recombinant Lysostaphin - EC

recombinant Lysostaphin - Glycyl-glycine Endopeptidase

Sipariş numarası: S5201.0001

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CAS-Nr: 9011-93-2

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Lysostaphin, an endopeptidase specific for the cell wall peptidoglycan of staphylococci, is an... daha fazla
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Lysostaphin, an endopeptidase specific for the cell wall peptidoglycan of staphylococci, is an extremely potent anti-staphylococcal agent. Lysostaphin is used as a research and diagnostic tool. Because it lyses staphylococci efficiently, it is widely used when preparing staphylococcal DNA or other cellular components for genetic and biochemical studies and for the preparation of protoplasts for transformation. Preparation and analysis of bacterial DNA has become a powerful tool used by clinical and other microbiologists in epidemiological studies aimed at tracing sources of infection or bacterial contamination.

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Lysis of peptidoglycan cell wall of staphylococci! potent anti-staphylococcal agent
Specifications: Purity: >95% as determined by RP-HPLC Specific activity: >1000 units/mg... daha fazla

Technische Daten:

Purity: >95% as determined by RP-HPLC
Specific activity: >1000 units/mg (determined by the decrease in turbidity of a suspension of heat-killed Staphylococcus aureus at pH8.0, 30°C)
MW = 26,921 Da (246 amino acids)


- preparation of staphylococcal DNA - preparation of other staphylococcal cellular components - for preparation of protoplasts for transformation


Escherichia Coli.

Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

CAS-Nr: 9011-93-2
eclass-Nr: 32-16-04-10
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