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Dye Terminator Removal

Dye Terminator Removal

PCR purification in less than 10 minutes with CentriPure purification columns and plates.

CentriSep   CentriPure 

RealTime Mastermixes

RealTime Mastermixes

Optimized for RealTime PCR with Applied Biosystems (ABI)-devices

RealTime Mastermixes

Affinity Purification

Nickel NT Agarose

Over 20% more yield obtained with Genaxxon Ni-NTA Agarose.
Highest binding capacity on the market (up to 70mg/mL).

Ni- /Co-Agarose   Glutathione and more

RNA / DNA Purification Columns

Purification Mini Spin Column Kit

separate mini-prep spin columns without buffer

RNA purification columns   DNA purification columns

Lab of the month

Lab of the month in Haribo's

Bioelectric Signaling Regulates Size in Zebrafish Fins
Abteilung Genetik, Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie, Tuebingen

Publication   Taq Polymerase S

Services: Synthesis, Analysis, Sequencing

Our Services - ...
includes synthesis, analysis, and sequencing of peptides and proteins, the analysis of DNA and DNA fragments as well as the synthesis of chemical substances like special carbohydrates and more…

Amino Acid Analysis
Peptid Synthesis Protein Sequencing

Genaxxon bioscience offers a broad range of Enzymes, Mastermixes and dNTPs for your PCR.

DNA Polymerases


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DNA-Marker, agarose, etc are very helpful for your molecular biology work. Genaxxon bioscience can support you in your work with high quality products.


DNA Ladders

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Genaxxon bioscience offers more than 500 cytokines & growth factors and additionally more than 200 chemokines and hormones.


Tumor Marker Antibodies

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We supply cell culture media, antibiotics, reagents, supplements, buffers, and more for research, development, and production.


Liquid Media

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This section comprises tubes, racks, pipet tips, freezer boxes, gloves, and more.

Cryo Tubes


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