Ni-IDA/Ni-NTA-Agarose Testkit (2 x 1mL)

Ni-IDA/Ni-NTA-Agarose Testkit (2 x 1mL)

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Testkit for testing the Genaxxon Ni-IDA- and NTA Agarose. Testkit contains 1mL of each... more
Product information "Ni-IDA/Ni-NTA-Agarose Testkit (2 x 1mL)"

Testkit for testing the Genaxxon Ni-IDA- and NTA Agarose. Testkit contains 1mL of each Agarosetype.

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eclass-Nr: 32-16-04-02
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Here you will find information and further literature on Ni-IDA/Ni-NTA-Agarose Testkit (2 x 1mL). For further documents (certificates with additional lot numbers, safety data sheets in other languages, further product information) please contact Genaxxon biosience at: or phone: +49 731 3608 123.

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