LyoMix - Lyophilized qPCR probe master mix powder

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Lyophilized (freeze-dried) temperature stable and pre-mixed Hotstart master mix with all... daha fazla
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Lyophilized (freeze-dried) temperature stable and pre-mixed Hotstart master mix with all necessary components for probe realtime PCR (optimized buffer, dNTPs, Hotstart Taq) for difficult to amplify templates, qPCR and Multiplex applications.

No cooling/cooling chain necessary! Our LyoMix and all ingredients are unopened stable at ambient temperature for at least 24 months!

Our lyophilized qPCR master mix is also available as LyoBalls pre-portioned in PCR tube strips or PCR plates (M3069 > - 0.1mL tubes or M3070 > - 0.2mL tubes)!

Our Hotstart Polymerase guarantees that during setup and the first PCR cycle the enzyme is not active and misprimed primers are not extended. As a result specificity and efficiency are increased by far compared to standard Taq DNA polymerase. Additionally, difficult targets with high GC-content can be amplified. The higher sensitivity improves multiplex PCR results.
This lyophilized master mix in powder form is the perfect choice for a fast reaction setup that reduces the time required for pipetting and the possibility for pipetting errors. Just add PCR-grade water, template and primers to reconstitute the master mix and you are all set!

Test sample available at a special price! The test sample price will be refunded on the first official order of the product.

Lyophilized realtime PCR master mix:
• Hotstart Polymerase
• increased specificity
• increased sensitivity
• for difficult to amplify templates with high GC content
• for Multiplex applications
• for qPCR
• ready-to-use
This lyophilized Hotstart master mix is delivered in powder form that can be easily dispensed.

We also offer our SuperHot Hotstart Master Mix > with and without dye.

With our high quality dNTPs as Set > (M3015.4100 and M3015.0250) or Mix (M3016.1010) > or our DNA Ladders > and our favourable standard agarose (M3044) > we can offer additional products for your PCR.

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- freeze-dried realtime PCR reagents mix in powder format. No need for freezing anymore! - just dilute with PCR-grade water to get your 2-time realtime PCR master mix. - long-term ambient-temperature stable
Specifications: lyophilized master mix for 100 x 20µL qPCR reactions (M3071.0100) or 500 x... daha fazla

Technische Daten:

lyophilized master mix for 100 x 20µL qPCR reactions (M3071.0100) or 500 x 20µL qPCR reactions (M3071.0500).

LyoMix is a ready-to-use freeze-dried master mix that contains all necessary components for realtime PCR.
This master mix is stable for at least 24 months at ambient temperature if the supplied tube is kept unopened!


For multiplex PCR. For Real-time PCR. For PCR of low amount of DNA (low copy number).


One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme which will convert 10 nmoles of dNTPs to an acid-insoluble form in 30 min at 72°C under the assay conditions (25 mM TAPS (tris-(hydroxymethyl)-methyl-amino-propanesulfonic acid, sodium salt) pH 9.3 (25°C); 50 mM KCl; 2 mM MgCl2; 1 mM b-mercaptoethanol; and activated calf thymus DNA as substrate.



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Fragen & Antworten zum Artikel ... mehr
Why do I need a Hot Start Polymerase?
The Hot Start-modification of the polymerase inhibits its enzymatic activity at low temperatures and prevents non-specific amplifications in the first PCR cycles, which can drastically affect the qPCR results.
When using SYBR Green as a fluorescent dye, my quantification is not accurate. What can I do?
SYBR Green has only a low specificity. It binds to double-stranded DNA during PCR cycles, even to potentially non-specific reaction products. This leads to inaccurate qPCR results with non-optimised protocols. To obtain more specific results, probe-based qPCR should be performed.
The qPCR MasterMix does not work with the specified protocol. What can I do?
The protocols provided by Genaxxon are standard protocols. In order to obtain optimal specificity and amplification, individual optimisation of the experimental conditions is recommended. If you have further questions about this, please feel free to contact our technical support:
With the qPCR MasterMix from Genaxxon I get a different Ct value than with my previous MasterMix. What can I do?
The MasterMixes from different manufacturers have different compositions, including the buffers. Some assays react sensitively to these variations, so that different results are possible. Therefore, a calibration is always necessary when changing the MasterMix. If you have further questions, please contact our technical support:
Can I run multiplex reactions with the Genaxxon qPCR mastermixes?
Yes, all qPCR mastermixes from Genaxxon can be used for multiplex applications. However, for easy and fast optimization of your multiplex reaction, we recommend using one of our specially designed multiplex mastermixes, e.g., 5X qPCR Multiplex MasterMix (M3024), Multiplex HS MasterMix (2X) (M3013) or the lyophilized LyoPlex Multiplex PCR master mix (M3005).
Can I use a fast protocol of my instrument settings with Genaxxon’s qPCR mastermixes?
Genaxxon offers different qPCR mastermixes optimised for fast qPCR assays. Depending on your needs, Genaxxon offers mastermixes for fast qPCR assays with (GreenMasterMix FAST) or without (ProbeMasterMix FAST) a fluorescence dye and with no (No ROX™) or a passive reference dye with different concentrations (Low ROX™ or High ROX™). If you have any problems choosing the right mastermix for your application, please contact our technical support:
Do I need to add ROX™ when using Genaxxon’s qPCR Mastermixes?
Depending on the qPCR instrument you’re using, you may need to use a passive reference dye, typically ROX, to overcome variations between wells caused by the machine limitations. Therefore, Genaxxon offers qPCR mastermixes with either no or low and high amounts of the passive reference dye ROX™ to ensure compatibility with a variety of qPCR instruments. If you have any problems choosing the right mastermix for your application, please contact our technical support: