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For more than 20 years, we have been offering our clients a broad range of high quality PCR and qPCR products. Our goal is to serve our customers as fast as possible. This means that we try to ship our products within the same day. Technical questions are answered quickly and directly by our competent team. Also on special requests (packaging, delivery details, etc.) we can respond flexible.

GENAXXON produces and trades sustainable. Our products are manufactured in Germany as far as possible. For our shipments we pay attention to CO2 neutrality.

With the focus on PCR and real time quantitative PCR (qPCR) >, GENAXXON is able to bring new and unique products and further developments to the market. For example, we introduced 2017 lyophilized qPCR master mixes as beads (LyoBalls >), as pre-portioned in tube strips or PCR plates or as powder (LyoMix >). The lyophilized master mixes offer all the advantages of liquid master mixes, but in contrast they are stable at room temperature and do not have to be cooled.
These lyophilized master mixes are a further development of our real-time PCR (qPCR) master mixes >, including Green and Probe qPCR master mixes with and without fluorescent dye. They are specially adapted and optimized for PCR devices from market leaders such as Roche (LightCycler® 480), Qiagen (Rotor-Gene®), LifeTechnologies (StepOnePlus®) and Applied Biosystems (Mx3005P®).

In 2015, our SNP Pol DNA Polymerase > was introduced for allele-specific SNP genotyping and point mutations with extremely high primer discrimination rates.

The above mentioned products give our customers great advantages such as time savings and easier handling during their daily work.

Further proprietary developments in the field of DNA polymerases are our ReproFast, ReproHot > and ExactRun >. All of them are proof-reading DNA polymerases with very high amplification rates, which correspond to polymerases like the Phusion®, the Q5 or the KOD polymerase (Vent®).
In addition, we have developed PCR master mixes with red (RedMasterMix >) or blue dye (SuperHot master mix Blue >), which make it easier to track the individual pipetting steps, especially in PCR plates.

You can´t find the right product for your application in the GENAXXON extensive range of DNA polymerases and PCR master mixes?
We are your expert for DNA polymerases and will assist you in establishing your approach using our wide knowledge on DNA polymerase engineering. With our expertise we tailor DNA polymerases for your needs - Contact us: info@genaxxon.com!

Other GENAXXON services include peptide synthesis > amino acid analysis > from a wide range of sample materials, chemical synthesis and the production of customized cell culture media. Our extensive knowledge in the field of peptide chemistry and chemical synthesis as well as many successfully completed projects made it possible to fulfill many of our customers' needs for specific chemical compounds.
GENAXXON offers a comprehensive range of high-quality molecular biology and cell biology products and services to facilitate and improve the daily work of our customers, such as DNA and RNA purification > with special kits and single columns: e.g., Blood > and Tissue Kit >


Do you need kits, reagents, or buffer substances?
GENAXXON bioscience offers all you need in the field of molecular and cell biology. Some of our highlights are:

Some of our highligths are:


GENAXXON bioscience offers:

If you need we can produce, fill/bottle or mix products according to your needs.

GENAXXON bioscience Complete Solutions

As a b2b company GENAXXON do not only sell products, but also complete solutions to and for scientists working on molecular biology and cell biology projects.

  • If our customer face a shortage in research capacity GENAXXON will be able to take over parts of the research work or a whole project.
  • If our customer do not know where to get a special product from GENAXXON will source the product for you.
  • If you need special chemicals, ask us, we might be able to synthesis these substances for you.

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