n-Octyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.5% TLC)

n-Octyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.5% TLC)

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CAS-Nr: 29836-26-8

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Octyl glucoside (n-octyl-β-D-glucoside) is a detergent frequently used to solubilise... more
Product information "n-Octyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside (min. 99.5% TLC)"

Octyl glucoside (n-octyl-β-D-glucoside) is a detergent frequently used to solubilise integral membrane proteins for studies in biochemistry. It has become one of the most important detergents for purification of membrane proteins because it generally does not denature the protein and can readily be removed from final protein extracts. Above its critical micelle concentration of 0.7%, it was noted as the best detergent for improving selectivity of immunoprecipitation of phosphotyrosine modified proteins. This detergent has also been shown to rapidly inactivate infective HIV at concentrations above its CMC (about 0.7% (w/v)).

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Assay: min. 99.5% (HPLC) - one spot (TLC); CMC(H2O) 18-20 mM; Appearance: White solid crystals;... more

Technical Data:

Assay: min. 99.5% (HPLC) - one spot (TLC); CMC(H2O) 18-20 mM; Appearance: White solid crystals; [alpha]D -34° +/-0.5 (c 5; H2O);  Absorbance (1%, H2O, 260 nm): <0.03; Solubility >1g in 10 mL H2O or EtOH - clear colourless solution; pH (1g in 100mL): 5.5 - 7.0; Water (K.F.): max. 0.2%; Contaminations: n-Octanol: max. 0.01% (HPLC) - Octyl-a-glycoside: max. 0.01% (HPLC); MW = 292.38 g/mol; C14H28O6.


Designed and highly purified for use in crystallography and isolation of membrane proteins

Sicherheits Hinweise / Safety

Klassifizierungen / Classification

EC-Nr: 249-887-8
CAS-Nr: 29836-26-8
eclass-Nr: 30-20-04-10
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Dokumente - Protokolle - Downloads

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