Ni-IDA Agarose for His-tagged proteins

Ni-IDA, Co-IDA Agarose

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Nickel-loaded agaroses are the most frequently used products for the efficient purification of... daha fazla
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Nickel-loaded agaroses are the most frequently used products for the efficient purification of 6×histidine-tagged recombinant fusion proteins. Because Ni2+ ions show high affinity for 6×histidine-tagged fusion proteins, extremely high yields result from purification of these fusion proteins from the lysates. However, if purification takes place from lysates containing foreign protein chains with repeated histidine elements, selectivity with respect to 6×histidine-tagged fusion protein decreases as non-tagged histidine-containing proteins increasingly also bind to the Ni-IDA agarose. In this case the use of Genaxxon Co-IDA Agarose is recommend (cat#: S5370), which features far higher selectivity with respect to 6×histidine-tagged fusion protein.

Genaxxon Ni-IDA Agarose has high chemically and pH stability and enables purification directly from raw lysates. Genaxxon Ni-IDA Agarose can be regenerated several times with nickel sulfate solution for re-use.

Features of Ni-IDA-Agarose - a highly efficient and favorable way for the separation of 6-His tagged fusion proteins.

- ideal for grafity-flow and batch procedures
- no expensive purification system necessary
- consistent performance - for native and denaturing conditions.

The Genaxxon Ni-IDA Agarose consists of cross-linked Agarose, covalently bound to Iminodiacetic acid loaded with Ni2+-ions. Binding capacity: up to 50mg 6xHis tagged fusion protein per mL Agarose. Application: Affinity chromatography of 6-His tagged fusion proteins in batch or grafity flow procedure. Ni-IDA Agarose is supplied as a 50% buffered suspension with 20% Ethanol.

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highly stable cross-linked agarose
Specifications cross-linked Agarose particle size: 32-60µm  binding capacity: 50mg/mL... daha fazla

Technische Daten:

cross-linked Agarose
particle size: 32-60µm 
binding capacity: 50mg/mL resin 
max pressure: 3 bar (43 psi)
pH-stability: 2-14 (short term)
pH-stability: 3–12 (long term)
flow rates: 0.5-2.0mL/min (normally) up to 6.0mL/min possible 
stable against: 100% MeOH, 100% EtOH, 8M Urea, 6M Guanidinium hydrochloride, 30% (v/v) Acetonitrile


for purification of recombinant proteins for purification of His-tagged proteins



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eclass-Nr: 32-17-03-02
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