Mastermix with or without tracking dye.

With our high quality dNTPs as Set (M3015.4100 and M3015.0250) or Mix (M3016.1010) or our DNA Ladders and our favourable standard agarose (M3044) we can offer additional products for your PCR.

2-time PCR master mix with Hotstart Taq DNA polymerase for Hotstart PCR.

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PCR master mix for highly convenient PCR

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