Glutathione Agarose

Glutathione Agarose

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The GST tag is a 26 kDa protein that binds to glutathione-coupled agarose resins. This tag is... more
Product information "Glutathione Agarose"

The GST tag is a 26 kDa protein that binds to glutathione-coupled agarose resins. This tag is considerably larger than the His tag and is often chosen to promote recombinant protein folding. In a comparative study with equivalent, market-leading resins, Geanxxon's Glutathione Agarose proved to be a competitive alternative, exhibiting the same protein binding capacity. Compared to competitor G both resins yielded up to 10mg/mL protein. Protein binding capacity: up to 10mg/mL. Compatible with a range of detergents and additives.

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Specificatins: Specificity Affinity to GST (Gluthathione-S-Transferase)-tagged proteins.... more

Technical Data:

Specificity Affinity to GST (Gluthathione-S-Transferase)-tagged proteins.
Binding capacity: >10 mg/mL
Bead Ligand: L-Glutathione (reduced)
Bead size: 40μm
Matrix: 7.5% cross-linked agarose
pH Stability: 3-12

product provided as 50% suspension


Usage: Specific binding and purification of GST-tagged proteins.

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eclass-Nr: 32-17-03-02
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