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Cas9 Proteins

A wide range of different recombinant Streptococcus (S.) pyogenes Cas9 proteins are offered by Genaxxon bioscience, all of which are highly pure and effective. Fusion with a nuclear localization signal (NLS) ensures targeting of the Cas9 proteins to the nucleus. Successful genome editing by Eupheria Cas9-NLS proteins has been confirmed in a wide variety of mouse and human cell lines, and organisms, including zebrafish, Xenopus and marine plankton.

Try our Cas9-NLS proteins for your CRISPR/Cas9 experiments for greater genome editing specificity, less cell toxicity and higher insertion/deletion (indel) frequencies than with plasmid- or mRNA-encoded Cas9.

Standard scales are 10, 20, 40 and 100µg.
For pricing and other scales: see below or ask Genaxxon: info@genaxxon.com.

No image available Cas9-Dead-NLS Protein

The Cas9-Dead-NLS protein is catalytically inactive ("dead") due to the D10A and H840A substitutions. Thus Cas9-Dead-NLS binds to DNA, but does not modify it. This property...

From €234.00 *

No image available Cas9-Dead-NLS-EGFP

This Cas9 protein is catalytically inactive ("dead") due to the D10A and H840A substitutions. The NLS is followed by a C-terminal enhanced green-fluorescence protein (EGFP)...

From €258.00 *

No image available Cas9-Nickase-NLS

Cas9-Nickases, mutant forms of the Cas9 protein, only cleave the strand complementary to the gRNA, generating a nick in the double-stranded (ds)DNA. Therefore, Cas9-Nickases...

From €234.00 *

No image available Cas9-NLS (CRISPR associated protein 9)

The Genaxxon Cas9-NLS represents the wild-type Cas9 nuclease from S. pyogenes , fused with a C-terminal NLS. Currently, the best-established Cas9 protein in the field with...

From €234.00 *

No image available Cas9-NLS-EGFP

This innovative Cas9 nuclease is composed of a Cas9 sequence from Streptococcus pyogenes followed by a nuclear-localization sequence (NLS) and a C-terminal enhanced green...

From €258.00 *

No image available Cas9-NLS-tagRFP - Cas9 with red fluorescent...

As another innovative Cas9 nuclease from Genaxxon, the NLS is followed by a C-terminal tag red-fluorescent protein (tagRFP) sequence. The transfection efficiency of...

From €258.00 *

No image available esiCRISPR Kit-wt

The esiCRISPR Kit applies the CRISPR/Cas9 technology to generate knockouts or knock-ins. For knockouts, no additional components are required. For knock-ins, which are based on...

€550.00 *


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