Random Hexamer Primer N6

random Hexamer N6 Primer 5OD (160µg)

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Random Hexamers are short oligodeoxyribonucleotides of random sequence [d(N)6]. Primers are... daha fazla
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Random Hexamers are short oligodeoxyribonucleotides of random sequence [d(N)6]. Primers are quality controlled (MS), purified (reversed phase HPLC), lyophilised and aliquoted and came with a guaranteed amount of at least 5OD (about 76.1nmol (136.4µg)).

Hexanucleotide primers are a mixture of random 5'-hydroxyl hexanucleotides or hexamers, and can be used to quickly and efficiently prepare radioactive or non-radioactive probes using a DNA polymerase and a suitable DNA template or for cDNA synthesis from mRNA. The heterogeneous nature of the random primers ensures that all possible sequences will be represented in the probe mixture. As a result, these primers are well suited for generating as long as possible (complete) transcripts of the RNA, transcribing the 5 'ends, in particular for long RNA templates.

As an alternative you can also use Oligo(dT)-Primer > for reverse transcription. Oligo(dT) primer bind to the polyA tail of RNA and therefore transcription will start always at the 3'-end of the RNA.

The guaranteed delivery quantity of 5OD, corresponding to approx. 76.1nmol, or 136.4μg, can be dissolved in 760μL DEPC water to give a concentration of 100pmol/μL (100μM), or approx. 180μg/μL. If using between 50ng and 250ng of the hexamers per 20μL reverse transcription reaction, 760μL (100μM) will be sufficient for 460 to 2280 reverse transcriptase reactions.

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DNA synthesis using Klenow fragment with DNA templatesDNA probe synthesis for use in Northern and Southern blots, and in situ hybridization applicationsPartially degraded RNA samplesRNA without poly(A) tail such as ribosomal RNAsRNA with strong secondary structureTarget regions at 5´ end of a long messenger RNA transcript
Specifications: purified by HPLC Amount: 76.1nmol / 136.4µg / 5 OD Purification: desalted... daha fazla

Technische Daten:

purified by HPLC
Amount: 76.1nmol / 136.4µg / 5 OD
Purification: desalted (HPLC purified and MS checked)
Primer sequence: randomized Sequence [d(N)6]


Random Hexamer Primer N6 are short oligodeoxyribonucleotides of random sequence [d(N)6] that anneal to random complementary sites on a target DNA or RNA, to serve as primers for DNA synthesis by a DNA polymerase or reverse transcriptase.



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