Coronavirus motto- Keep mutating!

With the virus already claiming the lives of 1,873 people and infecting 73,333 people around the globe, there is an urgent need to have a strong grip on the virus. Scientists overall are publishing new information in this regard almost every day, one of which is that 2019-nCoV uses the same ACE2 protein to enter the host cells as SARS coronavirus did.

Map the Epitopes like a boss!

With humankind facing a new virus outbreak every now and then, everyone is in the race to develop therapeutics. Out of all the available methods to do so involves knowing the interacting proteins of the pathogen and hosts. The method that uses this approach is known as Epitope Mapping and involves two general strategies.
Worin liegen die Unterschiede zwischen Proteinen, Peptiden und Aminosäuren und woher stammen diese Moleküle ursprünglich?