Payment / Dispatch

Shipping terms and conditions

No sale to private persons.

Shipment costs for shipments within Germany:

Shipment at:
Ambient temperature:
0.00 € above an order value of 400.00 € net. Below an order value of 400.00 Euro net we will bill 20.00 €.
Shipment on Dry Ice (-80°C):
65.00 € for all order values

Shipment costs abroad:
Shipment costs will differ and are based on parcel weight, parcel dimensions, country to be shipped and shipment mode.
Please ask for details:

Delivery times:
Delivery times may differ for different products. Most products will be shipped within 1 day after official order / receipt of invoice amount.

Payment/Payment terms:
Payment is after receipt of invoice or by pre-payment. If you wish we can accept VISA or Master-Card payments.

Online-shop prices:
All prices on the internet are list prices. Customer specific prices can not be shown. After order entry at Genaxxon you will get an official order confirmation showing all customer specific prices and shipment costs if applicable.

EU-customer are exempted from the German value added tax if they do provide a valid VAT-ID number of their company/university/institute. All other non-German customer are exempted from the German value added tax without providing their VAT-ID.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail:

Phone: +49 731 3608 123

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