Lipopeptide Pam3CysGDPKHPKSF

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The synthetic, triacylated lipopeptides represent the N-terminal lipohexadecapeptides,... more
Product information "Pam3CysSSNAKIDQLSSDVQT"

The synthetic, triacylated lipopeptides represent the N-terminal lipohexadecapeptides, Pam3Cys-AA15, of bacterial lipoproteins. Names of lipoproteins and origin are indicated. For a complete list of all lipoproteins see attachement. Pam3Cys-SKKKK is the mostly used synthetic analogue of naturally occurring lipoproteins and often described in literature as reference compound for TLR2/1 activation. Pam3Cys-SKKKK is provided as stereochemically defined compounds and as mixture of stereoisomers. Additionally, labelled analogues are available.

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Specifications: Chemical name: N-Palmitoyl-S-[2,3-bis(palmitoyloxy)-(2 R )-propyl]-( R... more

Technical Data:

Chemical name: N-Palmitoyl-S-[2,3-bis(palmitoyloxy)-(2R)-propyl]-(R)-cysteinyl-GDPKHPKSF
MW: 1919.7 g/mol

lyophilised, endotoxin powder



Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

eclass-Nr: 34-16-04-90
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Dokumente - Protokolle - Downloads

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