HotScriptase RT Mastermix with GreenDye without ROX

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HotScriptase RT Master Mix for One-Step RT-PCR without isothermal reverse transcription step.... daha fazla
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HotScriptase RT Master Mix for One-Step RT-PCR without isothermal reverse transcription step. Using HotScriptase RT is very time and cost efficienct as HotScriptase RT is a reverse transcriptase and a DNA Polymerase combined in one single highly thermostable enzyme. (find out more about our realtime master mixes >)

  • faster: One-Step - NO time consuming isothermal intermediate step necessary.
  • easier: reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerase in one single enzyme; reverse transcription and DNA amplification in parallel during the PCR elongation step. You need only a PCR protocol.
  • saver: much reduced contamination risk, due to reduced pipetting steps.
  • extreme thermostablility: secondary structures will be a minor problem due to higher temperatures of PCR compared to reverse transcription reactions.
  • cheaper: parallel reverse transcription and amplification by HotScriptase RT saves time and costs.

The Genaxxon bioscience HotScriptase can be ordered as DNA polymerase > with 5 units/µL or as a convenient 2-time RT master mix. The 2-time RT master mix contains all necessary ingredients for RT-PCR without specific primers, probes or RNA/DNA. Additionally Genaxxon offers HotScriptase RT Cell master mix >, a 2-time master mix designed for direct RT-PCR from whole cells! With our HotScriptase RT Cell master mix you can skip time consuming and expensive RNA isolation and purification starting the RT-PCR direct from cells (mammals).

The Genaxxon HotScriptase DNA polymerase > for reverse transcription enables a "One-Step” RT-PCR directly from cell suspensions or mammals cells without an isothermal reverse transcription intermediate step. Just give cells or cell suspension (100 up to <10,000 cells) directly to the PCR reaction mixture, mix, place in a thermal cycler and start PCR program.

As there is no need for expensive and time consuming cell lysis, isothermal transcription or RNA purification, the Genaxxon HotScriptase Cell RT master mix > is ideally suited for High-throughput applications as RNAi knockdown, gene expression studies or realtime PCR (qPCR). The ready-to-use 2-time master mix ensures reproducible RT-PCR results in addition to very much reduced setup times and the reduced risk of contamination due to pipetting errors.

HotScriptase RT polymerase is a biotechnical engineered, extremely thermostable reverse transcriptase and combined DNA polymerase, obtained through directed, artificial evolution. The HotScriptase 2-time master mix is a ready-to-use mixture of the propietory HotScriptase, buffer, dNTPs and special components. The recommended amplicon size should be between 60-400 bp!

This master mix contains a fluorescence dye but no ROX!

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direct PCR from RNA
Specifications: 2-time master mix for direct qPCR from RNA without separate transcription... daha fazla

Technische Daten:

2-time master mix for direct qPCR from RNA without separate transcription step. 
Master mix without ROX, with green fluorescence dye.

Aliquot size: 1.25mL for 100 x 25µL PCR reactions.


- Rapid detection and identification of RNA targets - Reverse transcription PCRs (RT-PCRs) - Real-time RT-PCRs - SELEX - Primer extensions

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