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miRNA Purification Mini Spin Kit  for rapid and unbiased, phenol-free extraction of highly... more
Product information "miRNA Purification Mini Spin Kit"

miRNA Purification Mini Spin Kit  for rapid and unbiased, phenol-free extraction of highly enriched small RNA (<200nt) with superior yield and purity, from a wide range of cells, tissues and blood. It is possible to extract high quality large RNA (>200nt) in parallel from the same sample.

The kit contains 3 different types of purification columns: 1. for DNA removal; 2. for purification of large RNA and 3. for purification of small RNA (tRNA, 5S rRNA, 5.8S rRNA and regulatory RNA molecules such as microRNA (miRNA) and short interfering RNA (siRNA)).

RNA and DNA can be isolated and purified from 1-10mg of tissue (fresh or frozen) or 10E4 - 10E6 cultured cells.

The use of this kit results in efficient removal of large RNA molecules such as 28S rRNA, 18S rRNA, and mRNA that can inhibit expression analysis of small RNA molecules however the separate purification and isolation of these large RNAs is also possible using this kit.

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Our comment on "miRNA Purification Mini Spin Kit"
separates regulatory RNA (miRNA; siRNA) from "large" RNA like 28S RNA, etc. parallel isolation of small RNA, large RNA and DNA
Specifications: Kit for isolation of miRNA but also for DNA! - Purity of isolated miRNA:... more

Technical Data:

Kit for isolation of miRNA but also for DNA!

- Purity of isolated miRNA: A260/A280 = 1.9 - 2.1.
- Binding capacity: approx. 90µg RNA.

starting material
- fresh or frozen tissue (stored at -80°C): 1–10 mg
- tissue preserved in RNase inactivating buffers: 1–10 mg
- cell culture: 10E4 - 10E6 cells from cell culture.


for purification of high quality miRNA or siRNA.

Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

H-Sätze: H315, H302+H312+H332, H225, H319, H336
GHS-Symbole: GHS02, GHS05, GHS07

Klassifizierungen / Classification

eclass-Nr: 32-16-04-05
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