Ni-NTA MagBeads for His-tagged protein purification

Ni-NTA MagBeads

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Protein purification based on magnetic beads has become popular because they are useful to... more
Product information "Ni-NTA MagBeads for His-tagged protein purification"

Protein purification based on magnetic beads has become popular because they are useful to extract proteins from diluted solutions, such as cell culture supernatants purify proteins expressed at low levels perform pull-down experiments We use magnetic beads with a ferrimagnetic core and an agarose coating coupled to a ligand of choice, our beads meet our own high quality standards. They enable fast and easy purification steps, which can be automated. The amount of magnetic beads used for a purification setup can be easily scaled up and down to match protein expression rates and culture volumes. Genaxxon MagBeads are ferrimagnetic agarose beads coupled to a chelating ligand (IDA or NTA) coordinating nickel or cobalt ions. All offered ligand-metal systems efficiently bind histidine-tagged proteins. With a binding capacity of up to 40mg protein per mL (Ni-IDA) and 70mg per mL (Ni-NTA) of settled MagBeads, Genaxxon Ni-IDA MagBeads are comparable to equivalent beads from alternative providers.

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Specifications: Protein binding capacity: 70mg/mL settled beads Metal capacity: >12µeqv... more

Technical Data:

Protein binding capacity: 70mg/mL settled beads
Metal capacity: >12µeqv Ni2+/mL
Possible metal ions: Co2+, Zn2*, Fe3+, Al3+ and Cu2+
Microbial preservative: 20% ethanol

Delivered as a 25% suspension (1mL suspension will result in 250µL gel bed volume). Suspension contains 20% ethanol as a microbial preservative.


Purification of recombinant Proteins carrying a polyhistidine tag

Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

eclass-Nr: 32-16-04-02
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Dokumente - Protokolle - Downloads

Here you will find information and further literature on Ni-NTA MagBeads for His-tagged protein purification. For further documents (certificates with additional lot numbers, safety data sheets in other languages, further product information) please contact Genaxxon biosience at: or phone: +49 731 3608 123.

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