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Rho1D4 Peptide

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Product number: S5385.0025
Delivery time: 3- 8 working days
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Shipment: not cooled. Store at -20°C. For laboratory usage only!
Product information "Rho1D4 Peptide"

Rho1D4 peptide in the Elution Buffer serves to competitively bind to the affinity resin and release the tagged protein, providing gentler elution conditions than, for example, changing pH. Genaxxon offers conveniently aliquoted Rho1D4 peptide that has been tested with our Rho1D4 Agarose. The peptide can be purchased individually, or together with Genaxxon Rho1D4 Agarose as part of a Starter Set.

5mg peptide is sufficient for 1mL Rho1D4 Agarose or MagBeads.

Human rhodopsin is a G-protein coupled receptor and an integral membrane protein of the light-absorbing molecules that mediate vision. It consists of a protein, opsin, which is covalently bound to 11-cis-retinal. Rhodopsin expression has been reported in rod-shaped photoreceptor cells of the retina. Retinitis pigmentosa is a hereditary disease of photoreceptor degeneration. Phosphorylation of rhodopsin at multiple phosphorylation sites is required for its rapid and reproducible deactivation.

Lyophilized powder. Peptide sequence: Ac-TETSQVAPA-NH2.

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eclass-Nr: 32-17-03-02
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