Agarose Tiny HTM sieving

Sipariş numarası: M3040.0025

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CAS-Nr: 9012-36-6

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Agarose Tiny HTM is a high purity standard gelling/melting temperature agarose for analytical... daha fazla
Ürün bilgileri "Agarose Tiny HTM sieving"

Agarose Tiny HTM is a high purity standard gelling/melting temperature agarose for analytical electrophoresis with a unique high resolving capacity. Agarose Tiny HTM shows a gel strength of >1400 g/cm2 at 4% gel. Fragments between 50bp and 1,000bp can be finely resolved. High gel strength combined with low viscosity gels allows easy handling even at high concentrations above 4%. Low concentration gels with 1% to 1.5% are recommended for blotting. Use chilled buffer for preparation.

Genaxxon offers Agaroses for different purposes. Two melting point options and normal or high resolution separation of DNA fragments are available.
Standard agarose high melting point agarose M3044 with standard resolution used in routine DNA electrophoresis for separation of a wide range of DNA fragments from 50bp up to 20kbp. This agarose is available as powder (M3044 Agarose LE >) or as high-quality, multi-purpose tablets (M3054 >) available in blister packaging in 200 or 1,000 tablet quantities. These are compact, pre-weight and therefore easy-to-use.

Low melting/gelling temperature agarose recommended for rapid DNA gel extraction with the agarose-digesting enzyme, Agarase (S5223) >, as well as for "in-gel" DNA treatment with enzymes or for bacterial transformation with nucleic acids directly after re-melting the gel.

High resolution agarose (normal melting or low melting) for high resolution elektrophoresis
to differentiate DNA fragments with only 2 bp size difference: M3046 (Agarose Tiny (low melt, high resolution comparable to NuSieve®) >M3048 Agarose Tiny LMH > (normal melting point, high resolution) or M3047 Agarose Tiny HT > (high gel strength, high resolution comparable to SeaKem®).

For the nontoxic staining of nucleic acids in agarose gels the highly sensitive fluorescent dye GelRed® (M3199) > is recommended.

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standard melting agarose high resolution of 2bp difference in DNA size
Specifications: Electroendosmosis (EEO): <0.13 Sulfate: <0.15% Gel strength (4%):... daha fazla

Technische Daten:

Electroendosmosis (EEO): <0.13
Sulfate: <0.15%
Gel strength (4%): >1400 g/cm2
Gelling temperature (4%): +35°C (+/- 2°C)
Melting temperature (4%): <88°C
Water content: <10%
pH-value in water: 7.0 (1% in water)
DNAses and RNAses: not detected.
DNA binding: not detected


for electrophoresis of DNA, especially of primer size.



Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

EC-Nr: 232-731-8
CAS-Nr: 9012-36-6
eclass-Nr: 32-16-04-03
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