One-Step RT-PCR master mix (2X) - improved

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Improved version of our kit M3068. Now coming as a 2-time ready-to-use RT-PCR master... more
Product information "One-Step RT-PCR master mix (2X) - improved"

Improved version of our kit M3068. Now coming as a 2-time ready-to-use RT-PCR master mix. 

Our RT-PCR One-Step Kit is designed for performing highly sensitive and specific RT-PCR. The kit is based on a genetically engineered reverse transcriptase with enhanced thermal stability resulting in an increased specificity, high cDNA yield and an improved efficiency for highly structured and long cDNA fragments.
The kits contains all reagents required for RT-PCR (except template and primer) in one kit combining simple handling with high flexibility. The premium quality polymerases, ultrapure dNTPs and the optimized complete reaction buffers ensure superior amplification results.

RT-PCR is used to amplify double-stranded DNA from single-stranded RNA templates. In the RT step the reverse transcriptase synthesizes single-stranded DNA molecules (cDNA) complementary to the RNA template. In the first cycle of the PCR step synthesis, Taq DNA polymerase synthesizes DNA molecules complementary to the cDNA, thus generating a double-stranded DNA template. During subsequent rounds of cycling the DNA polymerase exponentially amplifies the double-stranded DNA template.
In one-step RT-PCR all components of reverse transcription (RT) and PCR are mixed in one tube prior to starting the reaction and thus carried out sequentially without opening the tube. This offers tremendous convenience when applied to analysis of single targets from multiple samples of RNA and minimizes the risk of contaminations.
Genaxxon offers also a “Zero-Step” HotScriptase RT (M3056) a RNA/DNA Polymerase that enables direct PCR from RNA without an isothermal reverse transcription step. Just starting the PCR protocol with specific primers. Especially suited for RNA targets that exhibit a high degree of secondary structure, for self- or cross-complementary primers.

Genaxxon offers the enzyme HotScriptase (M3056) > and the HotScriptase master mixes (M3062 >, M3064 >) with which it is possible to synthesize double stranded DNA completely without an isothermal transcription step. Time saving: up to 50%! No need for Superscript!
Money saving: high!

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One-Step RT-PCR long cDNA templates
Specifications: Ready-to-use 2-time mixture for One-Step RT-PCR. The mixture contains all... more

Technical Data:

Ready-to-use 2-time mixture for One-Step RT-PCR.
The mixture contains all necessary ingredients with the exception of RNA template and primers.

Free of RNase activity resulting in an increase of full-length cDNA products.

Targets can generally be detected from <1pg to 20ng poly(A) RNA (mRNA) or 10pg to 1μg total RNA. Even lower amounts of RNA may be successfully amplified by using highly expressed transcripts.


reverse transcription cDNA synthesis



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