Green DNA Dye - 300 µL

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Shipping: Shipment: on wet ice, store at -20°C in the dark. For laboratory usage only!

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Green DNA Dye is a sensitive fluorescent dye for detection of dsDNA in qPCR (real-time PCR) and... daha fazla
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Green DNA Dye is a sensitive fluorescent dye for detection of dsDNA in qPCR (real-time PCR) and other applications. Because Green DNA Dye has greater sensitivity for dsDNA, it is especially useful for assays where the presence of contaminating RNA or ssDNA might obscure results. With exceptionally low background fluorescence Green DNA Dye is ideal for use with laser scanners. In the detection of double-stranded DNA in native polyacrylamide gels it is also much more sensitive than silver staining.

When Green DNA Dye is free in solution, it emits a very low fluorescent signal. As soon as the dye binds to the double-stranded DNA, the signal increases significantly (thousand fold), which makes the fluorescent signal of the dye directly proportional to the amount of amplified dsDNA.

Green DNA Dye is delivered as 100-time solution in DMSO. The concentration of Green DNA Dye is traditionally given as a dilution factor where the 1X dilution is used for staining of DNA gels. For PCR, a 0.2X dilution is the starting dilution for optimization. 

Our customers rely on Genaxxon's Green DNA Dye and use the dye for research into the regulation of tumor suppressor genes or vaccinations/disease patterns triggered by infections with enteroviruses, among other things.

Preparation of a working solution for realtime PCR reactions:
Green DNA Dye is suitable for real-time PCR with a suggested concentration for short targets of 0.2X (short targets: 50 – 400bp).
Dilute delivered 100-time stock solution with nuclease-free PCR grade water by 1:10 (pre-dilution) and add 0.4µL of this solution to a 20µL final volume (PCR reaction). The 10-time working solution has to be kept at -20°C and has to be renewed every 2-3 weeks latest.

Green DNA dye is a low toxic fluorescent nucleic acid dye as an alternative to ethidium bromide.

Are you looking for more non-toxic dyes for your gel electrophoresis? Then try SafeGel red stain or SafeGel green stain - the cost-effective alternatives to EtBr.

For qPCR we offer various qPCR Master Mixes > for your needs, with or without ROX, e.g., Green Master Mix High ROX >, Green Master Mix No ROX > or Probe Master Mix No ROX for qPCR >.

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4-5 times more sensitive than Ethidium bromide
Specifications: 100-time stock solution in DMSO. daha fazla

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100-time stock solution in DMSO.


Fluorescence dye for staining of DNA Fluorescence dye for realtime detection of DNA in qPCR reactions

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